Predatory Marriage - Chapter 334

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Chapter 334. Ishakan Takes Over Her Mind (6)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Ishakan withdrew his manhood from her and began to roughly stroke himself with his hand, slick from their shared fluids. His eyes were riveted on Leah and he licked his lips, his breath coming harsh.

His muscles tensed. His body stiffened as s3men spurted from his [email protected], slicking Leah from her belly to her br3asts.


His chest rose and fell rapidly before it began to slow, and the strong scent of his seed made Leah’s head spin. Ishakan’s fingers spread it over her body, marking her skin with himself.

“Did you learn to say lewd words while I was gone?”

“I still have to learn,” she whispered, reddening, but licked his fingers one by one as he lifted them to her lips. Ishakan bit her slender wrist.

Leah squirmed and bit his forearm in retaliation. It was like watching a little cat bite him. Smiling, Ishakan stroked his manhood between her thighs.

“I have a lot built up…”

He hardened, throbbing. His voice was low and dangerous.

“I want you again.”


Leah had a hard time coming back to her senses. It had been a long time since she and Ishakan had s3x, and he had showed no mercy to the end. Leah was so aroused, she gave herself completely to him. They had both been mad for each other.

But afterward, she felt embarrassed.

Staring at the ceiling, she lay stunned, with no strength left in her body as he wiped her gently with a wet towel. Even after he had washed her clean, she could still smell his scent, permeating her body. Her cheeks flushed. – Posted only on NovelUtopia

After he tossed the towel aside, Ishakan bent to kiss the long scars on her thighs. Those wounds had been so bad, it had been a long while before she could walk again. Ishakan still kissed her scars as if it were a sacrament.

His lips moved over the long white line on her thigh, and then he buried his face in her belly and let out a long sigh. His breath tickled her skin.

Leah swept a hand through his hair, and asked what she had been wondering from the moment she saw him.

“How on earth did you get into the room?”

“You left the door open.”

She had opened the glass door to the balcony to cool off.

“Why did you leave the door open?” He asked severely. “What if someone bad got in?”

“Who would get in with security so tight?”

“Someone like me.”


Leah knew she would only lose if this conversation continued.

“I will keep the door locked,” she promised. “But you came back alone, didn’t you?”

His arms tightened around her.


“Was it difficult?”

“It was a bit complicated. I haven’t had a good sleep in days.”

He had changed horses several times along the way, riding all the way from Herben to Estia without stopping. Except to deal with a few assassins along the way.

“I told you to be careful…” Leah protested.

Ishakan only smiled. He knew that he was in the wrong, and his face actually showed his weariness. If anyone else had attempted it, they would have collapsed halfway, foaming blood at the mouth.

“You should have come back safely,” she admonished. “Slower.”

“I didn’t want to,” he said, like a disobedient child. He lifted his head slightly, turning it with his cheek resting lightly on her belly. “I missed you, Leah.”

They were simple words, but they still moved her more than anything else. She had felt the same way.

“Me, too,” she admitted shyly. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I was also in a hurry because a thief is coming to my house,” he grumbled, kissing her stomach.


He laughed at her surprise.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow.” He stretched out beside her and then hugged her again, as if he couldn’t be parted from her for a moment. “I was planning to give you roses when I came home. I’ll have to do that tomorrow, too. I was in a hurry, coming back. And I thought you would rather see me than the roses.”

Leah hugged him, burying her face in his broad chest to sleep. Ishakan let his eyes close a moment later, a smile lingering on his face. Soon, the slow, even sound of their breathing filled the quiet room.

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