Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 860 - The Warrior or Evil Dragon

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Chapter 860: The Warrior or Evil Dragon

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Meng Chao was stunned.

Lu Fanghui’s question was too sharp, and he did not know how to deal with it.

One had to know that in his previous life, the nine mega corporations had led Dragon City to destruction.

This naturally stopped him from having a lot of confidence in the nine mega corporations.

After his rebirth, the focus had also been on the nine mega corporations’ flaws and how to change Dragon City’s situation from being controlled by the nine mega corporation.

However, his mental age was far more mature than his appearance. He did not think that “defeating the nine mega corporations” would save Dragon City.

Things were not that simple.


Moreover, the reason why the mega corporations were the way they were was that they had inflated to the extent that they had become “too big to fail.”

Not to mention that the nine mega corporations were full of experts. Their founders were all Deity Realm experts.

Let’s just say that they had grasped most of the strategic fields of Dragon City and made significant contributions to Dragon City during the Monster War. They had long tied themselves and Dragon City’s fate tightly together.

The collapse of the nine masters would inevitably trigger a chain reaction, and even a major earthquake that would affect the entire Dragon City civilization.

Therefore, although Meng Chao clearly stood on the side of the Red Dragon Army, small and medium-sized enterprises, and the children of humble families, he had never rejected any collaboration with the mega corporations and the children of wealthy families.

Unity, even on the surface, was crucial to Dragon City’s future.

Lu Fanghui’s question all but broke his last trace of luck in “saving the sources of both ends.”

However, in addition to sharpness, Meng Chao did not feel too much hostility and malice from Lu Fanghui.

It made sense when he thought about it. For a big shot in the industry like Lu Fanghui, hiding a knife in his smile and playing tricks were both basic operations.

If he had malice toward Meng Chao, he would not have said such words at all, which made Meng Chao more vigilant.

As expected, before Meng Chao could answer, Lu Fanghui poured himself another glass of wine and took a sip. He smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I’ve judged others based on myself. Maybe you have other thoughts, but that’s what I thought when I was young—I’m a person who wholeheartedly wants to save Dragon City. How can I be on the same side as those selfish people who only want to pursue their own strength? We are on different paths, and we don’t conspire together!”


Meng Chao was stunned again.

“Is it very strange? Who hasn’t been young before? Who wasn’t full of passion when they were young and wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the country?”

Lu Fanghui narrowed his eyes as if he was immersed in memories. He returned to the glorious years when the flames of war were flying everywhere, and his pores emitted wisps of the smell of gunpowder.

“That was before and after we defeated the Blood Alliance and established the Survival Committee.”

Lu Fanghui said, “At that time, I was as old as you are now. A young man in his early twenties, and I grew up in the great era of rising winds and surging clouds, trying to save the world. Who didn’t have the spirit to sacrifice their lives for Dragon City? It was simply heartlessness.

“At that time, after going through a lot of hardships, we ‘respectable sects’ finally defeated the evil gang led by the Blood Alliance.

“We also harvested the heritage of the Blood Alliance, unlocked the mysteries of some of the ancient ruins, and preliminarily controlled the zombie virus.

“The fog outside Dragon City was ten times denser than today. It was like a gray wall, firmly blocking the monsters outside. No one realized that a more terrible threat than zombies was coming.

“People who had been suffering in the apocalypse for more than ten years were crying tears of joy. They thought that the darkness had passed, and the light was coming.

“Especially us young people in our early twenties. After experiencing a bloody battle and finally defeating the ‘Demon King’ of the Blood Alliance, we were even more elated. We couldn’t wait to build a new world that was more equal, prosperous, and bright.

“However, we soon realized that we were wrong, very wrong.

“After defeating the Blood Alliance, many so-called ‘righteous sects’ did not share the legacy of the Blood Alliance with all the citizens selflessly, nor did they fulfill their promises generously. They did not give the members of the Blood Alliance who were injured or even sacrificed in the battle the compensation they deserved, nor did they establish the new order that everyone was equal and prosperous together that we had dreamed of.

“On the contrary, without the threat of the Blood Alliance, many ‘righteous sects’ occupied the niche of the Blood Alliance and fought for its heritage. It was a real battle. It was a hundred times more intense and cruel than the war of words we had with the Survival Committee and the major media for the heritage of the monster civilization today.

“And even if they did everything they could to snatch the precious resources, most of the leaders of the ‘righteous and decent sects’ did not use the resources to improve the lives of the people, or at least the lives of the gang members.

“On the contrary, these guys squandered the resources that countless gang members fought for with their blood and sweat on themselves.

“When countless citizens were still naked and hungry, when countless gang members were rolling on the ground in pain due to the lack of medicine and medicine, the leaders of the ‘righteous and decent sects’ enjoyed astronomical resources alone and became stronger, further increasing the gap between them and the ordinary people.

“My companions and I watched all of this in shock.

“Although we were the descendants of the leaders of the ‘righteous and decent sects’ and the vested interests of the new order, my companions and I were both in our early twenties at that time. At your age, with your enthusiasm, and at your risk of life and death to save Dragon City, you bled and added countless scars.

“We regard the crisscrossing scars on our fatal spots as supreme glory. Naturally, we couldn’t stand it. The ‘new order’ that countless people sacrificed everything and worked hard to build was actually like this.

“What I couldn’t stand the most was that my father, Lu Zhongqi, was actually one of these ‘sanctimonious, selfish’ b*stards!”

Meng Chao could not help but exclaim in shock when he heard this.

Even if it was some sort of speech technique, Lu Fanghui’s evaluation of his father, one of the strongest powerhouses in Dragon City, was somewhat his way of confiding in Meng Chao, a junior.

“You must know that before I defeated the Blood Alliance meeting, the person I admired the most was my father.”

Lu Fanghui gradually tightened his grip on his wine cup and exclaimed, “No one knows better than me how much he paid to save Dragon City. In the dark, deep crevices underground, he wriggled like an earthworm and was affected by the spirit radiation. His hair fell off, his teeth were shaking, and he often encountered deformed, mutated snakes, insects, rats, and ants. Sometimes, he was bitten until his body was covered in wounds, and other times, he could only survive by gnawing the snakes, insects, and rats.

“The most dangerous time was when he was exposed to excessive spiritual radiation. His body was festering, and his flesh and blood were almost peeled off from his bones. His internal organs, which were trembling slightly, could be clearly seen.

“Everybody thought that he was dead. We buried him deep in a crevice. After ten days and ten nights, he miraculously crawled out on his own!

“It can be said that my father contributed everything to Dragon City. He even died once.

“His body and soul were suffering in hell every second. It was only because of that that we were able to discover the coordinates, direction, composition, and reserves of dozens of crystal ore veins. It provided sufficient ‘fuel’ for Dragon City’s rise.

“As his son, I know better than anyone else that he is definitely not a greedy, materialistic, and extravagant person. Forget high-profile ‘contributions to Dragon City’, the only thing that my father is happy about, even in terms of personal enjoyment, is the thousands of colors of crystals that are glittering under the surging spirit energy. Compared to cracking the mysteries of crystals, the wealth and debauchery in the human world are nothing!

“As such, when my father, Lu zhongqi, plundered the resources unscrupulously like the leaders of the other ‘righteous sects’ and used all the resources for his own cultivation, expansion, and embezzlement instead of improving the livelihood of the people, I was even more disappointed and even felt… a deep betrayal.

“It was like watching a dragon-slaying warrior grow sharp scales and turn into a brand-new evil dragon, and the warrior was my father, the hero that I admired the most!

“My father and I had a huge argument.

“I questioned him. If the righteous sects, including the sky high society, were still like the Blood Alliance when they rose to power and plundered, and the resources they plundered were all spent on the upper echelons of the few gangs, what would be the difference between us and the Blood Alliance? Why would we go through so much trouble and risk our lives to overthrow the rule of the Blood Aliance?

“You must know that the reason why my father and his brothers established the gang in the name of ‘Sky Pillar’ bback then was that they hoped to turn it into a pillar to support our home!

“Based on my father’s actions today, how could he be worthy of his brothers who had fallen on the road of progress? How could he be worthy of the word ‘Sky Pillar?’

“Naturally, my father would not be changed by a few questions. He did not care about his own son at all, either, because he despised his character and ran away from home.

“After he died once, his entire body seemed to be compressed from crystals. His heart was as hard as iron. He did what he wanted and could not be shaken.

“I did not expect that I would be able to use ‘kinship’ or ‘justice’ to influence an evil dragon that was covered in scales and turn it back into a hero.

“Fortunately, there was no shortage of idealists in this world.

“At that time, Dragon City was not entirely under the rule of the ‘nine gangs’, who later established the Survival Committee. Instead, there were more than ten gangs of similar size. The ‘nine gangs’ were merely the most vicious, overbearing, and most adept at plundering resources for the cultivation of a few powerhouses.

“There were also quite a number of righteous sects and their ideas and practices, which were contrary to the ‘nine gangs.’

“They abide by their beliefs and devote all their resources to the people in the area under their control. They devote themselves wholeheartedly to building the small home under their feet into a more equal, prosperous, and beautiful place.

“I remember that at that time, the sect that was filled with idealism and dedication, and the one that attracted hot-blooded youths like us the most, was called the Red Heart Association.”

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