Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 859 - Heavenly Dragon Club

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Chapter 859: Heavenly Dragon Club

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Meng Chao’s heart pounded.

Superstar Resource Recovery Company had poured in a lot of capital and meticulously created a first-class mine-specific giant Sandworm in Dragon City. Their original number one customer had been Sky Pillar Minerals.

However, Sky Pillar Minerals had a very mature supplier system that was firmly controlled by the runic machinery circle. Outsiders, especially those who used biochemical modulation technology, could not easily get in.

Therefore, Meng Chao turned to collaborate with the Red Dragon Army.

He did not expect a turn of events with Sky Pillar Minerals.

Although Superstar Resource had already signed an order with the Red Dragon Army.


However, no one would ever complain about having too many orders.

With an additional partner, Superstar Resource’s growth rate could be accelerated by one point, and it would be able to grow to the level of controlling Dragon City as soon as possible!

Meng Chao took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Big customers had their own problems.

Big Shops bullied customers, and big customers would bully their shops. It was certainly not as simple as Lu Fanghui had said.

If the cooperation with Sky Pillar Minerals meant that Superstar Resource would lose part of its independence, it would not be worth it.

Lu Fanghui saw his hesitation.

He smiled, “There’s no hurry to talk about it in the daytime. It’s best that we explore the mother lodes of crystals deep inside the hidden fog domain together and see if the giant sandworms refined by the Superstar Resource can adapt to the complicated working conditions here. Then, we can talk about the details of the cooperation.

“I came to see you in the middle of the night because my grandfather asked me to give you something.”

Lu Fanghui handed over an exquisite envelope with the logo of Sky Pillar Corporation.

Meng Chao was even more surprised.

He knew that the “grandfather” that Lu Fanghui mentioned could only be one person—Lu Zhongqi, the legendary figure who was as famous as Lei Zongchao, the founder and founder of the study of crystals in Dragon City, and the head of the Lu family, one of the nine noble families of cultivation!

According to the legends, what would the big shot who had discovered hundreds of veins of crystals give him?

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and stabilized his fingers. A stream of spirit energy as sharp as a blade spurted out of his fingertips as he gently cut open the envelope.

A card that looked like a bank card fell out of the envelope.

However, it was several times thicker and heavier than a normal savings card or credit card. It looked like the purest piece of crystal that had been highly compressed with incredible technology. It felt heavy and full of texture when one touched it.

He rubbed the card with his fingertips, and he could feel the fine lines that looked like dragon scales on the card.

Thousands of runes had been carved into the square inch with the most delicate strokes, guiding the spirit energy to ripple inside, giving him the pleasure of an electric current flowing all over his body.

Meng Chao had no doubt that the card itself was a divine weapon of training.

If it was placed close to one’s heart, the spirit tattoos carved on it would automatically absorb the spirit energy of the surrounding heaven and earth and instill it into the heart of the holder. The spirit tattoos would then flow through the blood vessels and around the body, creating the effect of not cultivating at all times.

The entire card was bright yellow.

A coiled five-clawed golden dragon was in the middle of the card. It was a pattern commonly used by the ancient royal family, but it was less elegant and more ferocious and ostentatious.

As the angle changed, the light shone on the card, and the five-clawed golden dragon faintly flew up, appearing on the card like a three-dimensional projection.

At the same time, two bold and arrogant words appeared:

Heavenly Dragon!

“Is this the membership card of the Heavenly Dragon Club?”

Meng Chao’s pupils suddenly constricted to the limit.

There were all kinds of forces in Dragon City—corporations, universities, research institutes, Abnormal Beast Research Department, adjudicator court, Red Dragon Army, Battle God Palace, Hunter’s Association.

There were also crystal, rune, gene modulation, and other associations, as well as civil organizations such as Broken Star Club and Blue Home.

The Heavenly Dragon Club, on the other hand, was a completely different existence.

It was above all organizations and forces.

Club members could even decide Dragon City’s future while chatting and laughing.

That was because the earliest Heavenly Dragon Club was a private club founded by the founders of the nine mega corporations, other than Battle God Lei Zongchao.

Even if the size of the club gradually expanded, those who were qualified to join it were all the core figures of the nine great families.

If one wanted to become a member of the Heavenly Dragon Club, one had to have a family background, strength, and experience. One also had to have the recommendation of a senior member and be unanimously approved by all the members.

For example, Lu Siya was the direct descendant of Lu Zhongqi. Her battle achievements and battle prowess could be counted on one’s fingers in the third generation of the great families.

It was because she was too young that she could not get the recommendation of the senior members and was not allowed to enter.

This matter made Lu Siya gnash her teeth.

She often complained in front of Meng Chao that the threshold of the Heavenly Dragon Club was too high and that the senior members were blind.

She even became angry out of embarrassment and said that one day when she took over the power of Dragon City, the Heavenly Dragon Club would be torn down and turned into a public park.

Even Lu Siya wasn’t qualified to join the Heavenly Dragon Club.

In fact, as far as Meng Chao knew, the number of members of the Heavenly Dragon Club was kept in double digits all year round.

Besides the leaders of the nine major families, there were also second-generation powerhouses like Lu Fanghui who were in charge of the core businesses of the family.

They were all big shots who were able to take charge of their own businesses and control the sky with one hand.

Even senior powerhouses like “Soul Breaking Saber” Luo Wu were not qualified to join the Heavenly Dragon Club because he was not from one of the nine major cultivation families.

But now, the “admission ticket” for the Heavenly Dragon Club was placed in front of Meng Chao.

“My old man wants to be your sponsor and officially invites you to join the Heavenly Dragon Club.”

Lu Fanghui smiled and said, “Meng Chao, from now on, you are truly one of us!”

As expected!

Meng Chao’s heart was in turmoil.


He took a deep breath and said hesitantly, “Isn’t the Heavenly Dragon Club only open to those who come from the nine great cultivation families?”

“The Heavenly Dragon Club has never made it clear that only those who come from the nine great families can join. In fact, the Heavenly Dragon Club welcomes all the strong people to join and discuss and decide the future of Dragon City together. Unfortunately, in the past, except for the nine great families, there weren’t many talented people who could catch the eye of my old man and the other senior members.”

Lu Fanghui casually said, “But that’s ancient history. The present is different from the past. In the past few years, Dragon City has been surging with a lot of talents and heroes. At the Deity Realm Conference that just ended, the nine major forces reached an agreement with the major forces to support the experts of the small and medium-sized enterprises and the humble families.

“In the entire Dragon City, is there any rising star more deserving of support than you, Meng Chao?

“Therefore, the Heavenly Dragon Club is sincerely inviting you to accept this card. You will be the first member of the Heavenly Dragon Club who is not from the ‘big nine’ in decades. You will be a true member of the club, and you will have the qualifications and hope to create your own cultivation aristocratic families and mega corporations!”

Meng Chao’s heart was racing, and his cerebral cortex was boiling.

Lu Fanghui did not exaggerate.

Becoming a member of the Heavenly Dragon Club meant that he would step into the real upper-class circle and come into contact with the core of power in Dragon City.

Not only were all kinds of resources and opportunities that ordinary people could never get in their lifetime easily available, but he could also rapidly increase his fighting strength through exchanges with senior members, and even change the minds of Deity Realm experts, thereby reversing the future direction of Dragon City.

If it were any ambitious humble scion, they would probably be overjoyed to accept the card and become a member of the Heavenly Dragon Club wholeheartedly.


The flames of the apocalypse were burning fiercely in Meng Chao’s mind, burning away the greed, ambition, and wishful thinking that he had just developed.

Obviously, the Heavenly Dragon Club in his previous life did not prevent Dragon City from stepping into the abyss of destruction.

Moreover, Meng Chao did not think that with his status and strength, if he rashly joined the Heavenly Dragon Club, he would get much say.

It was nothing more than a mascot used to buy the hearts of the middle and lower classes. could he really sit on the same level as the leaders of the nine great families and change the other party’s thoughts and even stance?

Meng Chao, who had lived a new life, would not have such a childish idea.

Moreover, after he calmed down and thought about it carefully, he felt that this was more of an invitation than an invitation.

After all, the nine great mega corporations and the Red Dragon Army had engaged in a fierce dispute over Heaven Pharmaceuticals’ scandal and the Land Enclosure Decree’s abolition.

Although Meng Chao had been exploring and training in Ruins No. 2, he had not been directly involved in the whirlpool.

However, Broken Star Club, Blue Home, and Battle God Palace were all clearly on the Red Dragon Army’s side.

At the most critical moment, Superstar Resource had even reached an agreement with the Red Dragon Army to ‘tailor the giant Sandworms for the exploitation of military crystals.’

As the actual owner of the Superstar Resource, the President of Broken Star Club, the director of Blue Home, and someone who could call Long Feijun, the chief of Battle God Palace, a brother, Meng Chao’s position was self-evident.

If he joined the Heavenly Dragon Club at this moment, what difference would he make from a chameleon?

Therefore, the threatening card not only represented a great opportunity, but it could also become a curse that suppressed him.

Meng Chao calmed down completely.

His heartbeat returned to normal, and his eyes became clear and sharp again.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Why are you still hesitating?”

Lu Fanghui smiled, “You must know that not every member of the Heavenly Dragon Club can get the recommendation of a heavyweight senior member like the old man. With the endorsement of the old man, your path in the Heavenly Dragon club will certainly be smoother than that of other members.

“It just so happens that the nine elites of the Heavenly Dragon Club also want to support a batch of reliable small and medium-sized enterprises as ‘new blood’ to be added to our inner circle. With such a background, Meng Chao, it will be difficult for you and your Superstar Resource not to soar

“Thank you for your kindness, elder Lu. I’m really flattered.”

Meng Chao muttered to himself, “But…”

For a moment, he did not know how to reject the irresistible temptation.

“But, don’t you want to be together with a bunch of greedy, mercenary guys?”

Lu Fanghui finished the blood-red liquor in one gulp. The smile on the corner of his mouth did not change. However, his gaze that was staring at the storm ahead suddenly turned sharp.

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