Online Game: I Possess a Monster Merging Simulator! - Chapter 282 - Mountain Giant!

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Chapter 282: Mountain Giant!


The distant Mountain Giant King let out a loud roar. In the next moment, the surrounding mountains trembled. It was not because of the Mountain Giant King’s actions, but because the mountains were all alive. They stretched their bodies like smaller Mountain Giants!

Standing on the city wall, their figures could be seen clearly. The Mountain Giants were about 20 meters tall, half as tall as the Mountain Giant King.

However, compared to the players, such a size was definitely huge!

The Mountain Giants rushed towards the Cold Desolate Dragon City. Compared to the slow speed of the Mountain Giant King, the Mountain Giants were even faster. They quickly arrived near the city wall of the Cold Desolate Dragon City.

Due to the bonus of the event, the range of the identification skill was greatly increased. However, as they stood on the city wall, they had already obtained the Boss’ attributes panel.


[Mountain Giant]

Grade: Boss

Level: 45

HP: 800,000 / 800,000

Physical Attack: 2400-3100

Defense: 4500

Skill: Toss, Flying Rocks and Sand, Landslide, Rock Body.

Introduction: The Mountain Giants are a race with the bloodline of the ancient gods. They are huge and have an affinity with the ground, giving them powerful strength and tough physiques. Do not anger them. The anger of the Mountain Giants is extremely terrifying.


Although it was an ordinary Boss, the Mountain Giant was much stronger than most Silver Bosses.

Especially defense.

With a defense of 4,500 points and the addition of the [Rock Body] skill to increase its defense by 35%, the Mountain Giant’s overall defense had already exceeded 6075 points!

This number was a defense value that even the top players could not break through!

When the players saw this panel, they revealed bitter expressions. This was the first time they had encountered an ordinary Boss that was so difficult to deal with. It had not been so difficult when they hunted Silver Bosses in the past.

Forget it, they could not care less.

The players on the city wall shook their heads. This monster was no longer something they could deal with. An opponent of this level had to be dealt with by Tyrant. As players, they could just stand on the city wall and kill ordinary monsters.

While the players were thinking, the Mountain Giants suddenly did a very strange thing.

They stopped about 500 yards away, then reached out and grabbed the relatively large monsters like the Demonized Ape beside them, throwing them at the top of the city wall.


The body of the demonized giant ape slammed into the city wall. Many players were hit by such an attack and died on the spot.

Although the Mountain Giant’s attack panel was not outstanding, the damage dealt by throwing such a huge demonized ape a few hundred meters away could not be measured by the attack panel.

“Gosh! These Mountain Giants are so savage!”

The players on the city wall were stunned by such an attack. They moved towards the fortress on the city wall.

At this moment, another bad news came. It turned out that not only would the Mountain Giants use the monsters as cannonballs, but they would also throw soldiers, causing the monsters that could not reach the city wall to reach the 70-meter high city wall.

“Sisters, don’t fight. Hide in the fortress on the wall first. Use your bows and arrows to deal with the monsters that are thrown up first!”

Twinkle Rose immediately commanded the people to distribute them properly.

The other guilds also moved.

Due to the fact that the Mountain Giant’s throw was too powerful, the players could not stop it. Therefore, they could only hide in the defense and wait for an opportunity to counterattack.

Fortunately, there were many defensive buildings on the city wall. The players could rely on these buildings to hide.

When they realized that they could not directly kill the guards on the city wall, the Mountain Giants immediately locked their gazes on the players gathered on the landing stage. Although they were a few hundred meters away from the city wall, the Mountain Giants’ arms were too terrifying. When they really threw with all their strength, the few hundred meters of distance could not stop their attacks.

One by one, the gluttonous ghosts were thrown into the city by the Mountain Giant like seeds. Many of the monsters hit their targets and killed a large number of players on the landing stage.

The remaining players were in a mess and began to flee in panic. Many players pushed each other and accidentally fell, turning into mush.

In addition, there were some luckier gluttonous ghosts who survived after falling from the sky. They held their sharp claws and limped into the building, beginning to cause trouble in the city.

“As long as the city wall is not destroyed, nothing will be a problem.”

Lorne stood on the city wall and calmly looked at everything that was happening. Although there were many monsters thrown in, there were more players in the city. It was not a problem to clear the monsters.

The most troublesome thing was to deal with these unrestrained Mountain Giants!

He could not let them keep throwing!

Otherwise, if the battle dragged on, the northwest city wall might still be able to defend, but the northeast city wall was very likely to be problematic under the assault of the octopus sea demons.

In fact, there was already a problem in the northeastern city.

In the army of the Octopus Sea Demon Leader, there were many monsters with suction tentacles. Although the city walls of Cold Desolate Dragon City were hard, it was completely possible for the other party to directly climb up.

Especially the players there, their quality was worse than that on the northwestern city wall. In the past half an hour, a large number of monsters had rushed into the city and destroyed some buildings that had just been built.

Fortunately, the basic buildings of the Cold Desolate Dragon City were relatively stable. Those huge buildings that were originally in the city could still ensure that they were intact when facing the attacks of the lake monsters.

As for the ordinary buildings that had been destroyed, Lorne could accept such a loss. It was only a loss of some gold coins, and it was not a heavy blow to Cold Desolate Dragon City.

In short, as long as the main buildings of the Cold Desolate Dragon City was not threatened, Lorne could accept these results.

“Aisha, deal with the monsters under the city wall first!”

Lorne was in no hurry. He commanded Aisha to first clear the monsters under the city wall. Only then could he bring Aisha out of the city and go a kilometer away to kill the insolent Mountain Giants!

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