Rebirth: Divine Doctor Sweet Wife - Chapter 337 - Gu Jinlin: The Whole World Wants To Snatch His Younger Sister 1

Chapter 337: Gu Jinlin: The Whole World Wants To Snatch His Younger Sister (1)

In order to have free meals at her sister-in-law’s frequently, Ji Mingyue was extremely suck-up now and she continuously praised Gu Qingyao.

It was about 10:30 am when the dishes were ready.

The dishes on the table made the kids salivate out of excitement. Seeing that Ji Mingyue was here, Zhou Ping felt that they indeed needed to make a few more dishes but her heart ached at the sight of all the meat.

Nonetheless, Ji Mingyue was here and it was inconvenient for Zhou Ping to say anything, though her dissatisfaction toward Gu Qingyao deepened.

The two kids devoured the food ferociously and even Zhou Ping ate quite a lot too. There was no choice – it was too delicious and she could not stop herself.

Ji Mingyue the glutton was even more impressive!

In the end, she stuffed herself with food and overate. She was fully satisfied, however, and the thought of being able to eat such dishes every day in the future made her even more content.

She had decided to educate her elder brothers to coax her sister-in-law to be docile and obedient in the future.

Seeing that everyone had their fill, Gu Qingyao smiled and said, “You all can play at home first! Mingyue, I’m unable to accompany you. I’m going to deliver food to Third Brother as there’s still time now.”

“I’ll go with you! I need to move around after eating so much.”

“All right!”

Zhou Ping smiled when she saw that Ji Mingyue wanted to meet Gu Jinlin too and showered her with many praises, much to the embarrassment of Ji Mingyue.

Gu Qingyao had already set aside a portion of the dishes which she packed and brought to Gu Jinlin’s workplace.

She knew where the place was, thus she could go there directly.

Ji Mingyue went down with her but she stopped in her tracks suddenly.

“Oh right, it’s already lunchtime now. I need to go home. Otherwise, my grandparents will be worried if I’m not back after for so long.”

Gu Qingyao smiled. “Go back then! We ate early today and your family should be eating lunch around this timing. They would begin to worry if you still do not return by now.”

Ji Mingyue gave it a thought and said, “I did not tell my grandparents when I went out so I will go back first this time. Yao Yao, I came to your house to play this time. I’ll invite you to my house next time.”

“All right!”

Ji Mingyue rushed home quickly as she wanted to report the situation to her grandmother. Not only was her future sister-in-law extremely gorgeous, but she was also an amazing cook.

Once Ji Mingyue left, Gu Qingyao went to look for Gu Jinlin by herself.

Gu Jinlin’s workplace was not very far from this place and there was still time to head there on foot.

They ate around 12:30 pm and there was still time to make it there.

When Gu Qingyao reached the entrance, she notified the guard who told her to wait for a while until lunchtime for him to inform Gu Jinlin.

Indeed, after Gu Qingyao waited for fifteen minutes, Gu Jinlin came over.

“Yao Yao, why are you here?”

“To bring you food! It’s good food to nourish your body!”

Gu Jinlin broke into a smile immediately. “You came so far to bring me food on such a hot day. What happens if you get a heat stroke?”

“It’s fine. I’m careful! I won’t get a heat stroke.”

Gu Jinlin bit his lips. Looking at his younger sister’s flushed cheeks, he said, “I should get a bicycle for you. You didn’t need one when you were in our hometown but now that you’re in the city, it’s more convenient to have a bicycle.”

In the past, her cousins already mentioned buying her a bicycle but she was timid, so she dared not accept the offer in fear of being too ostentatious.

After being reborn, she got herself a bicycle to make it more convenient to go to the market. However, she placed the bicycle in her interspace and it was inconvenient to take it out to use it as there were many people on the way here.

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