Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife - Chapter 1014 - : Mo Beihan Loses His Temper (1)

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Chapter 1014: Mo Beihan Loses His Temper (1)

Gu Qingyao told him the address and what happened to Zhong Bingyuan.

Gu Jinhang was startled. “The Zhong family?”

Gu Qingyao nodded, “That’s right. The Zhong family. Yuan Yuan’s father is called Zhong Guangping, and her mother is called Zheng Lin. Help me check if the Zhong family had lost a daughter four years ago.”

It was easier for Gu Jinhang to investigate once he had a definite target.

The capital was huge but small at the same time. In the past, he only knew that Zhong Bingyuan was from a Zhong family. However, there were plenty of Zhong families in the capital. The technology was not developed in this era; it was not easy to investigate.

Things were different now.

Gu Jinhang knew about everything after making a few calls.

Gu Qingyao was still waiting there after he reached the hospital.

Zheng Lin and Zhong Guangping were also there as they would not just leave their daughter here. But they had informed their family that Yuan Yuan was found.

Zhong Guangping recognised Gu Jinhang when he appeared. He was one of the elites in the capital. Zhong Guangping certainly knew him.

After confirming both sides’ identities, both parties were more assured. Gu Qingyao told them the details after knowing that the entire Zhong family loved Zhong Bingyuan.

“Yuan Yuan was not saved by me. She was rescued by two of my friends. Four years ago, the siblings met Yuan Yuan at Jiangchong City. Yuan Yuan was being chased by human traffickers. When they tried to escape, Yuan Yuan and my little sister fell and were injured. Luckily, they managed to escape the traffickers. They brought Yuan Yuan back to their home.

“The two of them don’t have parents and are both very young. They spent all their money trying to take care of Yuan Yuan and brought her to see doctors. Other people in their family bullied them, blaming them for wasting food on an outsider. They could not live in their hometown anymore. Yuan Yuan mentioned her name when they first met her. She also told them that her family was at the capital. Thus, they brought her here to look for her family.

“The journey was difficult for them. It took them more than a year to reach here recently. Then they met me here.”

Gu Qingyao told them everything she knew in detail. Chen Qingqing and Chen Feng were already struggling with their lives. They suffered much more when they had to take care of Zhong Bingyuan as well. Gu Qingyao explained everything as she did not think there was anything to hide.

If the Zhong family decided to compensate them, then the siblings deserved that.

Zheng Lin and Zhong Guangping then knew how much suffering their daughter had been through.

Zhong Guangping said, “Where… Where are they now? They saved my daughter. I need to thank them personally.”

“Right! Right!” Zheng Lin cried and said, “I need to go as well. I need to thank them for saving Yuan Yuan.”

Human traffickers!

Her Yuan Yuan was still so young back then. She did not know how much more suffering she would go through if she was sold to someone else.

Gu Qingyao took a look at the time. Chen Qingqing and Chen Feng should be done with their stall by now. She said towards Zhong Guangping and Zheng Lin, “All right. I’ll bring you to see them and send Yuan Yuan back as well.”

Gu Jinhang wanted to take a look at Chen Qingqing and Chen Feng as well.

Gu Qingyao drove her car. Zhong Bingyuan was sitting beside her in the car.

Gu Jinhang drove his car behind hers. Zhong Guangping and Zheng Lin were riding with him in his car. To prevent Zhong Bingyuan’s brain from getting provoked again, Gu Qingyao did not allow her to see the couple’s faces.

They arrived at the Chen family’s house.

Gu Qingyao led Zhong Bingyuan into the house. The door to the courtyard was opened. Chen Qingqing and Chen Feng just came back not long ago and were currently packing up their things.

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