Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 283 - Spirit Fruit

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Chapter 283: Spirit Fruit

-113,400 (Critical)

-112,400 (Critical)

-113,100 (Critical)

-115,300 (Critical)

Aisha jumped under the city wall and used the dagger in her hand to kill the monster in front of her crazily. Almost every slash dealt high damage. This was Aisha’s talent as an assassin. After killing any target, her next attack would definitely have a critical hit effect.

In just ten minutes, most of the monsters were killed.

“Aisha, let’s kill those Mountain Giants!”

With that, a pair of angel wings immediately appeared on Lorne’s back, and he jumped down. Under the gaze of the global audience, he transformed into a ‘Holy Angel’ and glided down until he entered the forest.

These Mountain Giants were also intelligent. They knew to stay away from the city wall and cast long-range attacks from a few hundred meters away. This could definitely ensure that they were not harmed by the guards in the city.

Unfortunately, they clearly did not know who they had provoked today!

Soon, Lorne arrived near a Mountain Giant.

[Phantom Stealth]!

Aisha directly raised her dagger to face the enemy. The moon-white hexagram formation flashed on the sharp dagger, then turned into a stream that quickly stabbed into the Boss.

Surprisingly, there was an extremely hard rock layer outside the skin of the Mountain Giants. When attacked, this layer of defense would offset a large portion of the damage.

Especially when the level suppression effect was more obvious, such damage reduction ability was especially outstanding.

Even Aisha did not see the crazy scene when she killed the small monsters after dealing damage several times. Instead, a series of normal attack damage that did not even exceed 10,000 appeared.

-52,050 (Critical)





The first strike was a critical hit effect after exiting invisibility, but the damage was still not that terrifying. It only dealt 52,000 damage.

The subsequent basic attack only dealt about 6,000 damage to the Mountain Giant, which was a rare phenomenon under Aisha’s sharp blades.

Seeing this, Lorne could not help but raise the Ice Crystal Unicorn Staff and use a support skill on Aisha.

[Cooperative Strike]!

This orange skill had a very powerful skill effect, which was to add the owner’s attack attributes to the pet, allowing the pet to deal the highest damage in an instant.

Aisha also instantly used the [Phantom Combo+] skill. This skill could not produce a critical hit effect, but it could be effective at the same time as an amplification skill. It was the perfect combination with the Cooperative Strike skill.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Cold blades stabbed ruthlessly into the Boss, and continuous metallic sounds could be heard. It had to be said that Aisha’s attack was really fierce. In just 1.5 seconds, she dealt the most powerful 10 consecutive hits.







Ten high damage values appeared, and the total damage instantly reached 120,000 points. Coupled with the previous damage, in just a few seconds, Aisha dealt nearly 200,000 damage to the target!

Even a tanky Boss like the Mountain Giant could not withstand such a ferocious attack.


After suffering such huge damage in an instant, the Mountain Giant’s rock feet collapsed. Like a landslide in a mountain, a large amount of soil and rocks fell.


The Mountain Giant was in pain. As the Boss with the best defense attributes, it had not encountered such a ferocious attack before. It had even shattered its external defense. This made the Mountain Giant extremely angry. It raised its forelimbs. Under the guidance of the magic power, the soil and rocks formed a huge fist that bombarded Aisha’s head.


An earth-shattering punch landed, causing the surrounding forest to tremble.

However, this was useless.

Before the stone fist landed, Aisha had already used the skill “Phantom Blink” to escape the attack range of 15 yards. Her silver and sparkling Death Angel boots stepped lightly on the rocks. Although there were still rocks falling from above, Aisha easily dodged them. In order to reduce the range of the Mountain Giant, she had deliberately kept the distance between the two sides within 30 yards.

This distance could keep her out of the range of the Boss’ punches to the greatest extent, and it could allow her to attack at any time.

Of course, this was also dangerous.

Being too close to the enemy would result in frequent collisions with the other party. A moment of carelessness would result in death.

However, Aisha now had 150,000 health points, so she did not have to worry about this. Even standing on the spot and fighting the Boss was not a problem. After all, she still had 3,300 Defense points. The Mountain Giant’s damage output was really not enough to threaten Aisha’s health.

However, Aisha had higher expectations of herself. Under the circumstances that she could use skills to dodge, she would definitely not let herself be harmed at all. This was the pride of a top assassin!

-53,870 (Critical)






The cooldown time of Aisha’s skills was very short, especially the damage output skills. They were all about ten seconds, and only the combo skill had a cooldown of more than 20 seconds.

However, this did not affect her damage output.

While waiting for the skill to cooldown, Aisha had already dealt high damage. The moment the skill cooldown was over, she immediately used her skill. Lorne cooperated with her combo and used the “Cooperative Strike” skill.

In just one minute, the Mountain Giant with 800,000 HP fell to the ground with a bang. Its huge body gradually turned into a small hill.


When the Boss was lost, a large pile of loot dropped on the ground.

Unfortunately, this was only an ordinary Boss. Due to its quality, the equipment dropped in the end was very limited. The highest equipment was only Silver-grade and the probability was very low.

But as Lorne thought otherwise, he saw a few fruits that glowed blue.

“The Boss can drop fruits?”

Lorne was surprised. Such loot was very rare. At the very least, he had never seen one in so many battles.


[Spirit Fruit]

Grade: Rare

Effect: Increases Spirit by 1 after consumption. Unlimited use.

Introduction: A fruit with pure energy. After consuming it, you will absorb the energy within.


Seeing this introduction, Lorne praised it.

To the players, attributes were part of their permanent strength. It was not like equipment that needed to be changed, so its value was very high. This was also one of the main reasons why many people valued the first clear of the dungeon.

Although the fruit in front of him could only increase one attribute per fruit, the important thing was that there was no quantity restriction on consuming this fruit. As long as one had the ability to obtain more, their strength would constantly increase. This was an incredible treasure in the game!

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