Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2801 - Sacred Phoenix Race’s Surprise (4)

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Chapter 2801: Sacred Phoenix Race’s Surprise (4)

“If one wanted to cross the Soul Connection Ocean with tenth stage realm cultivation and find the path to Sacred Phoenix Continent, that person would meet with a lot of difficulties. Spending a few months is rather normal. This bit of time would be enough to complete one round of initiation!”

Huang Tianhao muttered irresolutely, “We cannot afford to waste this amount of time! So, This Clan Leader has decided to send an experienced Elder to receive this god grade genius. Once you receive that person, bring him back to Ice Moon Summit directly. In this way, we can save a lot of time! I wonder… which Elder is willing to volunteer?”

The entire hall suddenly quietened down upon hearing his words.

Everyone exchanged looks but did not say a single word.

It wasn’t because they didn’t want to volunteer for this, but rather…. Everyone wanted to go!

Those present were all people who had lived for thousands of years. Everyone knew that it was a wonderful task to receive this god grade genius!

No matter what level the Lower Realm practitioner was, as soon as he came back to God Realm’s direct descendant branch, he would definitely join that branch and acknowledge that Elder as his Master.

Moreover, when Lower Realm practitioners came to God Realm, they would be unfamiliar with the place. They were also different from those geniuses who originally come from different branches.

So it could be said that whoever offered a helping hand to that lower realm practitioner would be able to take him under their wing!

The Elder who was sent to pick up the god grade genius could be said to be the first link to the god grade genius. That Elder was also the first to express his kind intentions. By then, the god grade genius would most likely choose to join that Elder’s branch!

This was a profitable deal!

God grade geniuses would definitely become Sacred Phoenix Race’s greatest reliance. So by then, his Master would definitely rise in power as well. With the god grade genius’s support, the Elder might get the opportunity to take up the position of Clan Leader in the future!

Who wouldn’t want to fight for such a wonderful task?

As expected, after a short moment of silence, all the Elders started to promote themselves.

“Clan Leader, our branch is the closest to Soul Connection Ocean and I understand the Ocean very well. So I’m the most suitable person to go!”

“Clan Leader, although our branch is slightly further, it’s an honor to offer our services for the clan. We’re not afraid of the distance!”

“Clan Leader, we…”

Everyone started to talk and none of them were willing to be left behind. They were deeply worried that they might miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Some slightly bad-tempered Elders couldn’t help arguing with those people around them. The scene suddenly went out of control.

Huang Tianhao had a headache from seeing this scene so he quickly coughed and raised his voice. “Alright, will everyone please quieten down! This Clan Leader understands your intentions… so stop arguing!!”

Seeing everyone finally turning silent, he frowned and started to look at all the Elders from left to right.

In the end, he picked an elderly man who was standing on the left front row. “Elder Sanbai, can I… trouble you to make this trip?”

All the Elders originally were looking intently at Huang Tianhao, preparing to raise objections to his choice so that they could fight for the benefit.

But when Huang Tianhao pointed out to that elderly man, everyone turned silent.

Elder Huang Sanbai’s rank was much senior to Clan Leader Huang Tianhao by two generations. He was the most experienced Elder in Sacred Phoenix Race’s history and was a respected figure within the clan.

In terms of prestige, very few people could compare with him.

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