Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 2278 - Intense Joy

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Chapter 2278: Intense Joy

Xue Yating had passed out during a lecture at the Doremi Music Center and was sent to the hospital. An Jichuan’s assistant had bought some stomach medicine for him and happened to bump into him.

When he received the news, he immediately rushed over to ask about the doctor’s condition. The answer he got was: “Mrs. An has been pregnant for more than a month, and she has a twin pregnancy. But her body is a little weak, that’s why she fainted.”

“My wife… Oh no, my sister-in-law is… pregnant? Twins?”

The public now knew that Xue Yating was An Xianming’s wife and that he and An Jichuan were only cousins.

But only An Jichuan knew that he and Xue Yating were not only uncle and sister-in-law, but also a real married couple.

The child in her belly was his!

Xue Yating was pregnant! She had his child! And it was two children!

An Jichuan was overjoyed. He wanted to share the good news with the world, but he couldn’t.

While Xue Yating was unconscious, An Jichuan took her hand and looked at her gently. “Tina, we have a child. I’m going to be a father soon. Do you know how happy I am?”

An Jichuan sat in the ward, feeling the sadness and joy until Xue Yating woke up.

Seeing that her eyelashes were trembling and her eyes were moving, he knew that she was about to wake up. He quickly let go of her hand.

After Xue Yating woke up, other than feeling a little tired, she did not feel any discomfort. She looked around and confirmed that she was in the hospital.

When she saw the man beside her, she sat up in shock. “An Jichuan! It’s you!”

“Tina, you fainted. The people from your center sent you to the hospital and I happened to run into you,” An Jichuan replied.

“Coincidentally? How could there be such a coincidence?”

Xue Yating did not believe him. She felt that he might have been sending people to follow her.

“Believe it or not, I’m telling the truth.”

An Jichuan stared at her, but Xue Yating turned her eyes away and happened to see the nurse come in. She asked, “Nurse, what is my problem?”

The nurse looked at her and said truthfully, “Mrs. An, don’t you know that you’re pregnant?”


Xue Yating’s head jerked as if she had been hit by a huge stick.

She was pregnant?

Was she pregnant with An Jichuan’s child?

She had been so upset that she had neglected her period. She thought it was an emotional imbalance and did not take it to heart. She did not expect it to be pregnancy.

How could she have a child with An Jichuan?

Absolutely not!

She looked at An Jichuan in horror and grabbed the nurse’s wrist. “I can’t have this baby. I want to have an abortion!”

Hearing this, An Jichuan panicked. She didn’t want the child?

“Mrs. An, I’m afraid I have to tell the doctor.”

“I want to see the doctor now!”

Xue Yating was about to get off the bed, but An Jichuan stopped her. “Tina, don’t move. The doctor said that you are weak and told you to lie down and rest!”

“Leave me alone! I can’t have this child!”

Xue Yating looked a little out of sorts, and she seemed to be out of sorts. In order not to agitate her, An Jichuan comforted her, “Okay, okay, don’t worry. I’ll get a doctor now! Just wait!”

An Jichuan pressed the bed bell and asked the nurse to call the doctor over.

When the doctor came to the ward, Xue Yating immediately made a request. “Doctor, I want to have an abortion! Right now, right now!”

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