One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3742 - A New Addition (358) 

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Chapter 3742: A New Addition (358) 

As he held her warm hand, it seemed to send waves reverberating through his heart, causing an unnoticeable tenderness to spread within. 

Gu Jinglian stroked her hand gently and asked in a calm tone, “Come with me, hmm?” 

Chu He didn’t say anything. Her scarlet lips parted, but her mouth was dry and no words came. 

The bridesmaid carefully reminded him, “Groom, the bride’s shoes are hidden. We have to find them before we can leave.” 

Hearing this, Gu Jinglian suddenly stood up and started searching the room. With his search ability, even he could not locate the red wedding shoes that the bridesmaids had so painstakingly hidden. 

The groomsmen started panicking. 

“Where are the shoes?” 

However, they knew how to deal with such situations. They immediately walked up to the bridesmaids with more than ten red packets and smiled ingratiatingly. “Good sisters, where did you hide the bride’s wedding shoes?” 

The bridesmaids exchanged playful looks among themselves. 

“How can we give you hints so easily? If you want a hint, you have to do something in exchange.” 

The groomsmen looked at each other with an instinctive understanding that those red packets weren’t enough to loosen their tongues. Thus, they took out all the red packets in their bag and presented them to the bridesmaids. 

“Good sisters, this should be enough to exchange for some hints!” 

The bridesmaids took the red packets with huge smiles and winked mysteriously. “Isn’t there a saying that goes, ‘A hundred years of cultivation earns you a place on the same boat’?” 

“A hundred years of cultivation earns you a place on the same boat?” 

Now, everyone was even more puzzled! 

How could there be a boat in such a small room? 

A hundred years of cultivation earns you a place on the same boat? 

Could the wedding shoes be hidden in something shaped like a boat? 

“There’s nothing shaped like a boat in this room?” 

“That’s right! It could have something to do with the shape of a boat.” 

The groomsmen began to offer suggestions. Except, as soon as they said it, the bridesmaids scoffed at them. 

What idiots. They had already made it clear it was a hint. If the answer really had something to do with the shape of a boat, wouldn’t it be so ridiculously obvious? 

Just as the groomsmen were focused on searching the room for objects that were shaped like a boat, Gu Jinglian strode towards the bed, lifted the blanket with one hand, and grabbed the pillow. 

Everyone looked over and saw that he had found a pair of bright red wedding shoes hidden under the pillow! 

Suddenly, they understood! 

The saying “A hundred years of cultivation earns you a place on the same boat” is followed by another line “A thousand years of cultivation earns you a place to share the same pillow”! 

Wouldn’t that mean that the wedding shoes were hidden under the pillow?! 

It had to be said that these bridesmaids were quite shrewd, and they had carefully contemplated where to hide the wedding shoes. At the same time, given Gu Jinglian’s intelligence, he had immediately guessed the hiding place of the wedding shoes through the hint. 

Having found the wedding shoes, Gu Jinglian took them and walked towards Chu He. He took a deep look at her and suddenly knelt on one knee. He gently lifted one of Chu He’s feet. Under her tasseled skirt, her tiny pale foot rested on his palm. With his other hand, he slowly slipped the red shoes onto her heel. 

After putting on the wedding shoes for her, Gu Jinglian looked up and gently lifted her veil. At that moment, Chu He’s face was flushed red! 

This scene made everyone gasp with envy! 

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