Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks - Chapter 1812: Ying Su

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Chapter 1812: Ying Su

Ning Shu nodded. “Yes, but a counterattack will cost soul energy. Are you sure it’s what you want?”

“I’m sure.” Feng Qingqian nodded and her figure slowly vanished.

After she left, Ning Shu opened the system marketplace. She bought fasting pills, water, and a few basic medicines. Then she told 2333, “Let’s enter the task world.”

In a small, dilapidated section of the Feng family’s inner courtyard lay a woman. Her body was wet and there were traces of moss on her clothes.

Her hair was disheveled and her face was pale.

She lay alone in bed, with no one to change her out of the wet clothing.

The woman’s fingers twitched and her eyelashes fluttered. Her eyes moved slightly underneath her eyelids before they suddenly snapped open.

The eyes were cold and clear, like the distant stars flashing in the night sky.

Ying Su frowned. When she did so, her temperament was frigid. Her entire body emitted an indescribable chill.

She had clearly died? That man worked so hard to get close to her and finally managed to kill her. All men truly were liars.

The one time she trusted a man, she ended up like this.

Ying Su felt her head throb with pain. The memories of the body swarmed her, and after receiving them Ying Su rubbed her brow.

The body’s original host was really…

She ended up being killed just like that?

Ying Su’s eyes flashed with a snowy luster. Since she had a second chance at life, this time would be different.

The first thing she needed to do was to deal with the maids who did favors for others while taking her money.

Ying Su heard footsteps at the door and sat up. She kept her back straight and her gaze stern. People wouldn’t dare look directly at her as they all felt a chill down their spine when her gaze landed on them.

The maid, Zhi Tao, walked in. The moment she saw the miss who had originally stopped breathing stand up, she screamed in terror.

“Shut up,” Ying Su said coldly, looking at Zhi Tao with an icy glare.

Zhi Tao stopped screaming and stammered, “Miss… You, you, you…” How are you alive!?

She had just gone to inform Madam that Miss had stopped breathing, but now Miss was actually alive?

“Zhi Tao, who do you think your master is?” Ying Su asked coldly.

Zhi Tao was puzzled. What was she doing? This was baffling.

She said, somewhat unconcerned, “Miss is naturally this servant’s master. Now Mad-…”

“Audacious! Is this how you treat your master?” Ying Su’s eyebrows rose, making her seem extra stern.

She hated such disloyal, dishonest people.

As if she didn’t know that Zhi Tao wanted to climb the ladder. That maid always ran to the main courtyard whenever she had nothing to do, trying to please the legitimate daughter.

“Miss, Madam and Second Miss are coming over now,” Zhi Tao said. “This servant will help change your clothes.”

As Zhi Tao spoke, she reached out a hand to take off Ying Su’s wet clothing.

She had to clean Miss up before Madam came over. If Madam saw Miss in that state, she, the servant, would definitely be punished.

Zhi Tao also wanted to serve a new master. If she didn’t prove she was competent, how could Madam look upon her favourably?

Ying Su was previously an assassin and what annoyed her the most was others getting too close. That was why she immediately grabbed Zhi Tao’s hand as the maid casually reached out to touch her. There was a forceful wrench followed by the crisp sound of bones cracking.

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