Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire - Chapter 1786 - Don’t Let Anyone in the House Know

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Chapter 1786: Don’t Let Anyone in the House Know

The old doctor seemed to be in deep thought as he looked at Mao Nana’s face and felt his heart ache. However, when he saw Qu Xiujie’s dark face beside her, he could not help but press down harder.

Mao Nana forced herself not to scream.

“Doctor, please slow down. She’s still young. With such tender skin, if…”

Zhang Manhua’s heart ached, but she did not dare to stop the old doctor’s actions. This was already the most prestigious doctor in the hospital. Mao Nana’s condition did not need a doctor of this level to treat, but because of Ji Ziming’s instructions, the three of them still brought her over.

“Madam, don’t worry. My strength is just right. Just rub it.”

After the old doctor said that, he rubbed her fair skin and slowly rubbed it.

“This ointment has to be effective like this. You can’t not withstand it just because it hurts. Since you have to recover quickly, then let me tell you that this ointment is the best. It can let your skin return to how it was in ten days or so without any sequelae. The only flaw is that it has to be rubbed into your wound. Only then can the effects of the medicine be more effective. Do you still want to use this?”

The old doctor’s voice was filled with laughter but Qu Xiujie, who was standing beside Mao Nana, had a dark gaze.

“It’s fine, doctor. Just apply the medicine for me.”

Although Mao Nana could feel that the old doctor’s hand was a little weird, she did not say it out while in pain. In this room, she would rather be massaged by the old doctor than say anything to Qu Xiujie.

This man was scarier than this strange ointment and she was unable to repay him.

If she had any regrets, Mao Nana would definitely regret liking Qu Xiujie so much that she was willing to crawl a thousand miles just to meet him.

“That’s good. Just bear with it.”

The old doctor was very satisfied with Mao Nana’s attitude. He pretended to look at Qu Xiujie’s eyes unintentionally, but when he saw the murderous intent coming at him, he could not help but tremble. The strength in his hands also relaxed a little. Mao Nana was already numb from the pain, so she did not feel the strength.

“Okay, okay. Young lady, I’ve already applied the ointment for you. Don’t move for a week, okay? You need to rest and don’t even walk. Only by doing this can you recover quickly. As her family, you can’t let her get out of bed. Just endure this week and you’ll be fine.”

The doctor explained some of the important points to take note of when they got home. Mao Nana, who was in the wheelchair, only put down her skirt again.

As a model, she treasured her legs a lot. For such an accident to happen in the house, she was certain that she would not continue staying there. However, before she could make up her mind, Qu Xiujie had already pushed her wheelchair out of the consultation room.

“Mao Nana, did you feel comfortable being touched by this old man?”

Qu Xiujie could not control himself. If this person was not arranged by Ji Ziming, he would have punched him.

“I… I didn’t!”

Mao Nana and Qu Xiujie faced each other and she looked at Qu Xiujie who was hysterical in front of her. Mao Nana’s delicate brows furrowed again. She was merely receiving treatment from a doctor but why did she become a shameless woman in Ji Ziming’s eyes?

She was even a woman who was made comfortable by a homeless doctor.

“He isn’t?”

Zhang Manhua and Butler Charlie listened quietly in the consultation room and did not notice the two quarreling in the corridor outside.

Qu Xiujie asked again but he could not see any other expression on Mao Nana’s face. Her brows were still so delicate and her heart was still so pure. She did not seem to be the spy that the woman arranged in their house.

“I didn’t.”

Mao Nana denied it for herself. No matter what Qu Xiujie said, she would not listen to him because she knew that she did not want the impatient him.

“Mao Nana, if you really want your face, then don’t stay in our house. The outside world is so big, so why don’t you go outside and stay in our house? You’re not even a relative!”

Qu Xiujie growled but his heart was bleeding.

“Uncle, do you really want me to leave this house?”

Mao Nana’s eyes were gentle but her eyes were already red. The two of them were only facing each other and were less than two meters apart but in her heart, one was in the sky and the other on the ground. She was the one on the ground and could only look at Qu Xiujie who was like a phoenix in the sky from afar.

“Yes, I really want you to leave. It’s best if you don’t appear in front of me.”

Qu Xiujie’s attitude was rude and unreasonable as he looked at Mao Nana with even more discomfort. However, he had to say the words that were brewing in his mouth. In this world, there were many women who were more interesting and beautiful than Mao Nana. There were also many men who were older than Qu Xiujie and had the demeanor of an uncle.

There was nothing that must be obtained or definitely lost.

If there was, it meant that you had never thought of it. If there was, it meant that you had never taken it to heart.

“Okay, uncle. I understand. I’ll leave the house. You don’t have to force me like this. I told you yesterday that I’ll leave once I’m done, so I’ll tell you now. I’ll leave now. I’ll stay far away from this house so far that I can’t see or hear anything. Is that enough?”

Mao Nana’s eyes were red and her nails dug into her palms. The warm blood and sweat slowly curled into a ball in her hands while she became an insect in this moment of immobility.

Qu Xiujie’s eyes were filled with viciousness as he looked at Mao Nana with disdain. It was as though she had caused him a lot of trouble and was also intentionally hiding his determination to not let her leave. Everything was just part of his plan and everything was caused by him.

Including Mao Nana and the current old doctor.

“That’s enough. You’d better leave now. Don’t let my sister or Ge Ge know about it. Just don’t let anyone in the house know about it.”

Qu Xiujie growled. At this moment, Zhang Manhua and Charlie happened to open the door to the consultation room and were shocked to see this.

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