Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me - Chapter 473 - The Dishonest Little Sister

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Chapter 473: Chapter 474 The Dishonest Little Sister

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I felt very embarrassed. Why didn’t I notice that Dong Xiaoye’s feet had a problem? Was it because Liusu was next to me so I deliberately avoided paying attention to her? This must be it. But I was obviously not doing anything unfaithful, why did I deliberately avoid her?

The more I thought about it, the stranger I felt. Thinking that it would only make me look like an inconsiderate man, I said to Dong Xiaoye: “You don’t have enough weight to make me feel tired. If it really hurts that much, I have no problem carrying you on my back.”

This was the experience I have summed up from Chu Yuan. When you praised a girl for being light, she would definitely be very happy.

“Please don’t. Liusu will definitely be jealous.”

“I think she is already jealous when you put your arm around my neck.”

“Get lost. Am I that unreasonable?” Liusu smiled and punched me softly. She then asked with concern: “Sister Xiaoye, if it really hurts a lot, just let him carry you. Look at you, you are already sweating…”

As soon as Liusu said this, I also discovered that Dong Xiaoye’s face was indeed a little pale, and her forehead and nose were covered with fine beads of sweat.

However, she still forced herself to make a smile and said, “I’m fine. Besides, it’s very embarrassing to let him carry me. Come, you can hold his other arm. Otherwise, it looks like I’ve stolen your man.”

Liusu blushed and said, “Do you want him? If you want, I can give him to you. It’s not like he is my only choice.”

While the two girls were joking with each other, I couldn’t help feeling strange. Would a strong and competitive woman like Dong Xiaoye even have a delicate side? Even if she had, she wouldn’t reveal it to me, right? After all, the person she didn’t like to show her weak side to the most was me…

In that case, there was only one reason left. The pain in her feet was really unbearable. I suddenly remembered that just before leaving the cinema, she, who was agile, wanted to kick me. But unexpectedly she could not stand firm and almost fell down by herself.

“Xiaoye,” I interrupted the two girls and frowned: “It is not unusual for the new shoes to be a little bit tight. Are you sure you are okay?”

Dong Xiaoye was dazed for a moment, her face blushed inexplicably, and she avoided my gaze, “I said I’m fine. If you think that I’m getting in the way, I can walk by myself.”

“No, no,” Although Dong Xiaoye didn’t seem to want to let go of me, I still objected: “I mean, if your feet really hurt a lot, we can cancel the dinner and go home directly.”

“Of course, no!” Dong Xiaoye glanced at Liusu and said: “It’s rare to have dinner with a big star like Wu Lefeng, why cancel it? It will be really a shame to miss such an opportunity.”

This girl was clearly thinking about Liusu’s mood. Hearing that I wanted to leave, she was so anxious that tears even appeared in the corners of her eyes. I could understand that she also didn’t like to be the third wheel. It was not her choice to follow me, but in the end, she still became our burden. This was something that she, who had a high self-esteem, couldn’t accept.

The lovely thing about Liusu was that when something required her attention, she would never be careless. She knew that if she supported my decision of canceling the dinner, Dong Xiaoye would only blame herself even more, so she said: “Yes, Sister Xiaoye is right. Nan Nan, if you don’t want to go with us, then we can go there by ourselves. Other people would die to have a chance to have dinner with stars, but you actually want to stand them up? Just how important do you think you are?”

“Are stars not humans? At most, they just have different careers. I don’t need to worship them, right?”

Dong Xiaoye said mockingly: “They make more money than you.”

“If this requirement can be regarded as a standard, how do you want me to survive?” I said with a chuckle: “Liu Xiaosheng makes even more money than Wu Lefeng, but if he wanted to invite you two to dinner, would you two go?”

Dong Xiaoye was annoyed by my reasoning. She said in a huff: “Of course not! I can’t run as fast as you. I’m afraid of being eaten by that wolf.”

Liusu couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the words and said in confusion: “By the way, Sister Xiaoye, I am very curious, why do you admire Wu Lefeng?”

“It’s probably the same reason why your girls like to pursue fashion.”

Dong Xiaoye was curious by what I said: “What do you mean?”

“Trends,” I said: “What people are vying for, you would think they are good and popular. And when people exalt them to a high position, you would feel that you are small, and you would develop a sense of inferiority before you know it. With this sense of inferiority, naturally, you want to get closer to them.”

This was just my subjective conjecture, but I didn’t expect Liusu to nod her head in agreement. Dong Xiaoye had a look of realization on her face, but she was reluctant to agree with my view so easily: “We are not small, we are just ordinary. Compared with them, we are too ordinary.”

“Same thing,” I said: “It’s nothing more than envy. Maybe some people are just dissatisfied with their own status quo, or maybe they regard having an idol as a fashion trend. Of course, there are also people who really like stars. After all, stars are always in the limelight. With their appearance, temperament, or acting skills, they can always attract admirers and suitors.”

Liusu suddenly interjected, “I admire Wu Lefeng, not because of his looks or temperament, but purely because he is good at acting.”

“Mhm,” I smiled teasingly: “I will accept your explanation.”

“You are asking for a punch!” Liusu raised her fists and threatened me. However, before she threw a punch, she already burst out chuckling, “Nan Nan, we have known each other for so long, but there is one thing that I still can’t see through you. I can’t tell if you are clever and rational, or you are simply looking for reasons to justify your laziness and shamelessness?”

I am afraid it is the latter…

“It must be the latter,” Dong Xiaoye said with disdain: “A person who is satisfied with the status quo is destined to have a plain, empty and boring life.”

“What do you know,” I retorted, “A contented mind is a perpetual feast. Besides, I wish I could have a plain, empty and boring life. Just look at the fucking mess I am in now, how the hell can you even say that it is plain…”

“Don’t swear in front of ladies!”

“How can you call a woman who is clinging onto a handsome guy like a koala a lady?”

“Where is the handsome guy? Why can’t I see him?”


While Dong Xiaoye and I began to bicker again, Liusu, who was about to go up the steps, suddenly stopped, “Wait!”

Dong Xiaoye and I immediately stopped bickering, “What’s the matter?”

But instead of answering us, Liusu hurriedly pushed us to a dark corner on the side of the passage. She then pointed at the exit above and asked like a thief: “Nan Nan, isn’t, isn’t it Yuan Yuan?”

“Chu Yuan? How is that possible?”

“You can take a look first,” I didn’t know what Liusu was afraid of, she hid behind me and said: “Isn’t she the one who is sitting on the steps and eating bread? And the one next to her is little Dongfang, right?”

“Really? But they should have finished eating the barbecue and arrived home by this time…” Although I said this, when I popped my head out to take a careful look, I was taken aback. It was really my little sister!

The two girls were really eye-catching. There were many people around them secretly looking at them, and some of them even looked at them lecherously. Chu Yuan felt uncomfortable by the look of others, the bread in her hands was barely eaten; while Dongfang was very fierce, shouting at a boy with glasses who walked by and kept looking at them fiercely: “What are you looking at? Haven’t seen a girl eat before?!” After that, she even raised the bread, wanting to throw it at the boy.

Fortunately, “good men don’t fight women” is still the creed of most men; otherwise, just with Dongfang’s small body… Chu Yuan would only suffer along with her.

My head instantly hurt intensely. Didn’t these two girls go to a barbecue place? Why are they eating bread here?! When I thought of Chu Yuan lying to me, how would I have the mood to think about why Liusu was hiding behind me? My face darkened quickly and I was about to come out of the corner to question them.

“Dongfang, are there people who really sell that kind of stuff here? We’ve all been waiting here for two hours…”

“There must be. I’ve secretly heard Lv Siqi, Song Lingyun, and other boys talk about it before. I heard it clearly. They said that in this underpass, there is a middle-aged woman with a green canvas bag who comes here every night to sell…”

A middle-aged woman with a green canvas bag… The corners of my mouth twitched and my body trembled with anger. How similar was the characteristic Dongfang Little Brat described to the older sister I just met? Could it be that these two girls came to this place at this time to buy…

I couldn’t help but stop a few steps away from the two girls. They were only focused on talking to each other, and they didn’t seem to have noticed me.

Chu Yuan said nervously: “That kind of thing must be sold secretly. Will she sell it to us?”

Dongfang shamelessly said, “Even if she doesn’t want to take the initiative to sell it to us, we can still ask her, right?”

“If you want to buy it, you can buy it. Buying that kind of stuff, how embarrassing is that…”

Dongfang smiled and said, “Feeling embarrassed when buying it? Why didn’t you feel embarrassed when watching it?”

“Who watched it?!” Chu Yuan blushed and slapped Dongfang on the shoulder. “It was you who wanted to watch it. You are the one who dragged me here. If you don’t feel embarrassed, why didn’t you come here by yourself? I just realized now. Buying clothes is simply a guise.. It’s really annoying. Dongfang, you even lied to me!”

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