Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1264 - Send Them On Their Journey

Chapter 1264: Send Them On Their Journey

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Shen Qianshu could not care about explaining. At the same time, Lady White also came looking for her.

It was indeed done by Black Rose.

It should be said that the radical group did it. The elders were so furious. They had been cleaning up the mess that Yang Ping had left behind without stopping. However, as the number of people was too many, and they were seeking loopholes from one another, and it became messier and messier instead.

The elders even had doubts about Ye Ling’s and Shen Qianshu’s capabilities.

“I’ll handle this matter properly,” Shen Qianshu said calmly. “Lady White, guard every entrance of the underwater world immediately. During this period of time, don’t allow anyone to enter or leave. I am worried something will happen.”

The Black Rose was the culmination of hard work from a few generations of people who had guarded it. By becoming the gatekeeper, she had the responsibility to protect it.

Lady White’s heart shuddered. “Yes!”

Since Shen Qianshu gave the command, the underwater world started to be confined. It was isolated from the world.

The terrorist attack this time had become an especially big issue. It shocked the whole world.

Shen Qianshu gave out the Black Rose order and gathered all the agents in Paris. Ye Ling had given her a part of the name list. These people were the people he had subdued last time. The head was a man called Beckman. He had eight people under him, and they were the first group of people that was subdued by Ye Ling.

Beckman was a classic chauvinist who discriminated against women. He took orders from Ye Ling and was even a little unwilling to do so. The agents in Europe had their own groups all along. They all had an organization, so Beckman was used to issuing orders. Now, he had to change and take orders from others. He felt very unsatisfied in his heart. Ye Ling had depended on his military force to subdue them temporarily. In addition, there was intimidation from the deck.

They did not dare to resist at that moment, but as to whether they were sincerely loyal, Shen Qianshu said that they were somewhat no good.

“Gatekeeper!” Beckman led a group of people to meet Shen Qianshu.

The night in Paris was extremely clear and cold.

Shen Qianshu sat on the chair. The bright light cast a layer of jade-like light on her face. She was as beautiful as a painting but was as cold as a knife. She sat steadily on the chair and did not have the slightest intention to greet them at all.

She was alone and did not bring any outsiders along. Zhong Ran and Ah Da were not considered to be the Black Rose’s people. When Ye Ling brought Zhong Ran and Ah Da to handle the Black Rose’s matter the last time, this group of agents were very unhappy in their hearts.

Ye Ling had also told her about this. Hence, she had come alone.

Beckman was on high alert. Before coming, he had let someone survey the surroundings and was very sure that Shen Qianshu had come alone. Now, he saw her sitting steadily.

There was an overbearing aura!!

His aura could not help but become weaker.

“Sit!” Shen Qianshu said in a cold voice.

Beckman sat down and looked directly at Shen Qianshu. He had a pair of hawk eyes that were very infiltrating. Shen Qianshu looked towards his gaze. She was fearless. Her aura was stronger than Beckman’s.

“There are the people under you?”

“Yes. The terrorist attack this time has nothing to do with us,” Beckman said softly. “We have obeyed gatekeeper’s command. We have been beckoning the agents in Paris all along. We did not expect that they would plan for an attack.”

“I have already personally issued a command to gather all the agents in Paris. There are 43 of them altogether.”

“This won’t work!” Although Beckman felt that women could not be leaders and was devoted unwillingly. Since he was devoted, he would not waver. “Gatekeeper, we do not know who the person who planned the attack is. After it happened, I have been investigating. It is definitely our people who did it, but we do not know who it is. If we find all the people, you will be in danger.”

Shen Qianshu sneered. “I don’t have much patience. Inspect each and every one of them. Ye Ling and I have just been appointed, and we are being taken a notch down. If they want to seek death, I will send them on their journey!”

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