Quick Transmigration System: Male God, Come Here - Chapter 1108 - The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (106)

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Chapter 1108 The Reborn Young Master’s Pampered Cousin (106)

Qi Chimu’s eyes were full of infatuation. He nodded. “Yes.”

No matter how many beautiful women he would meet in the future.

Even when she grew old, and wrinkles lined her brows and eyes, she would always be the most beautiful woman in his eyes.

It had nothing to do with her skin.

It was merely due to his heart.

Bai Weiwei reached up to hide her smile. “You’re really shameless. I said I’m the most beautiful, and you can actually go along with it?”

Qi Chimu saw her smile, and the tightness in his heart couldn’t help loosening.

He had been afraid that after being kidnapped and brought back, she would feel depressed.

Bai Weiwei acted casual as she walked over to the desk and poured a cup of tea.

The tea that had been laced with medicine had long gone cold.

But she nonchalantly passed the cup of tea to Qi Chimu with an innocent smile.

“Husband, I see you’re tired. This tea is to reward you.”

Her attitude was casual, as though she were joking with him.

Qi Chimu accepted the cup. When it moved past his nose, he suddenly paused.

He directed his gaze up at her, grief flashing through his eyes.

The room was full of an orchid fragrance.

There was a faint, almost imperceptible aroma that he would never forget in her tea, making him recall his last life.

At that time she had, with a lowered head, timidly sent over the tea.

He’d thought he had already won and hadn’t thought much more of it, but then he’d fallen just like that.

In this life, he had made use of all his thoughts, calculating against everyone.

Only towards her did he lose his initial thoughts of revenge.

Instead, he indulged her even more in everything.

And in exchange, it was still yet the same cup of poisoned tea.

Qi Chimu’s fingers were shaking, and his voice was hoarse, with a bit of a tremor.

“Weiwei, do you want me to drink it?”

Bai Weiwei stood by the table, staring at him blankly. The smile at the corner of her lips stiffened.

The flower between her brows was delicate, drawn personally by him.

Qi Chimu repeated heavily, word by word, “Do you want me to drink it?”

Bai Weiwei’s body swayed, her fingers propped against the table. The innocent willfulness in her expression finally disappeared.

There was only a look of utmost fright.

She tugged the cuffs of her sleeves. She was too nervous as she looked at him helplessly.

Unable to say a word.

As though the one to drink the poison was her.

And not him.

She even directed a pleading expression at him.

As though begging him not to force her.

This sort of expression made Qi Chimu’s heart ache.

His Weiwei knew how to use herself to seduce a man into dying for her.

Qi Chimu gave a cold laugh, low and somewhat mournful.

She really was born to vanquish him. In his life, nobody could stop him from climbing up.

Only she, this conscienceless little wretch, could defeat him with a single, helpless expression.

Qi Chimu smiled. His expression grew indifferent, as though he was powerless.

He looked at her with exhausted eyes. Suddenly, he no longer wanted to force her.

“You brought it for me, of course you want your husband to drink it. How could I waste your thoughtfulness?”

Qi Chimu lifted the tea to his mouth. His lips hooked up in a faint smile.

Sure enough, he shouldn’t have spoiled her.

An ungrateful Bai Weiwei still needed him to personally chain down and watch over her.

The tea Qi Chimu had lifted up hadn’t yet touched his lips when–

He had a thought.

He wasn’t a fool. Once he died, she could freely go and live out good days….

No. She was so stupid and thoughtless. Without his protection, it would be impossible for her to live well.

Sure enough, it was better that he lived.

Otherwise, who would love this vicious and selfish, useless, and burdensome little conscienceless thing?

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