Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 718.1

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Chapter 718: Beauty, Prince Xiao’s affair (Part 1)

The emperor has always been jealous of Xiao Tianyao. To seize Xiao Tianyao’s military power, he didn’t know how much effort he had spent and how much price he had paid. Now how could he easily return the military power to Xiao Tianyao?

Xiao Tianyao’s performance in the battle between the Northern and Eastern wars was remarkable. Although he made a lot of small mistakes, he didn’t make big mistakes. The emperor has no reason to grab his military power. The only thing that can be used as a reason was Xiao Tianyao’s ‘provocation’ of the Central Empire.

This was Xiao Tianyao’s biggest mistake in the First Battle against the Northern Army, and it was also a fatal mistake. With this mistake, not only did Xiao Tianyao have to return the military power to him, but he can also completely obliterate his credit.

As the minister suggested, he could take the initiative to tie Xiao Tianyao to the Central Empire to plead guilty. Although the Central Empire has not yet made a clear statement on how to deal with Xiao Tianyao, the emperor firmly believes that the Central Empire will not let Xiao Tianyao go. As long as he tied Xiao Tianyao to the Central Empire, the Central Empire would never spare Xiao Tianyao.

If he does this, not only the Eastern will lose all face, but he also can’t hold his head up in front of the Central Empire. However, the emperor was still a little willing, as long as that scourge, Xiao Tianyao, can be solved, he doesn’t mind sacrificing a little face, but… …

It was not easy to tie Xiao Tianyao!

No one knows how high Xiao Tianyao’s martial arts were. When Xiao Tianyao was injured, he dispatched countless martial art masters and even dispatched the martial gods, but they failed to kill Xiao Tianyao.

Now, Xiao Tianyao’s martial arts have improved again. He can even kill three martial gods. He was afraid that he needs more than five martial gods to join forces to besiege him. It will be impossible to kill him, but where can he find five martial gods?

The Central Empire has very strict control over the Martial Gods, and the entire Eastern Country cannot make up five Martial Gods. As for contacting the Northern, Southern, and Western Countries, the emperor cannot do it.

The last time he joined forces with the other three countries, he was frightened, for fear of being found out.

If the citizen knows that he, the Eastern Emperor, joined the enemy country to kill their hero, can he still sit on his throne?

“Do you want to take the initiative to find the Central Empire?” The emperor accidentally said what he was thinking. The ministers below were still discussing what to do when Xiao Tianyao returned. When they heard the emperor’s words, everyone immediately shut their mouths, and they looked at the emperor in unison.

The emperor’s words have no other statement, so what does he mean?

The emperor didn’t know that he had said what was in his heart. Seeing everyone looking at him, he couldn’t help showing doubts: “What’s wrong?” Several officials present were the emperor’s confidants and trusted people. The emperor didn’t hide it and asked directly.

The ministers fell silent and immediately understood that what the emperor had just said was not for them. However, since the emperor asked, somebody must come forward to answer the emperor’s question.

As a gun in the hands of the emperor and as a trusted confidant, Prime Minister Lin was responsible. Prime Minister Lin didn’t need anyone else’s hint. He took the initiative to stand up and said: “Your majesty, you just said, do you want to take the initiative to find the Central Empire.”


Prime Minister Lin and the emperor were not in the imperial study room. The monarch and the minister were together. Prime Minister Lin glanced secretly and saw that the emperor’s complexion slightly changed, so he immediately said: “Your majesty, this minister thought this method is excellent. The Central Empire hasn’t made any move for a long time because they must be waiting for us to express our position. Xiao Wangye killed the three martial gods of the central empire is a fact, and there is no room for us to cover up this matter.”

Prime Minister Lin was worthy of being the most capable officer under the emperor.

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