Rebirth: Divine Doctor Sweet Wife - Chapter 336 - A Chance Meeting With Mingyue - Be My Sister-In-Law 4

Chapter 336: A Chance Meeting With Mingyue – Be My Sister-In-Law (4)

Zhou Ping knew Ji Mingyue as the only granddaughter of the Ji family, and that she was the apple of her family’s eye.

The Ji family came from a good background and both the second and third generation were outstanding. This Ji Mingyue was pretty and of marriageable age.

In the past, someone had mentioned making a match between her and Gu Jinlin. Zhou Ping felt Ji Mingyue came from a good background, and that would greatly benefit her son’s career. Also, the Ji family was fairly well off and they doted on Ji Mingyue. So she would bring a big dowry when she married.

Zhou Ping was very pleased with Ji Mingyue.

Ji Mingyue greeted her with a smile. Zhou Ping got out of bed and limped out of the room.

She had hurt her ankle and was unable to walk, but had not broken her leg or anything like that. She was also fairly agile, so she could lean against the wall and limp along. Also, she had been recuperating for more than half a month.

Zhou Ping sat in the living room and quickly asked Ji Mingyue to take a seat. She also turned on the electric fan as she entered the room.

“Yao Yao, hurry up and pour her a drink. How can you treat our guest like that!

“Have a seat. Oh, Yao Yao, I have a bag of melon seeds on my bedside table. Bring it out quickly.”

Gu Qingyao poured Ji Mingyue a drink and went to get the melon seeds. Since Ji Mingyue was here, she must entertain her anyway, so she did not mind Zhou Ping’s peculiar attitude.

The moment she brought the melon seeds, Zhou Ping took them and placed the entire lot in front of Ji Mingyue. She continued to chivvy Gu Qingyao. “Hurry up and cook, and make a few more dishes. Mingyue will have lunch with us.”

Gu Qingyao raised her brows. So enthusiastic?

But Gu Qingyao did not care. She wanted to treat Ji Mingyue to a meal anyway. It was even better if Zhou Ping did not object.

So Gu Qingyao went to the kitchen to cook.

The main dish was mixed grain rice.

But she made many dishes. She braised the pork collar in soy sauce and stewed the ribs. Then she added winter melon to create a pork rib stew. She shredded the carrot and stir-fried it. Then she braised the fish in soy sauce.

She had brought some dried mushrooms among her dried vegetables. She soaked some of them and added them to the fish to freshen the palate. Then she added the rest to the vegetables and stir-fried them.

As the aroma drifted from the kitchen, Ji Mingyue sniffed deeply. She could not sit still.

She said a few words to Zhou Ping, then dashed into the kitchen.

When she saw there was pork braised in soy sauce, fish, and pork rib soup, she almost drooled.

“Wow! It smells wonderful!”

The two children could not help but take a look too. They stood at the kitchen door, reluctant to leave.

Gu Qingyao laughed. “We can eat in a short while. It’s too hot here. You should go to the living room where it’s cooler!”

“No problem, no problem!” Ji Mingyue really could not bear to leave. “My God, Yao Yao, why is your cooking so good? It smells fantastic!”

Gu Qingyao knew that Ji Mingyue had a good appetite and could not resist good food. She laughed and said, “I often cook when I’m at home. I also enjoy researching food. I cook whatever I like to eat, and after some time, my cooking naturally improved.

“But there isn’t much good food at home! If I want to eat better, I have to try my best to cook something nicer!”

Ji Mingyue frantically gulped. “My God, you’re such a great cook at your age. In the future…”

She wanted to say that in the future, she would have lots of good food because this was her future sister-in-law!

She must certainly kidnap Gu Qingyao and bring her home as her sister-in-law. Gu Qingyao could choose any of her older brothers and marry whichever one she pleased. Then she could freeload every day.

But this girl was only sixteen years old. Ji Mingyue felt that she had to move carefully, so as not to scare her away.

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