Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1265 - Meng Qi The Little Angry Youth

Chapter 1265: Meng Qi The Little Angry Youth

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The whole meeting room was silent.

The agents looked at the woman who was as beautiful as a painting but as cold as a knife. They seemed as if they had been whipped, and they stood still at that instant as they dared not to belittle her.

Beckman suddenly thought of Zhong Ran’s words.

You would rather offend Ye Ling than to offend Shen Qianshu!

She was different from women who were frequently seen. The usual women, regardless of whether they were overbearing or delicate, would not exude so much hostility.

The agents’ impression of Shen Qianshu was that she was too hostile and that it was unlike her. She was someone who administered incentives and punishments. She had the aura of a woman’s delicateness, but she also had the aura that belonged to Black Rose, which made others dare not belittle her.

Coldness, delicateness, overbearingness, and gentleness all appeared on a single woman.

Shen Qianshu also did not talk nonsense. On that night, she issued an order as the Black Rose and gathered them at the stronghold in Paris. The stronghold was an ancient castle. It was usually guarded by an old butler and a few subordinates. It was like an old memorial and was usually deserted. Meng Qi had known about this castle being the stronghold in Paris all along, but it had never been used before.

Fang Hongxiu, the gatekeeper back then, had also never used it before.

Aventura had used it once. It had already been more than 20 years since any Black Rose agents had entered. In general, if there was no command from the gatekeeper, no one would also dare to come to this castle. Within one hour after Beckman issued the command, there were already people coming one after another.

Meng Qi came along with Shen Qianshu. Beckman and Meng Qi had met before even though the two of them had done things for Yang Ping previously. Meng Qi was considered to be Beckman’s junior. Actually, he was not very conspicuous. He was too quiet.

Beckman was the person-in-charge in Paris. Hence, he had a clear idea of whether the people in Paris were low-profile or high-profile. He also knew that Meng Qi’s background was not simple. After Ye Ling and Shen Qianshu were promoted, Meng Qi’s importance was shown.

He was usually like a mysterious person who did not talk much. In reality, he was quite impressive. The Black Rose agents in Paris had practically looked for Meng Qi before. They wanted Meng Qi to act as the go-between with the gatekeeper.

Ye Ling was worthy to be the gatekeeper but not Shen Qianshu. In everyone’s hearts, although there were two gatekeepers of the Black Rose, they felt that Shen Qianshu was only a flower vase.

During the selection, Ye Ling also went towards the later part, and Shen Qianshu could come out safely. Hence, to many people, Shen Qianshu was Ye Ling’s free gift. On the other hand, Meng Qi’s temper was strange. If he was acting as a go-between with Shen Qianshu, perhaps he would still consider it for a while. If he was acting as a go-between with Ye Ling,

Bah, he would not agree.

He only had this brother. Usually, he did not have the chance to do things to make Ye Ling like him. If the Black Rose agents had any matter, his brother would hand it to him. It would be foolish of him to let someone have the chance to do things to make Ye Ling like him and get himself in a lower position. He was not foolish.

This route through Meng Qi could not be gone through.

There was really not a single person who had thought of taking Shen Qianshu’s route.

Recently, Shen Qianshu had clashed with people from Company B. There were so many problems and troubles, and it was very high-profile. To the Black Rose’s agents, they did not have a gatekeeper who was someone from the entertainment industry. It was too much of a show-off.

Who would have known that the rose order would come on the day of the terrorist attack? Moreover, it was Shen Qianshu, not Ye Ling, who convened it.

Ye Ling had made two people die. The news had also leaked out.

Meng Qi said, “I really cannot understand who exactly is blind. My brother has just settled someone, and they immediately created trouble. This is obviously slapping my brother’s face!”

Shen Qianshu stared at them. “… ”

This child was lacking a nerve. When he mentioned about Ye Ling, he was just like an angry youth.

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