One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3741 - A New Addition (357)

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Chapter 3741: A New Addition (357)

The scene froze, and the air turned to ice. After a long silence, the crowd burst into laughter.


Even the groomsmen fell to the ground laughing.

This scene was too impactful.

Gu Jinglian, in his western suit, stood in front of the bed, his face ashen. Sitting on the bed, was a burly man in a phoenix coronet and bridal robe, looking extremely out of place.

The “fake bride” was even acting bashful. Like a woman, he pounced on Gu Jinglian, saying sweetly in his rough voice, “Groom, what’s the matter? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Everyone burst into laughter again.

Gu Jinglian smiled and stared at him coldly. Then he said in a voice as cold as ice, “Where is she?”


It was as if a gust of wind had rushed past. Everyone suddenly found it impossible to laugh. It was as if they had been frozen into ice sculptures.

So cold!

It all started with good intentions. They wanted to add some fun to the wedding event and make it more festive.

Except that Gu Jinglian did not seem to like it…

He did not like this sort of joke at all! He sized up the “fake bride” on the bed frostily and said in a flat tone, “If you don’t hand her over, I’ll break your bones.”



Everyone subconsciously gulped and shuddered in fear.


This must be the scariest groom in history.

Seeing that no one said anything, Gu Jinglian suddenly turned around and looked at the bridesmaids. He asked, “Where’s the bride?”

“She’s, she’s, she’s… next door…”

Gu Jinglian left the group in the room upon hearing this, and strode towards the next room.

The door of the room was left unlocked. Gu Jinglian pushed it open and entered the room. It was decorated in a festive manner and had an ancient theme that was evident through the solid wooden bed, and Chinese-style dressing mirror. A bride in a dragon and phoenix gown sat upright on a chair. Her face was obscured by the thin red veil that covered it. This time, Gu Jinglian was careful and studied this figure before him. Her silhouette told him most certainly that this bride was the real Chu He.

Chu He tensed up when she heard someone approaching. Given that her vision was obscured by the red veil she could not see who was walking towards her. However, for some reason, she sensed that the person was Gu Jinglian. He had a familiar presence and an icy aura. She was sure—he was here!

Chu He became nervous. Her fingers were intertwined and her palms were damp.

Gu Jinglian looked at her and was at a loss for words. He actually didn’t know what to say. The groomsmen and bridesmaids surged into the room, which was not very big, leaving the others crowding outside the doorway. They saw Gu Jinglian standing in front of Chu He, not speaking for a long time.

“Bride, the groom is here to pick you up!” One of the groomsmen announced enthusiastically, making Chu He even more nervous.

Gu Jinglian gently squatted down. His usual cold and arrogant expression was replaced with a rare tenderness. He had never been good with words. In his silence, he reached out and gently covered the back of her hand with his large palm.

Her hands were not as delicate as other women’s. After years of training, there was a thin layer of calluses on her palms.

However, it was a very small pair of hands.

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