Power and Wealth - Chapter 396 – Imposters!

Chapter 396 – Imposters!

Private room in the tea house.

Dong Xuebing demanded the State Security Officers’ ID, and the room immediately becomes tense.

The middle-aged couple and that young man look at Dong Xuebing, confused. Is this person mad? We already told you they are from the Provincial State Security Bureau, and you still dare to raise your voice at them? You are just asking for trouble. Do you know the State Security is a department that has power over your life and death? They can just accuse you of being a spy, and you are dead!

“Xiao Bing.” Yu Meixia is worried.

Dong Xuebing patted her hand to assure her and stared at those three men.

The leader narrowed his eyes and took out his ID before flashing it in front of Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing acted fast, and before the leader could keep his ID, he snatched it from him.

The leader and his two men are furious. “You want to die?! Ah?!”

Dong Xuebing took a glance at the ID and laughed. He threw the ID at the leader’s face. “You all are the ones who want to die! State Security?! Of all departments, you all want to impersonate as State Security Officers?! Ah?! You all think you all can fool me with this fake ID?!”

The leader was shocked. “What are you talking about?!”

The middle-aged couple and that young man were also stunned. These people are fake officers?

Yu Meixia grabbed Dong Xuebing’s arm. “Xiao Bing, this… they are fake officers?”

Dong Xuebing sneered. “I was wondering why the State Security had asked you to assist in their investigation for no reason. Damn! You all are really daring! Look at the serial number on your ID! Do you know what the alphabet in front of the serial number means?! Ah?! That’s the region code! What is your serial number? N? What region is N? Also, where is the Anti-counterfeit label? Where is the word ‘Police’ at the back?! All these are missing, and you dare to claim this is a State Security ID?! Who are you trying to fool?!”

The leader is furious. “Stop your bullshit if you have not seen one before!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “I have not seen one before. I had worked in State Security for one year! You think I don’t know how State Security IDs look like? How dare you all try to cheat me?!” If it was someone else, these imposters might have gotten away. Not everyone had seen a State Security ID. Still, Dong Xuebing was the State Security’s General Office Deputy Chief in Beijing. How can he not know about the ID? He had held one in his pocket for almost a year! Even if he has not seen other IDs, he can still see his own.

Those three men panicked when they heard the person in front of him had worked for the State Security before.

But the leader still tried his luck. “Who are you?! Which unit are you from?!”

Dong Xuebing rolled up his sleeves. “I am no longer with the State Security. I am now in charge of the Investment Promotion Agency. Remember my name! I am Dong Xuebing!”

Investment Promotion Agency?! Dong Xuebing?!

The three men heard Dong Xuebing’s name and took a deep breath in shock!

These men are not from State Security and had gotten this fake ID to cheat money. In the past, they search for victims over the internet. They will chat with the victims over QQ, and if their victims are using expensive phones, they will ask them out for dinner. During the dinner, they will pretend their phone’s battery is dead and borrowed the victim’s phone to make a call in the restroom without returning. As people become more aware of such scams, it’s harder for them to succeed. So, they got someone to make a fake State Security ID and tried to scam people with it. But they had picked the wrong victims today.

Dong Xuebing!

Everyone in the County had heard of this name!

Those three men looked at the person in front of them again. He looks exactly like the legendary Dong Xuebing!

These three men are part of the underworld and had heard of Dong Xuebing more than once! How many members of the underworld have not heard of the God of Plague?! Dong Xuebing is notorious for having killed more than a dozen people. He had killed nine escaped convicts and killed more than a dozen criminals in another County during the stolen relic case. There might be more criminals killed by him, which they are unaware of. This person is a ruthless killer!

The middle-aged couple and that young man saw the expressions on those three men and knew they were scammed. But they are still worried as those three men are bigger than them. Their group only consists of two middle-aged women, a middle-aged man, a student, and a skinny Investment Promotion Agency staff. They are worried if those three men will kill them to silence them.

Dong Xuebing rolled up his sleeves and pulled Sister Yu behind him. He is prepared to fight those impersonators and protect the victims.

Everyone is tensed.

But Dong Xuebing did not know he is too notorious. Just when he thought the other party will fight with him, they shouted. “It’s the God of Plague! Run!”


The three men quickly pushed the door open and dashed for their lives!

“Damn! Why are we so unlucky to meet him?!”

“Shut up and run!”

Common civilians might not know how powerful the God of Plague is, but how can they not know? Even if their numbers are five times more, they are no match for Dong Xuebing!

The three imposters are scared for their lives.

The middle-aged couple and the young man had not expected this outcome and were puzzled.

Damn! Dong Xuebing is also feeling frustrated. What the hell are they thinking? I still have not moved a finger, and they ran away. He immediately took out his phone to call Deputy Team Leader Feng. “Old Feng, I got work for you. Three men had impersonated State Security Officers to con people at the teahouse west of Hua Mei Estate. They had escaped. Go and catch them.”

This is a credit, and Deputy Team Leader Feng quickly acknowledge it.

Dong Xuebing turned to the couple and young man. “Please wait for the police here. They might need to record your statements later. Oh, please keep your phones and wallets. Don’t trust others easily. It might be your responsibility to assist the police in their investigation. Still, you all need to verify their identities first. Be more alert next time.” Although Dong Xuebing is no longer with the Public Security, he is used to speaking like a Police officer.

The middle-aged couple and that student quickly thanked Dong Xuebing, but they look at him weirdly. They are wondering who this person is. Why did those three conmen run as if they had met a ghost the moment they heard this person’s name? Dong Xuebing? How come this name sound so familiar?

Dong Xuebing pulled Yu Meixia. “Let’s go back.”

Yu Meixia nodded and looks at Dong Xuebing gently.

In the car.

Yu Meixia bit her lips. “Xiao Bing, sorry. I had given you problems again. It’s all because I am stupid.” She is angry with herself for being so gullible. If she had not informed Dong Xuebing, she would be scammed.

“It’s those criminals who are cunning.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “It’s not your fault. I had also believed them at the start.” Yu Meixia lowered her head. The way she looks at Dong Xuebing changed after he scared those conmen away with just his name.

Dong Xuebing also felt proud. “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Yu Meixia blushed and quickly look away. “No… I… I am not looking at you.” Dong Xuebing laughed and pinched her chin to make her face him. “You still don’t want to admit? Here, just look at me all you want.” Yu Meixia quickly waves her hands. “I… I am really not looking at you.” Dong Xuebing loves to tease Sister Yu and finds it amusing. But Yu Meixia is in her thirties, and he cannot go too far with his teasing. He lets go of her chin. “Alright. Let the police handle the rest. We will go back to have dinner. It’s been a while since I ate your cooking. Haha…” He looks at Yu Meixia. She is wearing a long light-colored dress, beige stockings, and black strap heels. Hmm… she is getting better in her dressing. He stroked her thighs lightly before driving off.

Yu Meixia blushed and did not resist.

Hua Mei Estate.

Yu Meixia’s apartment. Living room.

Yu Qianqian had gone out with her classmates and is not around.

Dong Xuebing leans back on the sofa with his legs crossed and took out a cigarette. Yu Meixia, taking off her coat, saw it and quickly took out a lighter to light the cigarette. After that, she brought a pair of wool slippers and put them on for Dong Xuebing before making tea for Dong Xuebing. Then, she held the ashtray up for Dong Xuebing beside him.

Dong Xuebing looks at her. “You don’t need to do these. Just relax.” Yu Meixia shook her head and continued to hold up the ashtray. She is not educated and is not smart. So, she can only do these things to express her feelings.

Dong Xuebing looks at Yu Meixia gently. “Did you miss me?” Yu Meixia lowered her head in embarrassment and did not reply.

“Answer me.” Dong Xuebing is afraid her arms will be tired and stopped smoking. He snubbed his cigarette and moved closer to her ear. “Did you miss me?”

Yu Meixia paused for a few seconds and nodded with a red face. “Yes.”

“How much did you miss me?”


“Quick, answer me.”

Yu Meixia is shy and doesn’t know how to reply to Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing pretended to be angry. “If you don’t answer me, I will leave now!”

“No!” Yu Meixia quickly grabbed his arm. “I… Qianqian, and I missed you badly.” She is too shy to admit it and had to drag her daughter in with her.

Dong Xuebing could felt his body heating up with Yu Meixia’s matured body pressing against his arm. “I miss you too.”

Just when they are about to do something shameful, the doorbell rang!

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