Overgeared - Chapter 1674

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Chapter 1674

People didn’t know much about dragons. They couldn’t afford to study and understand the transcendent species that could destroy human civilization with a single flap of their wings. This had a huge impact on players as well. The information about dragons depicted in literature and quests that players could access was limited.

However, everyone knew about the Insane Dragon. An incredibly ferocious and powerful dragon. In other words, it was the Insane Dragon Nevartan who made up the image of a dragon that was passed down to people.

Nevartan’s recognition was unique among the dragons. Neither the Fire Dragon Trauka, who occupied the dwarf city of Talima, nor the Gourmet Dragon Raiders, who was known to enjoy human food, were Nevartan’s opponents in terms of awareness.

It was because Nevartan’s activity level was the highest among the dragons. It was only a few activities in a hundred years, but it was many times more than other dragons. He caused all types of incidents, but the content was inconsistent. In some cases, the people at the scene weren’t all wiped out. This was the reason why many dragon records, which were only a few in human history, used Nevartan as the main protagonist.

“This… what should we do...?”

The hundreds of thousands of people who gathered to welcome the return of the heroes all panicked in unison. Apart from a very small number of people, they couldn’t keep their sanity. The madness was contagious.

People started to mistake their colleagues, friends, and family as the demons and monsters they feared and attacked them. If it hadn’t been for Sariel hurriedly scattering their divinity to calm them down, an unprecedented situation would’ve occurred where fratricide would cause the capital to collapse.

‘What is his condition?’

Grid quickly searched Nevartan’s large body, which seemed to overlap with the distant hills. He recalled the fact that Bunhelier was seriously injured when he fell to hell. It was right after Bunhelier had fought against Nevartan. Based on the fact that Bunhelier’s condition was much worse than it seemed, there was no way Nevartan could be fine. Both sides must’ve been seriously injured in the aftermath of the battle.

“...He is fine?”

Grid was so flustered that he let out a shrill noise. Contrary to his expectations, he couldn’t find any wounds on Nevartan. He almost wanted to argue with Bunhelier. Grid turned his head to the other side and found Bunhelier, who had become just a dot.

Did Bunhelier feel the gaze? Bunhelier’s voice was directly transmitted to Grid’s mind.


It was an imposing attitude like he felt no shame at all.

Grid couldn’t reveal his feelings to Bunhelier, who questioned him. The one in the unfortunate position now was Grid.

“Great old dragon, Bunhelier! I need your help!” Grid’s voice rang out loudly. He had obtained the reward for the 20th epic he wrote in hell and his status had risen by a huge four levels. Grid, who had risen in status to a level comparable to when he was riding a top dragon, praised Bunhelier in front of the humans who served him and asked for help. It was even next to the Overgeared World. He had qualifications of the chief god.

The aftermath was great.

Bunhelier trembled. He felt the sensation of his status rising a level, just like when he absorbed the demonic energy of hell and became an Evil Dragon. Of course, from Bunhelier’s perspective, it was a reward he deserved. How hard had he struggled in hell with this human on his back?

[You are crazy.]

They were words that Bunhelier had heard the most in his life. He never thought he would be saying this to someone else. Bunhelier frowned at the emotion he felt and blamed Grid.

[Asking for help when you just announced that you would kill me? Do you have no such thing as shame?]


[In the first place, I have no reason to help you. Keep in mind that our alliance was only temporary.]

The flapping of Bunhelier’s wings didn’t stop as he snorted. He moved away in real time. He didn’t use any magic like teleportation. He wanted to avoid grabbing Nevartan’s attention.

‘I am lucky. I can’t miss this opportunity.’

It was shortly after arriving on the surface. Bunhelier was stunned when he felt Nevartan’s presence rapidly approaching. He, who had existed since the beginning, had to face the crisis of death three times in one day. It was once to Nevartan, once to Baal, and once to Nevartan again. He felt more skeptical than ashamed. He was naturally afraid at the thought of losing the eternity he had enjoyed.

Nevertheless, he survived. To be exact, he was saved.

‘He became distracted after knowing about his child.’

Nevartan’s child. A dark smile spread across Bunhelier’s face. It was because he thought he had great luck in exchange for losing his honor. The luck naturally referred to Nefelina.

‘A child… it is a child. There must be plenty of ways to take advantage of it.’

Nevartan’s mind inherently fluctuated. He was always crazy, but there were occasionally times when he overcame it and became sane. Was it a coincidence that he came to his senses the moment he met his daughter? There was no way. The affection he had for his daughter was real.

It happened at the time when Bunhelier’s evil smile was growing deeper...

“Isn’t this a chance for you?”


The flapping of Bunhelier’s wings stopped. It was to avoid being swept away by the wavelengths that occurred right in front of him. The gray light that rose like a haze gradually became solid. It took the shape of a sword. It was a sword imbued with the will to kill a dragon.

[Dragon Slayer ‘Hayate’ has appeared.]

“Why don’t we join forces to seal Nevartan?”

He didn’t say to kill. He avoided empty words as much as possible. He showed his sanity in order to persuade Bunhelier. Bunhelier’s breathing became rough.

[Judging from your attitude, it seems that the time has come for the world to perish. A Dragon Slayer is asking the dragon to cooperate? The one who was hiding not long ago isn’t ashamed and is able to act proud...]

“I gained courage from Grid. Additionally, Grid is here as well.”


“You can’t be unaware that this is a chance that will never come again.”

The Tower of Wisdom tried to curb the proliferation of the insane dragon iron. It was because they were wary of situations that would happen when the Insane Dragon’s energy was revealed to the world.

Nevartan was a common target of the old dragons and they were attracted by the energy of the Insane Dragon. The longer Nevartan was active, the more likely it was that a war of dragons would take place. This would result in a disaster of continental proportions.

The Insane Dragon… it was right to return him to his lair as soon as possible. It was especially noteworthy that he was still unharmed even though he had often been attacked over the past several hundred years.

‘Nevartan must be the strongest among the old dragons.’

This was how he ended up unharmed. Now that Nefelina was drawing his attention, it was an opportunity.

Was it due to a desire to recreate a dragon’s death throes? The Dragon Killing Sword was crying out viciously. Bunhelier stared at it in disgust and quickly shook his head.

[It can’t be done.]


It was an unexpected answer. Wasn’t it Bunhelier, not anyone else, who most wanted Nevartan to be sealed? It was Bunhelier who drove Nevartan to hell and drove him insane. Based on this grudge, he was chased by Nevartan for hundreds of years.

Then why was he rejecting this great opportunity? The reason was simple.

[I don’t want to admit it, but that guy’s level is a bit higher than mine. The difference is like a sheet of paper. It was because of the black dragon’s innate power that uses all attributes skillfully and uses it as the law. Even the madness is accepted as a power. He is a very cunning guy.]

A berserker—Nevartan became stronger the more he was hurt and he recovered faster. It was a structure where he was forced to suffer damage when fighting. The one who was already superior had evolved even further...

[Besides, he doesn’t have any appreciation for the arts, just like most dragons. It means he is very different from me, who silently watches your cute actions and enjoys it as a joke.]

Cute actions? Joke? Wasn’t it pretty desperate to put it this way?

Bunhelier swung his tail at Hayate, who was feeling puzzled as he recalled the moment he fought against Bunhelier

[Get lost.]


Hayate’s well-groomed eyebrows twitched slightly. It was because Bunhelier’s tail literally pushed him away. It was a far cry from a murderous attack. It wasn’t something that the Evil Dragon Hayate had seen and heard about would do. He couldn’t believe it even after experiencing it himself.

“Was the time you spent with Grid special to you?”

Hayate noticed the change in Bunhelier. The realization that he had been used by Baal would’ve played a major role. The experience of him and Grid relying on each other while feeling a sense of crisis about how to survive this difficult world must’ve been great learning.


Bunhelier made a subtle expression. In fact, he was just tired. He wanted to get away from Nevartan and take a break. However, this made Hayate misunderstand him. He judged that this was the only way he could quickly leave this place without having to collide with Hayate.

It was as expected.


Hayate no longer stopped Bunhelier’s flapping wings. He was a hero who tried to protect even one more person, so struggling to win the favor of an Evil Dragon was like grasping at a straw.

Bunhelier wanted to laugh at Hayate but for some reason, laughter didn’t come out. He quietly left the scene.


Hayate’s attention focused on the ground after Bunhelier left. Nevartan’s condition wasn’t like his usual self. The time he stayed sane was much longer than expected.


It happened as Hayate was trying to persuade Bunhelier after sensing the appearance of the old dragon...


On the ground, Nefelina and Nevartan were enjoying their reunion. In fact, it was too subtle to express it as a reunion. The Nefelina that Nevartan remembered was an egg that had yet to hatch. To be honest, the father and daughter met for the first time today. However, Nevartan recognized instantly that Nefelina was his own flesh and blood.




The people who were watching their situation held their breaths. Nevartan didn’t show any signs of aggression after shooting the Breath when he appeared. However, people didn’t forget that he was insane. They were wary after he chanted a strange spell and prepared a defensive posture.

It was the same with Grid. He ran straight to Irene and wrapped himself around her.


Then a life-sized kid wearing sunglasses made of ether came forward. It was the king of the evil eyes. “As expected of the one who reigns supreme even among dragons, you learn the principles of the world as soon as you are born. Do you know me, an evil eye?”


Grid stiffened as he took back the barrier he made with the God Hands.

Poriorderporonopitonojiodebe—he remembered that it wasn’t some spell, but the name of the evil eyes king. It was a name he hadn’t heard in a few years, so he had forgotten about it.

...To be more precise, he didn’t forget it. It was that he didn’t remember it in the first place. His name that appeared in the status window of the evil eyes king was ‘king of the evil eyes.’ The real name was missing due to the limit on the number of characters in the name field.

Grid only heard the name when the king of the evil eyes first introduced himself and at that time, Grid didn’t have a very good memory. Thus, he couldn’t remember the name in the first place. He usually used the words ‘hey’ or ‘friend’ rather than the name, so he had less chances to remember...

“You just have to remember it from now on.”

Irene said with a smile after reading Grid’s uncomfortable expression and understanding the situation. She held Grid’s hand tightly as if comforting him not to be so disappointed, but her fingertips were trembling slightly. She tried not to show it, but unfortunately, she couldn’t fool Grid’s senses.

Grid gently wrapped his hand over her little hand. He adored her strong heart that pretended to be fine in order to reassure the people. The conversation between Nevartan and the evil eyes king was continuing.

[I have watched from afar as you searched for my egg.]

“...Why did you keep me alive?”

[I knew your purpose. I thought you were the right people to protect my egg and I was right.]

Nevartan slowly raised his arm. A long, large finger, that was around the same size as two spires of the Overgeared Castle put together, was carefully placed on top of Nefelina’s small head.

[I’m glad you hatched safely.]


[I don’t like this name because I feel a sense of distance. Call me Papa.]

“P-Papa...” Nefelina’s tears finally flowed down like a waterfall. Contrary to her worries, the father she had long imagined was kind and warm, so she was happy. There were many things she wanted to say. She wanted this moment to last forever. However, reality was cruel. Nevartan immediately prepared for the goodbye.

[Beware of Trauka. Unlike Bunhelier, he isn’t stupid and he is also very obsessed with power. The moment you become an adult dragon, he will try to eat you. Try to hunt before that.]

A voice as warm as Sariel’s divinity spread throughout Reinhardt. The appearance of a father caring for his daughter. The position of the father, who was forced to leave soon due to his madness, made people’s eyes redden.

[It isn’t easy to keep you by my side, so you must be careful with yourself.]


[But there must be limits. Unfortunately, you aren’t likely to lay my eggs. If I think you are really in danger, I will eat you before you become an adult dragon. Until that day comes, try to increase your strength as much as possible so that there is less inferiority.]



This was a bit...

Did they hear it incorrectly? People doubted their ears.

Meanwhile, Nefelina wasn’t flustered at all. She slowly nodded like she had foreseen it. “I understand. If that is for the best. I will work hard.”

[Yes, that is good. I love you.]

Nevartan’s giant claws stroked his daughter’s head again. However, Nefelina could no longer smile. Then a dark shadow fell on the little girl’s face. There was a hand pulling at her.

“Stop the nonsense.”

It was naturally Grid’s hand.


Nevartan looked at Grid for the first time and responded like it was difficult to understand.

[Why are you intervening?]

“It is a family matter.”

[Family...? My daughter? Ahh, are you dreaming of being the founder of a new species, like the human females who were with Bunhelier? Forget it. The dragon god species is an inferior product that isn’t much different from the half-draconians. Besides, my daughter won’t have any reproductive capacity until she becomes an adult.]

Don’t listen.

Grid whispered and blocked Nefelina’s ears with both hands while staring at Nevartan.

“Are you saying this because you are crazy?” he asked in a cold voice. It was while pondering on Braham’s words that there was a chance of winning if he lured Nevartan to the Overgeared World.

Nevartan’s golden eyes slowly darkened.

[My dear daughter. Stay as far away as you can. I wasted my time on a fool and my madness is about to take over. It seems that this place will disappear today.]

The death sentence was dropped.

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