Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith - Chapter 2551 - Left without saying goodbye (2)

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Chapter 2551: Left without saying goodbye (2)

“It’s still best to be careful! Anyway, for our future, we’re not short of just these few days isn’t it?” Huang Yueli used her puppy eyes on him.

Seeing her with this gaze, no matter what kind of refusal words he had prepared to say, were all stuck at the back of his throat.

Huang Yueli carried a big bowl of pitch black liquid and said, “Moying, take your medication on time so that you can recover sooner!”

What soon, he’s not even sick at all!

Li Moying wanted to cry out loud but later on, he could only accept his fear so he shut his eyes with his brows creased tightly as he finished that big bowl of nourishing liquid.

Huang Yueli beamed as she brought out a big plate of Osmanthus cake, “I made this specially for you, don’t you like this? It can also suppress the bitterness of the medicine.”

On the account that Huang Yueli cooked for him personally, Li Moying’s mood instantly turned better.

“Let’s eat together!” He picked up a piece of Osmanthus cake and brought it over to feed her. Looking at the young lady pursing her pink lips to chew it, he couldn’t helped but revealed a smile.

Just as the both of them were engaged in a harmonious and amiable atmosphere, suddenly, a shuffle of flustered footsteps was heard coming from the door.

“Sovereign, Grandmaster Huang! Bad news, bad news!”

A female attendant anxiously rushed in with a pressing look on her face, as she waved a letter in her hand.

Huang Yueli instantly felt a bad feeling surging up as she asked, “What happened, why are you creating a din like this?”

The female attendant walked over and handed the letter over to Huang Yueli.

“Grandmaster Huang, this servant had just been to Marquis Bai’s room to clean up but whoever knew that the minute I walked in, I saw this note on the table…”

Huang Yueli took the letter from her and her brows creased tightly upon reading the letter.

The cursive handwriting on the letter with gold leaf, belonged to Bai Liufeng.

“Lass Li, by the time you saw this letter, Father has already left Blue Profound Sect. You don’t need to look for Father because I have many other important matters to do and I don’t wish to implicate you. Originally, I thought that I would never be able to see you in this lifetime but I had not expected to still be able to attend your wedding. Looking at you so beautifully dressed up, I have already fulfilled my wishes.”

“In terms of innate talent, potential and temperament, Li Moying this lad are all of superior standards. Moreover he is so devoted to you so Father is assured to leave you in his hands. The both of you have experiences so much tribulations before you are finally married so you must cherish your fate, and don’t quarrel just because of small matters. There are thousands of lovers in this world but there aren’t many who are guard each other mutually like the both of you, so please cherish this relationship!”

“Additionally, protect yourself well and don’t forget to cultivate diligently! The next time the both of us meet again, Father hopes that you have already became a ninth stage realm peak top exponent.”

“Bai Liu Feng”.

Huang Yueli stared at the letter and didn’t said a single word for the entire day.

Li Moying took the letter from her hand and read it as his brows rose.

He waved his hand for the attendant to leave them, then turned around and hugged Huang Yueli, allowing her to lean against his broad chest.

“Li’er, are you alright?”

Huang Yueli took the letter back and read it once more. Following that, she slammed the letter onto the table.

The expression on her face was more of indignant than surprised.

“My father indeed slipped away in the middle of this! I know that things wouldn’t be this simple! His departure this time, is definitely to head back to Northern Ice Fields, to save my mother from Snow Phoenix Palace!”

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