One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 3387 - A New Addition (3)

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Chapter 3387: A New Addition (3)

He looked a little tired and lowered his head. The greeting card was already half done.

After Baby Chu had gone to sleep, Butler Fu told him that the boy had cried because of the greeting card.

Gu Jinglian scolded him for being a good-for-nothing, crying over such a small matter. He ordered Butler Fu to prepare the craft paper and did some research before starting to work seriously.

Actually, the three-dimensional greeting card was not difficult to make, just that he did not have such patience.

However, even though the man had a sharp tongue, he would completely cave the moment Baby Chu cried. He did not say much, but once the little guy had gone to sleep, he secretly started working on it.

The principle of the three-dimensional card was very simple, but the details required a lot of patience. If one were careless, it would definitely fail.

He followed the tutorial provided by Butler Fu and completed the back of the card. Then, he used a pen to draw lines on the blueprint and cut it bit by bit with a craft knife.

Chu He stood at the door and quietly watched. She couldn’t believe that this man had such patience. He had always cherished time like gold and never wasted a moment with meaningless matters.

She did not expect him to be so serious about Baby Chu’s craft homework.

The man seemed too focused on the task to notice Chu He standing in the doorway.

Curious about how he was going about this, she slowly walked into the study room. The sudden footsteps finally startled him.

Gu Jinglian looked up and met her probing gaze.

“What is it?” He raised his eyebrows expressionlessly. “Why aren’t you asleep at this hour?”

“You’re not asleep yourself.” She walked towards the study table coldly. Before she could take a closer look, Gu Jinglian casually hid the card and looked at her warily. “What are you looking at?”

“Trying to see what your greeting card looks like.”

“It wasn’t made by me.” Gu Jinglian said stubbornly, “Butler Fu made it.”

“Oh! Let me see what Butler Fu’s greeting card looks like then.”

“Get lost.”

“Why? Are you shy?” Chu He smiled. “Indeed, given your personality, you probably don’t have the patience to deal with kindergarten craft work.”

“I told you to shut up. Didn’t you hear me?”

Chu He reached out and pushed his arm away. Gu Jinglian blocked her hand.

“The more you won’t let you see it, the more I want to see it!” Chu He reached for the handmade card that he had shielded with his other hand, but Gu Jinglian snorted and held her wrist, waving it away. “Don’t you dare.”

The fight between the two of them went back and forth.

Chu He was skilled in martial arts and Gu Jinglian was not someone to be trifled with. His skills were definitely above hers. Hence, he was able to block her attacks in a flash.

“My patience is limited, so—” Gu Jinglian’s gaze was frosty. “Don’t challenge it.”

Chu He snorted casually, remarking “It’s probably very ugly.”

Gu Jinglian was dumbstruck.

“Fine then, I’m not interested.” Having said that, she left the room without looking back.

Gu Jinglian glared at her disappearing back view.

This woman was getting more brazen.

The next day.

When Baby Chu woke up, there was a greeting card on the bedside table.

He rubbed his eyes and opened it curiously. The moment he opened it, a three-dimensional cartoon cat popped into view!

“Wow…!” Baby Chu cried out in surprise.

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