Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 2558 - Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (76)

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Chapter 2558: Love Comes Like The Southern Breeze (76)

As expected, the grandmothers exploded.

“Your daughter doesn’t have a chance anymore. The couple came to the elementary school together to pick up the child from school. They’re already married.”

“That girl is most likely a secretary or assistant. They don’t look like a couple.”

‘Do we not?’

Feng Yunan lowered his head and looked at the girl who was secretly struggling in his arms. He gently smoothed the messy hair on her face.

Her gentle look was like love.

The mothers and grandmothers exploded again.

“Hey, look at how well the man treats the woman. How could they not be a couple?”

“They look very loving!”

‘It wasn’t easy for her to break free from Feng Yunan. Qiao Ruoxi wanted to die. How was that love? Don’t be fooled by him!’

“Jing is out.”

Seeing that Qiao Rongjing had come out of the school, Qiao Ruoxi took the chance to squeeze to the front, leaving the man behind.

Feng Yunan stared at her back as she ran away. The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and a rare trace of gentleness appeared in his originally cold eyes.

Was it because she was too good to be forgotten?

She was always thinking about him, afraid that other men would covet him.

What was wrong with him?

Qiao Ruoxi took her brother from the teacher and thanked him. She then led her brother out of the crowd.

She had planned to take advantage of the chaos and take her brother to go around Feng Yunan and leave from another place.

However, she wasn’t sure if it was because Feng Yunan’s target was too obvious or because the child’s eyes were too sharp.

Qiao Rongjing immediately noticed him and ran over to him in surprise. “Uncle!”


Feng Yunan patted his head and pulled him towards the car.

“Hey, Jing.”

Qiao Ruoxi hit her head against the wall in frustration. Her perfect escape plan was ruined just like that.

As the two of them walked away, she had no choice but to chase after them.

At the same time, Qin Xuming knocked on the door of Fengtian Hospital’s Respiratory Medicine Department. When he heard a “come in,” he pushed the door open and entered.

In the luxurious and comfortable room, Wen Ke’er leaned against the bed and played with her phone. When she heard footsteps approaching, she asked without raising her head, “Why are you still looking for me? Have you forgotten our agreement?”


Qin Xuming pulled a chair over and sat down. He said lightly, “I just wanted to remind you, Miss Wen. How can you still be so carefree when your man is with another woman?”

Wen Ke’er tightened her grip on her phone and her face turned dark. “The other woman is Qiao Ruoxi, right? It’s your woman who seduced my man. What right do you have to question me?”

“I’m not here to fight with you.”

Qin Xuming let out a sigh of relief.

Wen Ke’er put down her phone and turned around. She was surprised to see Qin Xuming’s face full of injuries. “What happened to Mr. Qin’s face?”

Qin Xuming touched his face that was swollen from a beating, and said self-deprecatingly, “It’s all your man’s doing.”

“Feng Yunan? He hit you? For Qiao Ruoxi?”

Wen Ke’er was shocked to see Qin Xuming nod.

She had never seen Feng Yunan fight like a teenager.

What did it mean for a man to fight for a woman?

If he didn’t care about that woman, he wouldn’t even look at her. Why would he fight for her?

Wen Ke’er suddenly became nervous. She remembered that Feng Yunan seemed to have changed his attitude towards her recently. She felt as if she was facing a great enemy.

Upon sight of Qiao Ruoxi, she said resentfully, “Qin Xuming, it’s all your fault. If you weren’t so useless that you couldn’t even protect your own girlfriend, how could they have the chance to meet?”

“What’s the point of blaming me now? Don’t forget that we’re in the same boat.”

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