Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife - Chapter 568 - Onset of Bai Youran's Condition (1)

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Chapter 568: Onset of Bai Youran’s Condition (1)

Mo Beihan was specially trained, so he was very skillful.

Her brothers were skillful as they were trained when they spent time working outside. She was trained by her family after the incident when she was fifteen.

She followed Mo Beihan everywhere afterwards and had the ability to protect herself. So…

She could easily do something to hurt people.

A tiny and thin silver needle pierced through Bai Youran’s leg. She toppled and felt a sharp pain at the back of her leg. But the pain was instant, and it felt like she was poked by a needle. But the feeling was gone immediately.

She frowned and did not feel any pain anymore.

“What happened?” Ye Yihong asked as she saw her expression changed.

“Nothing!” Bai Youran did not explain anything.

Gu Qingyao did not follow them anymore. She sneered as Bai Youran walked away.

She would suffer for some time.

Gu Qingyao headed back home after purchasing the things she needed. She would not buy that blanket even if Bai Youran did not try to argue with her.

She got plenty of blankets in her interspace with the same colour and design. They were prettier than that one. In the nineties, it was common to have a blanket as a wedding or newborn gift. Some blankets were as large as a bedsheet.

She had those in her interspace. She just needed to cut away the tag and take it out. It was not worth it to spend three hundred yuan now to buy a blanket.

She folded the cotton blanket when she reached home. She took out a red blanket and some cotton wool. They were black, blue, navy, army green in color. With some grains, meat, and dried fruits, Gu Qingyao packed everything together and mailed it to the northeast.

After sending out the parcel for a few days, Gu Qingyao received a letter from Mo Beihan. He asked her about her situation here and mentioned her eldest brother’s wedding.

Her eldest brother wrote back and her third uncle received a letter as well. Her eldest brother’s wedding date was changed. They planned to get married this year, but he needed to settle something there. He had working experiences and was literate. He left home and led the rest to embark on the trip.

It would take two to three months’ time. The mountain there would be closed due to heavy snow in winter. It would be difficult for her eldest brother to return home.

He could only wait till next year spring to head back. Thus, the wedding had to be postponed to next year.

Gu Qingyao was taken aback.

He was about to get married, but now he had to settle something. It must be important.

Her eldest brother was not young anymore. Being the eldest grandson in the Gu family, her uncle valued his marriage. Finally, he found the right girl to get married to, but now, they had to postpone the wedding. The matter he had to settle must be very important.

It was difficult for them to live there. Their life might be improved after this.

Closure of the mountain?

Gu Qingyao immediately prepared another parcel to send over. The parcel was full of grains like rice, flour, cornflour, dried sweet potato and vegetables. There was also some cotton wool. She hoped that the parcel would reach there before the closure of the mountain.

At the same time in the Bai family, Bai Youran rolled around on the bed in pain.

She had been suffering from the pain for two days. Gu Qingyao did not let her feel the pain on the day. The outbreak only happened after three days.

It was slight pain on her knee at the start, but soon, the pain got worse.

She could not bear with it at night.

Bai Youran was tortured by the pain today.

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