One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3839 - A Perfect Match (31)  

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Chapter 3839: A Perfect Match (31)

“Alright!” Nodding, Hua Jin got into the car and headed back to the hotel with Qin Zhou.

Liang Yin returned shortly after, and the assistant escorted her into the room. When the assistant saw Qin Zhou and the actor sitting on the sofa, she thought the woman looked familiar.

“Eh? Aren’t you the one from yesterday…”

Hua Jin looked away awkwardly.

Qin Zhou immediately shot her a look. “Give us a moment, wait outside!”

The assistant grew uneasy, “What’s the matter, boss?”

Qin Zhou was the assistant’s superior. She thought that there had been some kind of dispute and that the actor had been maligned.

But the manager said, “Just leave us for a moment.”

“Oh… okay, alright…” The assistant nodded and walked out in silence.

Liang Yin locked the door behind her. She was not aware that Hua Jin and Qin Zhou had gone to the venue. She even felt a little guilty for ruining Hua Jin’s event!

“Who… who is he?” Liang Yin naturally did not know Qin Zhou, so she looked at him in a daze, unsure of how she should react.

The actor immediately stood up and said, “This is my boss, Qin Zhou. From now on, you can just call him Qin Zhou.”

“Qin Zhou…”

The name rang a bell. Liang Yin suddenly realized… didn’t Qin Zhou used to be Gu Xingze’s agent?

Except that after Gu Xingze’s death, Qin Zhou stopped managing new artists. However, she did not expect Hua Jin to be under the man’s management.

The three of them sat down and looked at each other. Qin Zhou was the first to break the silence. “Hua Jin, since you called me here, it tells me you have something to ask of me!”

The actor winced and got up. “I don’t know what to do, but… well, my mind’s all over the place. But Liang Yin can’t be without me now. She can’t act, not even with a script, so… I have to stay with her.”

Initially, Liang Yin did not put too much thought into it. After such a thing happened, their minds were in a state of confusion. However, if she were to seriously think about what might happen if this situation continued, she’d be at the end of her rope!

If she were to continue to take on Hua Jin’s identity, then what about filming?’ She couldn’t even make sense of a script. Liang Yin felt a wave of despair. She did not want to be a man for the rest of her life! She wanted her body back.

A sudden thought occurred to Hua Jin, and he stood up. “As I recall, the soul swap happened when we fell into the water. Could—”

He turned around and said meaningfully, “Why don’t we reenact?”

Liang Yin recoiled in horror. “I… I don’t know how to swim. I’ll drown!”

If she fell into the water again and drowned, wouldn’t that be a huge loss given this was just an experiment?

Hua Jin couldn’t care less whether she agreed or not, he grabbed her hand and started for the door.

The hotel in Studio City was huge, with a large swimming pool at the back. It wasn’t until the actor hustled her all the way to the pool that Liang Yin realized they weren’t going to the lake, but the pool.


“It’s cold…” Liang Yin hugged her body in a dilemma and shivered from the cold. She turned around, intending to ask what Hua Jin was planning to do, but he was too eager to get back into his body. He kicked her lightly from behind and sent her flying into the swimming pool.

“Ahhhh…” Glug. Glug.

Caught off guard, Liang Yin fell into the pool and took in a few mouthfuls of water.

“Oooh… oooh…”

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