Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 1893 - : At Least We Are In Love Now

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Chapter 1893: At Least We Are In Love Now

“Ge Ge, you still have me. I believe that dad has never left you.”

Ji Ziming’s gentle gaze met Pei Ge’s. Just by looking at the woman beside him, Ji Ziming could feel his heart beating strongly for this woman, for the only woman beside him in his life.

“Dad never left me, and neither did you. Although we finally met after so many years, I don’t regret it. I’m just a little regretful that we were separated for so long.”

“No regrets. At least we’re in love now.”

Ji Ziming’s voice was gentle as the black Rolls-Royce arrived at Pei Ge’s father’s grave not long after.

The tombstones were neatly erected with the names of the people carved on them and the stories of his life. Pei Ge looked at the last tombstone in the row and her voice suddenly sounded gloomy.

“Dad, I came to see you.”

She stroked the uneven handwriting on the tombstone. Ji Ziming stood beside her without moving. He was like a cypress tree, taking care of all her emotions while accompanying her.

“Father, I should have come to see you long ago and told you this good news, but I only came to tell you now. I haven’t completely defeated this woman yet. I want to get rid of everything related to her. I want to make those who have hurt you before pay a heavy price.”

Pei Ge said quietly. Ji Ziming stood beside her and saw her beautiful eyes brimming with tears. His heart ached for her. How strong must this woman be? How did she endure all these years of pain alone?

“Ge Ge, Dad will know everything you’ve said. Don’t worry. I won’t give those people who hurt you a good ending. You just have to believe that this day is getting closer to us.”

Ji Ziming’s voice rang in Pei Ge’s ears like a bell. It did not pause or stop.

When Pei Ge and Ji Ziming were in the graveyard, the Qu family was in an uproar.

Qu Xiujie held Mao Nana’s hand and stood in front of Old master Qu. He said sternly, “Old man, it’s not a problem for you to give your assets to Pei Ge. It’s also not a problem for you to give this house to Ge Ge and her daughter. I just want to get some shares of the Qu Group from you. Why is it so difficult? I don’t have any objections if you give everything to Ge Ge. I just want the same amount of shares as her.”

“Do you think I don’t know what you want to do with the shares? Although the Qu family hasn’t completely closed down and isn’t on the verge of bankruptcy, do you really think you can hide your thoughts from me?”

Old master Qu sat on the sofa with a flushed face as he looked at Qu Xiujie and Mao Nana. His gaze was deeply attracted by Mao Nana’s long legs that were exposed.

“If I remember correctly, Miss Mao should be a famous model in R City, right? How could she bear to give up such a good job and come to the capital just to stay by my useless son’s side?”

Old master Qu’s suspicious gaze had a hint of complexity as his gaze shifted upwards. When he saw Mao Nana’s exquisite face, his gaze then shifted from Mao Nana to Qu Xiujie.

“Old man, if I remember correctly, that old woman has already stepped down. If Ji Ziming and Pei Ge did not help the Qu Group, there would not be a second person who would stand up for you. Without them, what would Qu Group, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, do?”

Qu Xiujie hit the nail on the head by exposing how Old master Qu wanted to use this to lure Qu Xiujie back to the Qu family.

“You! You unfilial son. You left for so long. Did I say anything about you? Did I say anything about letting you return to Qu family in front of the media?”

Old master Qu was furious and saw that Qu Xiujie had his heart on Mao Nana. Although Qu Xiujie did not contribute much in the Qu family, Old master Qu hoped that Qu Xiujie could stay in this house forever.

Even if he were to stay in this house, he could make the Qu family, who was currently on the cusp of the capital’s storm, stronger.

“If I don’t leave, that old woman won’t be able to tolerate me anymore. I would be stupid if I don’t leave.”

Qu Xiujie looked at Old master Qu in disdain. He only wanted that portion of shares but Old master Qu did not give him anything. Not only did he not give him anything, but he also scolded Qu Xiujie harshly. It seemed that everything in the Qu family was caused by Qu Xiujie.

“Old master Qu, I’m an outsider but I want to say something.”

Mao Nana could not stand it anymore and wanted to explain for Qu Xiujie, but Old master Qu did not want to listen at all and denied it immediately. “You know that you are an outsider, so why are you still saying such things? Our Qu family has yet to acknowledge your status, so it’s best for Miss Mao to recognize her own status and not try to persuade others.”

Old master Qu did not look at Mao Nana but at Qu Xiujie. The impoliteness in his tone pierced into Qu Xiujie’s heart.

“Xiujie, if you’re willing to return to the Qu family, I…”

Before Old master Qu could finish speaking, Qu Xiujie rejected him. “Old man, I’m here today to discuss about the 6% shares. If you don’t want to give it to me, then it’s understandable. I can’t say anything either. This is the land that you’ve built and you can give it to whoever you want. However, I want you to understand that Mao Nana is my woman and your daughter-in-law. Shouldn’t you be more polite to her?”

Qu Xiujie looked at Old master Qu with hatred in his eyes.

If Pei Ge and Zhang Manhua had not insisted on telling Old master Qu the truth back then and if Zhang Manhua had not persuaded him to not believe Old master Qu, Old master Qu might have already passed away and nobody would know who the Qu family belonged to.

“Oh? You mean I’m not polite enough to Miss Mao?”

Old master Qu’s gaze returned to Mao Nana’s pair of long legs. He had lived for so many years and had never seen such a pair of long and slender legs.

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