Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 2259 - Very Satisfied With This Place

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Chapter 2259: Very Satisfied With This Place

Xue Yating held An Xianming’s arm and smiled at her father. “Daddy, don’t worry! With Little Uncle here, I’ll be fine. We’ll definitely live a good life.”

“Okay, let’s go!”

“Goodbye, Daddy. I will miss you!”

Xue Yating hugged her father before leaving with An Xianming.

Xue Zhengrong watched his daughter leave, his heart empty. He could not bear for her to leave, but there was nothing he could do.

Perhaps all parents in the world were worried about their children like this!

When they finally boarded the plane, An Xianming booked the first-class cabin so that he could take care of Xue Yating and the child.

“Go to sleep, Tingting. We’ll be in Rongcheng when you wake up.”


Xue Yating looked into An Xianming’s eyes and felt that there was a color in his eyes that she could not understand. But at this moment, she was in a state of excitement and had no time to think about it.

After a long while, she finally fell asleep.

Later, Xue Yating was woken up by the child’s cries. She opened her eyes and saw An Xianming changing the baby’s diapers.

Xue Yating looked at the man’s clumsy movements and serious expression. Her gaze became gentler. She liked how considerate and gentle Little Uncle was.

She believed that in the future, he would definitely be a good husband and a good father.

After a long journey and nearly ten hours of flying, the plane finally landed at the airport in C Nation’s Rongcheng City.

An Xianming and Xue Yating got into the car and drove back to the An family mansion.

When she saw the An family’s parents again, they still treated her like before. But Xue Yating did not know if she was overthinking it, but she felt that the atmosphere of the An family had become a bit heavier.

Xue Yating noticed that An Jichuan was not around and asked, “Is Nick here?”

“He left Rongcheng. Don’t worry about him. Let’s eat,” An Xianming said as he placed some food into her bowl.

Xue Yating looked at An Zhitong who was sitting opposite her. An Zhitong had been staring at them the whole time. She only lowered her head after being glared at by An Xianming.

She thought that it was because of An Jichuan’s departure and did not think further.

After settling down at the An family home, An Xianming began to prepare for their wedding while he was busy with the company’s affairs.

In order to let Xue Yating have enough rest, he specially hired the best nanny and nanny to take care of the baby.

Xue Yating did not have to do anything for the time being. Other than recuperating, she had to wait for the wedding.

On this day, a custom-made wedding dress came to the door. Xue Yating tried on the wedding dress and An Xianming waited quietly outside the door. When he pushed the door open and saw her wearing a white veil, his eyes were filled with amazement.

She was so beautiful!

She was as pure as a snow lotus on a high mountain, bright and clear, making people want to keep her in their hearts forever.

“How is it, Little Uncle?”

Xue Yating lifted her skirt slightly and asked him shyly.

An Xianming nodded and walked over. He held her hand and praised, “Tingting, you’re so beautiful. You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.”

Xue Yating was overjoyed. She felt happiness and sweetness from the bottom of her heart.

Perhaps this was what love was like. One had to go through many twists and turns in order to achieve success!

In the following period of time, everything that was needed for the wedding was prepared. An Xianming took Xue Yating to look at their new home—Shui-Mo Lan Ting Residence

The garden villa was very beautiful and the decorations were very warm. Xue Yating was very satisfied with this place.

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