Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 787 - There Was No Way Forward!

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Chapter 787: There Was No Way Forward!

When Meng Chao and Lu Siya both realized that they were still trapped in the illusion.

Their brainwaves shone like searchlights, seeing through the roughness and falsehood of the world around them.

It was different from the overly bright colors of the first illusion.

The second illusion used rolling fog and black silhouettes to obscure too many details.

When one was in a state of panic, it was easy to overlook the clumsiness of the illusion. Instead, due to its resemblance to a horror movie, it made one’s hair stand on end, and one would be unable to think.

At that moment, under the influence of each other’s brainwaves, both of them calmed down. Naturally, they could now see that there were flaws everywhere.

However, it was useless for them to remain calm.

Most of the exploration team members were still trapped in the illusion. They thought that they were fighting an endless stream of undead creatures as if they had fallen into an endless cycle of nightmares.

Meng Chao and Lu Siya called out to them a few more times, but they still could not wake them up.

The two of them did not dare to take any more drastic measures to forcefully wake up the exploration team members.

The reason was, their brains had been invaded and stimulated by the enemy, hence they were in an extremely dangerous state of overload.

It was the same as not being able to easily awaken someone who was sleepwalking, especially someone who was sleepwalking while having a nightmare. Otherwise, it would be very easy to scare them silly.

Forcefully awakening the exploration team members who had fallen into the depths of the nightmare would also easily cause irreversible damage to their brains. It would make them go crazy and become a muddle-headed cripple, or even a lost person with a distorted soul.

The only way to break the illusion was to attack the real body of the creator of the illusion.

“But we’ve tried it just now, and it’s useless!”

“We can’t kill it!” Lu Siya shouted. “Its real body can be resurrected indefinitely!”

“No, there’s no carbon-based intelligent creature that can be resurrected indefinitely. The only reason we can’t kill it is because we’re not attacking its real body!”

Meng Chao’s eyes were as sharp as lightning as he stared at the Tree of Wisdom, “It has already invaded and interfered with our visual nerves through the illusion. The Tree of Wisdom that we are seeing is just an illusion created by it. Perhaps the us in the real world is simply attacking the air with gorgeous operations. Of course, it won’t be able to do any damage at all.

“If we want everyone to escape from this damn illusion, we have to lock onto its real body and find out where it is hiding!”

Lu Siya’s eyes suddenly lit up. She blurted out, “That’s right. That’s right!”

However, she realized that the demonic plant made of countless monster carcasses and rotten vines was not the Tree of Wisdom’s real body. There was still a long distance between them and its real body.

Meng Chao and Lu Siya looked around. Everything they could see was a dark forest.

Countless ancient trees that seemed to be thousands of years old were waving their branches and vines crazily.

It was impossible to tell which was the real Tree of Wisdom.

Realizing that the two of them had seen through the flaws, the Tree of Wisdom in front of them let out shrill shrieks and urged the undead creatures to speed up their attack.

The exploration team had run out of ammunition and food. They had no choice but to draw their bayonets, sabers, and heavy swords to fight against the undead creatures.

The light from the sabers and the shadows of the swords interweaved into a steel storm. Although it temporarily blocked the attacks of the undead creatures, it was enough to stop them.

However, more and more people could not help but get injured. Their bodies were torn open, and a large amount of the mucus of the undead creatures splattered into them, causing a stinky and thick smoke to rise from the depths of the wounds.

The Other World was an extremely unstable place.

It was also a world where energy was greater than matter, and consciousness could strongly reflect reality.

Even though this was only an illusion.

However, after suffering serious damage in the illusion, human brain tissue could still ‘hypnotize themselves and believe it to be true’, and identical wounds would appear on their bodies in the real world.

Plus, when a human was infected with the blood-striped spores and the super zombie virus in the illusion, all of his self-will was wiped out, leaving only an infinitely magnified killing intent and appetite.

In the real world, it was very likely that he would also become a bloodthirsty madman!

There was not much time left for Meng Chao and Lu Siya.

If this continued, many of the exploration team members’ minds would be slowly eroded, becoming the monster mastermind’s puppet minions!

The two of them were burning with anxiety.

However, the more anxious they were, the more they could not find the Tree of Wisdom’s main body.

The hundreds of towering trees around them seemed to be engulfed by the Green Tide, blooming rotten corpse flowers one after another, letting out half mocking and half sorrowful laughter.

“Damn it, how can we find it like this? Maybe its real body isn’t here at all!” Lu Siya smashed her fist hard.

A thick rock snake smashed fiercely into the Tree of Wisdom, shaking it again.

However, it was just a futile venting.

Meng Chao’s pupils contracted into two needle tips in an instant.

From the needle tips, an incomparably dazzling light blossomed.

“That’s right, its main body isn’t here at all. Sister Ya, follow me!”

Meng Chao roared in a low voice and once again shot the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber at the Tree of Wisdom.

However, this time, it wasn’t aimed at the tree roots or tree trunks, but at the seemingly unimportant tree canopy.

Under his exquisite control of the spirit magnetic field, the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber dragged a chain that was dozens of meters long, twining around several thick and flexible branches on the tree canopy.

Meng Chao used both hands to hold the pale golden chain. He exerted strength with both arms at the same time, as if he was playing tug-of-war with the Tree of Wisdom, causing more than half of the tree canopy to be deeply bent.

“Meng Chao, what are you…” Lu Siya was confused.

“Hold on to me tightly, don’t let go!” Meng Chao exerted all his strength, holding it in until his face turned red.

Lu Siya did not hesitate at all. She held onto Meng Chao’s arms tightly and helped him with the “tug-of-war.”

When the Tree of Wisdom was bent to its limit and was about to break in the middle, Meng Chao suddenly lost all of his strength.

His feet stomped heavily on the ground, adding two extremely ferocious “accelerants” to the Tree of Wisdom’s rebound force.

The two forces combined into one. As the Tree of Wisdom’s canopy bounced up high, it was like Meng Chao and Lu Siya were thrown into the air by a slingshot.

Before they were thrown to the highest point, Meng Chao withdrew the saber and chains that were binding the Tree of Wisdom

Then, he threw them toward another towering tree in the depths of the jungle that was no less tall than the Tree of Wisdom.

Just like that, relying on the elasticity of the branches and the pull of the chains, the magnetic levitation power of the two heaven-tier powerhouses, coupled with the inertia that was pushed to the limit, Meng Chao and Lu Siya were like two big birds with invisible wings, they were flying at full speed over the dark jungle.

“Where are we going to run to?” Lu Siya shouted amid the howling wind.

“Not to run, but to attack, toward the most vulnerable part of the illusion!”

Meng Chao roared in a voice that was louder than the wind, “Since this is an illusion, the world is certainly not endless. The Tree of Wisdom attracted our attention with its deformed face and the thrilling battle because it hoped that we would stay in the center of Peach Blossom Town’s ruins—the place that it built with the most spirit energy and computational ability, but we chose to go the opposite way and leave Peach Blossom Town as far as possible.

“I’d like to see if the Tree of Wisdom has the ability to create an illusion that we won’t be able to fly out of for three days and three nights!”

Meng Chao’s judgment seemed to have hit the Tree of Wisdom’s critical point precisely.

As they were getting farther and farther away from the ruins of Peach Blossom Town, the dark jungle beneath their feet seemed to become nervous.

Every towering tree was shrieking ear-piercingly. Countless vines and branches turned into rotten tentacles of vipers and demons, clawing at their ankles in an attempt to stop them.

Meng Chao roared, and the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber once again released ten thousand rays of golden light, cutting off all the tentacles of the demons.

Lu Siya also summoned a large number of earth thorns and stalagmites from underground, rising from the ground in the jungle to serve as stepping stones for them.

Every time they stomped hard and blasted a stalagmite into powder, they would receive an incomparably powerful driving force, allowing their speed to break through their limits time and time again.

Soon, they arrived at the end of the forest.

In front of them were towering rock walls that extended all the way to the depths of the misty sky.

They extended to the left and right in an arc, until they surrounded the entire forest, Peach Blossom Town, the humans, and the undead creatures.

Thunderous roars came from behind the two.

When they turned around, they saw thousands of undead creatures, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, shouting at the top of their lungs. They spurted out of the dark jungle and rushed toward the two like a flood.

“There’s no way forward!”

Lu Siya roared and raised her arms, which were covered in spirit tattoos, high up in the air.

A volcano-like tremor came from the depths of the Earth. Dozens of rock snakes rose up from the ground at the same time and dashed toward the black flood formed by the undead creatures, blocking the attack of the undead tide.

However, judging from her pale face, and the blood flowing out of her nostrils, ears, and mouth, her brain was already overloaded in both the illusory and the real world. It was like a burning crystal engine, it was possible that she would die at any moment.

“That’s right. There is no way forward.”

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and looked at the dark rock wall.

At first glance, the rock wall was filled with uneven rocks. Weeds were growing out of the crisscrossed crevices, and moss was covering it. There were even snakes, insects, rats, and ants running away in panic, it could not be any more normal.

However, when Meng Chao activated his five-star Spirit Gaze and activated his extraordinary powers such as long-distance vision, ultra-fine vision, and afterimage contrast, turning his eyes into a combination of telescopes, microscopes, scanners, and other instruments, he quickly discovered that… the shape of the crevices, the distribution of the moss, the escape routes of the snakes, insects, rats, and ants on the rock wall in front of him… they would reappear every once in a while.

It was as if tens of thousands of bricks with the same pattern were stuck on the rock wall.

“As expected, the Tree of Wisdom didn’t expect us to do the opposite. It abandoned the center of Peach Blossom Town’s ruins that it had meticulously carved and rushed to the edge of the illusion like lightning.

“It didn’t have enough time to simulate this place perfectly. It could only ‘copy and paste’ some of the materials on the rock wall.

“This seemingly indestructible rock wall is the most fragile part of the entire illusion.

“There’s no more road ahead.

“The rest of the road is under our feet. We’ll have to rely on ourselves to break through!”

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