Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1767 - Just Lacking A Bit Of Something

Chapter 1767: Just Lacking A Bit Of Something

Boom, bang, pow! Loud incessant booms sounded. Raging flames permeated the air.

The loud sounds of explosion battered everyone’s eardrums. Jing Xi was shocked stiff when she saw this scene.

She widened her eyes in fear and stared at the thick billowing flames. A huge blaze also emerged in her mind.

It was as if she could feel the pain from the burning. She saw countless numbers of flames swirling in the air and it was as if they were swords piercing her. It was so painful that she covered her head and knelt down onto the ground.

Huo Yunshen saw her reacting this way and he felt both joy and pain. He felt happy because the fire show just now might’ve been effective in stimulating her, more or less.

Jing Xi did, in fact, feel quite a great deal of stimulation. Her whole head was in a mess and in intense pain.

Right now, the only thing she wanted to do was to escape from here. She wanted to hide far away. Her heart felt great fear towards these flames and loud sounds.

“Miss Xiaoxi, are you okay?”

She was kneeling on the ground, curled into a ball, and her entire body was trembling. Huo Yunshen saw this and it made him feel extreme pain in his heart.

He said goodbye to Huang Guoqiang, helped Jing Xi up, and left the production set straight away.

He brought her straight back to the car. She didn’t even dare to open her eyes.

“It’s fine. Everything is okay. Don’t be afraid! I am here!”

Huo Yunshen was helping her walk and he kept patting her back to comfort her.

It was only after she stopped shivering and her frightened heart calmed down that he asked, “What happened to you just now?”

“I’m fine…” She shook her head and was not willing to say even one word more.

Huo Yunshen also didn’t continue to press her on it. Instead, he drove the car to take her back.

However, he knew that it was only by stimulating her nerves that he might be able to help her regain her memories faster.

He would not give up testing!

The explosions from the production set produced quite a big effect. After her head stopped hurting, it seemed she was able to remember the scene from when she fell off the cliff.

It turned out that these were all real events that had happened and not just her imagination as she had thought.

She remembered the woman’s sinister face on the cliff. The blaze engulfed her and she fell from the high cliff…

After she woke up, she was dredged up by Jin Hong and she lost her memories from the past.

But now, because of what had happened just now, it seemed like she could almost remember what had happened in the past!

Many things suddenly surged out in her mind, and they were on the verge of being complete, it was just lacking a bit of something.

They arrived back at Shengshi Yujing during the evening. At this time, Jing Xi’s condition had already returned to normal.

Huo Yunshen brought her to unit 103 and Jing Xi realized they went to the wrong door. She couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Huo, did we take the wrong way? Isn’t it over there?”

“No. An old friend lives here. Yi Xiao’s wife Fang Xiaocheng and their son Xiao Beibei.”

“It turns out President Yi was your neighbor in the past!” Jing Xi was surprised.


The door was opened very quickly after the doorbell was pressed. A young woman appeared at the door.

“Mr. Huo. you guys finally came!”

“Hey. Let me introduce you to my most beloved sister of the past, Fang Xiaocheng.” At the same time, he also introduced Xiaocheng to her. “This is my personal assistant, Jing Xiaoxi.”

After their greetings, Fang Xiaochen’s gaze turned toward Jing Xi. She examined her and saw she was wearing a mask but she revealed a pair of very familiar eyes.

She was certain she was Jing Xi, a Jing Xi that was alive. Fang Xiaochen couldn’t control her emotions any longer. She lunged forward and hugged Jing Xi.

Fang Xiaocheng couldn’t control herself and cried. Her heart was in extreme pain. She felt both sadness and joy for her best friend.

Heaven only knows how sad she had been during the years where she was ‘dead.’ Every time she listened to her songs, watched her performances in films, walked through paths they traveled through together…she would think of her.

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