Power and Wealth - Chapter 395 – Under investigated by the State Security?

Chapter 395 – Under investigated by the State Security?

After lunch at Old Yang’s apartment, Dong Xuebing is about to leave with his mother. But Luan Xiaoping refused to leave, saying she has to attend a dinner with Yang Zhaode in the evening. He did not expose his mother’s lies, as he knew she wants to spend more time with Old Yang. Su Kia’s parents had driven here, and Dong Xuebing did not need to send them back. But Su Jia had gotten a ride there from the TV Station’s car. She doesn’t have her own car, and Luan Xiaoping asked Dong Xuebing to send her back.

In the car.

After fastening the seatbelt, Su Jia looks more flat-chested. Dong Xuebing had never seen any girls as flat-chested as her and couldn’t help glancing at her chest area. Hmmm… although it’s small, it’s cute. Suddenly, Su Jia turned and saw him looking at her.

Dong Xuebing has no time to look away and pretended to look at her hand. “Good jade should be worn by pretty girls.”

Su Jia smiled and touched the ring gently. “Thanks to Aunt Luan. I will never bear to buy such expensive jewelry. Err… I cannot afford it too. Haha…”

Dong Xuebing smiled and asked. “Sis, where are you staying?”

“The County’s southern district.” Su Jia said and adjusted the seatbelt on her chest. “Our TV station’s employee’s quarters.”

“Oh… we are staying quite close to each other. You can drop by my place for a visit in the future.”

“No problem. I am lazy to cook and will visit you for dinner. You better not chase me away.”

“I wouldn’t dare to do that. If you come, I will prepare a sumptuous dinner for you.”

Both joked and chatted in the car. Although they are not blood-related, they are considered cousins and want to better know each other. Dong Xuebing found out that Su Jia is not interested in government service and only wants to be a reporter and a host. That’s why she is getting her experience at the County’s TV station now. If not, with her background, she can easily get a position within the Publicity Department.

In front of the TV Station’s employee’s quarters.

Su Jia waved goodbye to Dong Xuebing, and Dong Xuebing drove away.

Two female colleagues who had just returned from work saw them and laughed. “Eh, Sister Su, isn’t that Chief Dong?”

The other older woman joked. “Why did he send you back? Where did you two go? Huh?”

Su Jia smiled sweetly. “I happened to meet him outside, and he gave me a lift back as it is on his way. You all… stop letting your imaginations run wild.”

“Ya right… I can tell you are not honest with us!” That older woman laughed. “Why didn’t Chief Dong give me a lift? I had wanted to interview him last year, and I didn’t even get the chance to enter his office. Hurry up and tell us the truth! Eh?! Your ring!”

The other female colleague was also shocked. “This is ice-grade jade?! Wow!!!”

The older woman covered her mouth and grabbed Su Jia’s hand. “This ring should cost at least 50 to 60 thousand. Did Chief Xiao Dong give you this ring? Wow… Xiao Jia, I didn’t know you are so capable!”

Su Jia cleared her throat. “No… This is given to me by an elder.”

“Who will believe your lies? Which elder will give a ring as a gift? Ah… Xiao Jia’s spring is finally here.”

Su Jia looks at her jokingly. “Why do you sound jealous? Hehe… Sister Zhou, are you interested in Chief Dong? Do you want me to be the matchmaker?”

“Go to hell. I have been married for so many years. Furthermore, he will also not be interested in me.”

“Ah… why did you sound so sore, Sister Zhou?” Su Jia joked. “Are you really interested in Chief Dong?”

Sister Zhou blushed. “Hmph! How dare you mock me?”

They are close to each other and loves to joke around.

4 pm.

Dong Xuebing took a hot shower after returning to his apartment and laid on his sofa for a smoke. Dong Xuebing is glad that his mother has a partner now, and Old Yang has a good character.

Dong Xuebing switched on the TV, and it’s the Yan Tai County’s rerun of last night’s news program. Su Jia looks serious with her black suit on the TV. She looks totally different from earlier and is reporting about a heater explosion incident. He looks at her chest. It’s not small and looks average. She must have worn more than one padding or stuffed something inside. Huh? Why am I keep looking at her chest?! What’s wrong with me?

Dong Xuebing felt he must be horny. If not, why would he find Su Jia attractive? Ring… ring… ring… when Dong Xuebing is thinking of women, a woman called.

Yu Meixia and Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered that he had not visited her these few days. “Sister Yu, it’s me. Haha… I was just about to call you. I miss you. Can I go over to your place for dinner tonight?” No one will believe this lie, but Dong Xuebing knew Yu Meixia is easily pleased.

“Xiao Bing… I… this evening might not be possible.” Yu Meixia replied softly.

“What happened?” Dong Xuebing heard the background is noisy. “Are you outside?” Yu Meixia is speaking softly. “I… I am not sure what time I can return. The State Security had invited me, and I am on my way to a teahouse.”

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “The State Security had invited you for tea?”

Yu Meixia replied. “Not only me. They had also invited a few more people.”

Dong Xuebing knows Yu Meixia will not lie to him and asked. “Why did they invite you to have tea? What international crime have you committed? Are you a spy?” “I… I also don’t know. They did not tell me anything and only asked me to assist with their investigation.” She is uneasy and nervous.

“Don’t worry…” Dong Xuebing is worried for her. “Tell me where the teahouse is. I will go over now.” After taking down the address, Dong Xuebing grabbed his wallet and coat and drove to a teahouse near Hua Mei estate. Why is Sister Yu being investigated? Dong Xuebing can’t help but wonder if this is related to him. His power, BACK, and STOP are too weird. It is not weird if someone notices his power and starts to investigate the people around him. The more Dong Xuebing thinks about it, the more worried he becomes.

The teahouse is only two stories and has an ancient times deco.

After parking his car, Dong Xuebing enter the teahouse. He asked the waiter and went upstairs to a private room. The moment he enters the private room, everyone turned and stares at him. Yu Meixia, a middle-aged couple, and a young man in his mid-twenties are seated nervously behind the table. Opposite them are three men in casual clothes. They should be the State Security officers Sister Yu mentioned. One of the men has a bag under his arm and should be the leader.

The leader frowned as he looks at Dong Xuebing. “Who are you?” “Xiao Bing!” Yu Meixia quickly stands up and accidentally knocks over a cup. “Ah… sorry… sorry….”

Dong Xuebing can tell Sister Yu is scare and walks over to pat her hand to calm her. “Don’t worry. I am around.”

Yu Meixia bit her lower lips and nodded.

Dong Xuebing turned to those men and smiled. “Comrades, this is my Sister. Here, have a cigarette first.” Dong Xuebing took out his packet of Yu Xi Cigarettes and offer them.

The men looked at each other and wonder if they should accept it. “Leader?” The leader did not accept the cigarette and replied emotionlessly. “We are investigating a case. Those unrelated should leave now.” Dong Xuebing smiles. “I will not interfere with your investigation. Oh, are you all from the City Bureau or the Provincial Bureau?” Those men did not reply.

Yu Meixia whispered to Dong Xuebing. “I saw their IDs earlier, and they are from the Provincial Bureau.” The Provincial Bureau? Dong Xuebing is suspicious. “Comrades, my Sister is a good citizen. Are you all sure you all had gotten the right person?” The leader looked at Dong Xuebing coldly. “Who are you to question us? Get out! Do you believe that we will bring you back if you waste our time?” Hmph! What’s with this attitude?! Dong Xuebing is mad. “What if I refuse?” Civilians are afraid of State Security Officers, and Yu Meixia quickly pulls Dong Xuebing back. She is afraid these men will arrest Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing…”

The other two plainclothes officers can’t be bothered with Dong Xuebing. One of them stares at Yu Meixia, the middle-aged couple and that young man. “This investigation is confidential. Handover your phones, bags, and identifications. We need to check them first.” The middle-aged couple placed their belongings on the table.

Yu Meixia also reached for her phone in her pocket.

But Dong Xuebing sensed something is wrong. Why do they need to hand over their wallets too? What procedure is this? He immediately stops Yu Meixia and looks at those three State Security Officers. “Can I look at your IDs before the start of the investigation?” The middle-aged couple replied. “They had shown us earlier. They are really from the State Security.” Dong Xuebing smiled. “But I have not seen it yet. Can you all show me?” The leader looks at Dong Xuebing coldly. “You want to obstruct us from investigating this case? Fine! Handover your phone! We suspect you are related to this case!”

Yu Meixia turned pale immediately. “Comrade… no… this has nothing to do with Xiao Bing.” She turns to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, just go out first. Don’t… don’t worry about mee.” She is afraid Dong Xuebing will get into trouble.

Dong Xuebing ignored her. “I will repeat this again! Show me your work pass!”

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