President Wife is Pretty and Cool - Chapter 408 - The Furious Kiss In the Car

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Chapter 408 The Furious Kiss In the Car

A trace of surprise flashed in Mo Jinrong’s eyes. Why did Lan Anran make Zero reveal the bracelet in front of him? “Why?”

Mo Jinrong was still doubtful of her words. He had been deceived by her too many times and didn’t know whether to believe her or not.

“I know that you have been investigating her and she knows as well. Why are you investigating her? Are you interested in her? Coincidentally, she asked me to stop you from investigating her identity. Tell me, why are you investigating her?”

Lan Anran pushed all the blame onto Mo Jinrong

“I’ve been looking for her for many years to get her to treat my illness, but I haven’t found anything in all these years. It just so happened that when you appeared, she appeared. Tell me, is this a coincidence? Is that why you made her wear your bracelet, so that I could mistake you for her and be deceived?”

Mo Jinrong continued to stare at her. Although Lan Anran wasn’t used to such a questioning tone and intense gaze, she continued to stare into his eyes, not revealing anything

“Do you like her?”

Lan Anran persisted.

“Don’t you know who I like? I just want to have her as my personal doctor.”

Mo Jinrong leaned over to kiss her.

Lan Anran didn’t dodge either. They were kissing fiercely in the car, which Mo Shengli could see clearly.

He knew that they were putting on a show, but he didn’t interrupt them. All he wanted was the Mo Family’s money. After Mo Jinrong left, this place would be his.

Just as the two of them were about to take things to the next level, Lan Yanran happened to walk over to open the door. He saw the two of them kissing fiercely in the car and didn’t interrupt. Instead, he leaned against the car window and stared intently.

Mo Jinrong felt a pair of eyes staring at him and when he raised his head, he saw a face pushed against the car window.

Lan Anran was shocked.

“Yanran, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Her face flushed.

“Sis! I didn’t mean it, it was a coincidence. I didn’t see anything, you can continue.”

Lan Yanran turned around with some big and small bags in his hands, his face was flushed even to the tips of his ears.

“Ahem, ahem! Hurry up!” Mo Jinrong opened the door for him and Lan Yanran got into the car. The atmosphere in the car was a little awkward.

“What did Grandma give you to bring over?”

Lan Anran was the first to break the awkward silence.

“It’s… It’s nothing… It’s just some delicious pastries and the food.”

Lan Yanran lowered his head, not daring to look into their eyes.

He was just curious as his gentle sister seemed to be very different when she did such things. He couldn’t help but take a few more looks and was caught.

The atmosphere in the car turned awkward again.

Lan Yanran spoke.

“Sis, don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom and Dad, but your kissing skills could win you an Oscar. I can tell that it comes from the bottom of your heart.”

Lan Anran flushed even more.

“Yanran, don’t talk nonsense. Your brother-in-law and I are married, shouldn’t we have a kiss? Don’t gossip about us anymore.” Lan Anran reminded him.

Mo Jinrong didn’t say a word from the start to the end, he was focused on driving but his mind was in a mess.

Back in the Lan Family’s house, Lan Tingyun looked at the three of them who seemed a little awkward, not understanding what happened.

“Jinrong, come in and have a seat.”

Lan Tingyun invited.

Because of what happened just now, he couldn’t bring himself to go in. He stammered and declined, then drove away with one foot on the accelerator.

Lan Yanran quickly changed the topic.

“Dad, the chef at Mo Jinrong’s grandma’s house is very good at cooking. There are some pastries with sugar and some without sugar. All the food I ate just now was delicious. I packed some up and brought it back for you to try!”

Lan Tingyun looked at the table full of food and spoke embarrassedly.

“How could you go to someone’s house and bring something back? Don’t do that again. You’ll be a joke if you bring back so much food.”

“Dad, Grandma likes Yanran a lot. It’s not a big deal. I’ll change my clothes first,” Lan Anran smiled and said.

Li Yueru interrupted.

“Your performance is tomorrow, why were you drinking? We were worried and thought something had happened to you.”

“There was a banquet yesterday and I wanted to obtain a few dramas, so I went to see the directors and drank a little. Fortunately, I have the resources now and it won’t affect tomorrow’s performance, so don’t worry,” Lan Yanran smiled and said.

When Lan Anran returned home, she ran upstairs and shut the door. She touched her lips silently.

She didn’t expect his kissing skills to be so good and she almost fell for him.

She was smiling when Mo Jinrong sent her a message.

“The cosmetics experiment you are working on has already taken so long, it should have succeeded by now. Pass it to Mo San after I’m gone tomorrow, and call me if you need anything.”

She replied kindly and received an anonymous email from her computer.

“Hello Lan Anran, let’s meet tomorrow. I want to talk to you about Jinrong.” Lan Anran could tell from the writing style that the sender was a woman and probably an admirer of his. She didn’t think much of it and directly placed the anonymous email in the trash.

Thinking that Mo Shengli might cause trouble when Mo Jinrong wasn’t around, she had Fatty and Skinny send people to monitor Mo Shengli.

“Boss, we haven’t been on a mission in a long time, my hands are itchy.”

Fatty spoke in the group chat.

“Aren’t we here for a mission? Mo Shengli is a sinister and cunning person. Don’t let him find out when you monitor him…”

Lan Anran reminded them.

“Boss, I haven’t worked in a long time, can you find something for me to do?” Gu Ming said.

He was a security officer in the organization and was in charge of internet technology. But because Lan Anran had been busy with the Mo Family’s matters, he didn’t have any chance to show his abilities.

“If you’re really bored, take a look at the ‘Golden Lotus’ I recommended to you. Don’t just think about playing computer games. You’re not young anymore, you don’t even have a girlfriend. You can learn from me, Fatty.” Fatty teased.

“Forget it, your ‘Golden Lotus’ is ruined, but how can I learn from you? I haven’t seen a woman by your side drooling over your looks.” Skinny teased.

“Go away! I love literature and art very much, unlike the dirty things you keep to yourself. I’m also a pure and innocent boy.” Fatty was embarrassed.

“Alright, stop joking. Gu Ming, see if you can find any information about Mo Shengli. I heard that he is a stockbroker. If that’s the case, there should be some records in the stock world.”

Lan Anran still felt that as long as a person came to this world, it was impossible to erase traces of their life. Even if he tried his best to hide it, there would still be a trace of it.

“Boss, do you still accept hypnotherapy? Ever since you married into the Mo Family, Zero seems to have disappeared from this world,” Skinny asked.

He felt that it had been a long time since his boss had regained her identity as Zero.

Lan Anran didn’t reply, she hadn’t appear as Zero on the market in a long time. “We’ll talk about it when we have the chance.”

She didn’t know if she would do hypnotherapy again, but the most important thing now was the Mo Family’s safety.

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