One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love - Chapter 2813 - Overseas Communications

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Chapter 2813: Overseas Communications

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Seeing that he could not hide it from the boy, Gong Jie immediately said, “It’s nothing much. Actually, it’s because of your grandfather. A few days ago, your grandfather had his third surgery and the skin graft had been successful. He’s out of danger, but…”

Youyou could not help feeling worried when he caught the change in tone. “But what?”

“But his wound became infected, the old man had to have one of his arms amputated.”

“What?” Youyou was shocked.

Gong Jie looked a little regretful. “The headquarters have already done their best. In order to save his legs, they’ve paid a considerable price. However, the wound on his arm is too serious and amputation was the only solution. Otherwise, he might not be able to survive the infection.”

Youyou’s expression turned solemn.

“Can we see him now?”

“Yes, but only through the glass window.”

“Alright, I’ll get Mommy.”

With that, he ran to the dining room to get his mother.

When Yun Shishi heard that Youyou had already contacted Gong Jie via video call, she immediately made her way to the study nervously. Little Yichen and Mu Yazhe also went along.

The family of four sat at the study table. On their screen, they could see Gong Jie holding his phone as he walked to the entrance of the ward. He then aimed the phone’s viewfinder at the bed through the huge floor-to-ceiling glass panel.

Through the panel, Yun Shishi could see Yun Yecheng lying quietly on the hospital bed with his eyes shut, he was wearing an oxygen mask.

Although he did not look good, it was an improvement from the time when he was seriously injured.

After all, at the time, Yun Yecheng’s face was pallid, as though he was nearing the end of his life.

Now, his complexion was much better.

However, Yun Shishi soon noticed the empty sleeve on the other side of Yun Yecheng’s shirt. It appeared empty where his arm should be.

“His arm…”

She seemed to have thought of a possibility and asked suspiciously, “Xiao Jie, where’s his arm?”

“Sister, Uncle’s arm was seriously infected and has already been amputated. I did consider putting him through cell regeneration surgery, but it was too big an undertaking. Even if the surgery could be successfully completed, Uncle’s condition might not have allowed him the time. If the infection should spread, the consequence would’ve been more than just amputation of an arm.”

Gong Jie spoke in a quiet voice.

The light in Yun Shishi’s eyes dimmed.

Gong Jie turned the camera around to face him and consoled her with a smile. “But don’t worry. If all things go as planned and his rehabilitation goes well, Uncle will still be able to walk.”

“So he will be able to walk still?”

“Uh huh.”

Gong Jie continued, “Do you still remember what the doctor said when Uncle was discharged? He inhaled a lot of concentrated sulfuric acid and it burned his throat, but that’s not a big problem. Uncle is fine now. Don’t worry!”

She finally looked relieved.

“Thank you, Xiao Jie!”

Gong Jie raised his eyebrow. “Sister, if you put it that way, it’s as if I’m a stranger.”

With that, he suddenly smiled devilishly and pressed his handsome face against the camera. “If you really want to thank me, why don’t you give me a kiss?”

Youyou immediately thrust his face towards the computer screen with a grin and puckered his lips at the camera.

Seeing this, Gong Jie frowned. “Who wants a kiss from you?”

“Uncle, don’t despise me! Given any other time, I wouldn’t be willing to kiss you even if you begged me to! If it weren’t for you successfully completing the mission this time, I wouldn’t even be willing to kiss you.”

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