Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 786 - Double Illusionary Realm!

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Chapter 786: Double Illusionary Realm!

“Hum! Hum! Hum!”

Under the furious spirit flames, the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber emitted high-frequency vibration sounds as if it was disintegrating and blasting out golden rays that were as sharp as swords.

After the golden rays rotated dozens of times with Meng Chao’s vitality magnetic field, they drilled back into the thousands of runes carved on the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber and turned the extremely powerful heavy saber into a deadly weapon that was more than three meters long and more than half a meter wide. It became a weapon that could cut the Apocalyptic Beasts in half!

Lu Siya was staring at it with her eyes wide open.

She did not expect Meng Chao to combine the Golden Tooth Saber and the Golden Bloody Soul Saber into such a fierce and peerless weapon.

She also did not expect that half a year of training with Lei Zongchao, the Battle God would allow him to advance to such a terrifying level. He vaguely resembled the former owner of the Golden Tooth Saber, the former Underground Emperor, Jin Wanhao.

When the super heavy saber finally completed its transformation, Meng Chao could no longer hold back his spirit energy. It surged out of the saber like a flood.

The pale golden spirit flame turned into an unstoppable saber glow. After cutting the goddess of pestilence in half, it did not slow down at all. It was deeply embedded in the Tree of Wisdom’s trunk, almost cutting it in half.

“Meng Chao, have you mastered the Divine Nine Dragons Seal and the Celestial Tyrant’s Star Shattering Slash?” Lu Siya could not help but exclaim in surprise.

She paused for a moment before she continued, “You didn’t even tell me!”

“Didn’t I tell you already?”

The dragon meridians all over Meng Chao’s body were churning, tugging at the 108 main veins and 102 branches. The mysterious and complicated spirit tattoos on his skin seemed to have a life of their own. They guided the spirit energy in his body and instantly created more than ten highly destructive spirit magnetic fields.

More than ten destructive waves that could destroy everything in their path slashed toward the depths of the Tree of Wisdom with their blades.

Rays of golden light even exploded from the back of the Tree of Wisdom.

The Tree of Wisdom let out an extremely shrill scream, and its branches and vines twitched violently.

Lu Siya snorted coldly. Unwilling to be outdone, she leaped over Meng Chao’s shoulder and kneeled on one knee right below the Tree of Wisdom.

She placed her palms on the ground and muttered to herself. Spirit tattoos that were even more exquisite and complicated than Meng Chao’s appeared around her as well.

As the vitality magnetic field surged, her spirit tattoos gradually shifted from her body to her palms, and then from her palms to the ground.

With Lu Siya as the center, a large-scale rune array formed by hundreds of spirit tattoos and runes spread rapidly on the ground.

Inside the rune array, all the rocks were under Lu Siya’s control.

First, there were fine dust, then the muddy soil, then the broken rocks, and finally the largest, hardest rocks. They all floated into the air and condensed into giant snakes that looked like steel and iron.

When dozens of rock snakes danced around Lu Siya’s body crazily, their momentum that could crush everything was no less than that of Meng Chao, who was wearing the dragon-patterned battle robe and had the Golden Tooth Blood Soul Saber on his shoulder.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lu Siya raised her right arm high and swung it down like a guillotine.

The dozens of rock snakes were like extensions of her arms and fingers. Their speed was pushed to the limit, and they fought to be the first to hit the Tree of Wisdom’s root like cannonballs. The Tree of Wisdom was almost uprooted.

The shocking scene reminded Meng Chao of the first time he and Lu Siya fought side by side in the depths of Raging Waves Mountain Range three years ago.

At that time, Lu Siya had just moved from a support class to a combat class. She could barely summon a small rock snake, but it was still weak and fragile. It would collapse at a touch!

In just three short years, the changes that had happened to her could also be described as “a completely different person!”

He still had the help of the Kindling and Contribution Points System, but she had nothing. She could only rely on unremitting efforts.

In a sense, Sister Ya had more potential than him.

He really didn’t make the wrong choice. She was the best partner on the path of transcendence!

Meng Chao could not help but laugh as he stared at Lu Siya’s valiant bearing. “Sister Ya, you didn’t tell me that you’ve improved so much in the past six months!”

“Of course!”

Lu Siya was a woman who didn’t know what modesty was. She shook off the beads of sweat and dust on her hair and said proudly, “Do you think that the only reason I’m the team leader of Team Nine is because of your little contribution points?”

The two of them had not joined forces for half a year.

They had the intention to compete in secret.

They each took out the unique skills that they had been practicing for the past half a year and crazily attacked the Tree of Wisdom.

Meng Chao waved his super heavy saber into a golden whirlwind.

Lu Siya summoned hundreds of rock snakes in one breath.

The two of them almost unleashed the destructive power of two armies.

Both of them were shocked by each other’s amazing progress. They shouted in unison, “Monster!”

“Huff, huff, huff, huff!”

When the two of them finally retreated at the same time, covering each other and gasping for breath, the Tree of wisdom was already surrounded by smoke and raging flames.

However, almost at the same time that they retreated, sizzling, sizzling, sizzling noises were heard from the smoke and flames.

It was the sound of cells splitting and flesh regenerating, which was the biggest headache for mankind.

The goddess of plagues, who had just been cut in half by Meng Chao, walked through the air on the smoke and flames and looked down at the two of them.

Behind her, the Tree of Wisdom, which had been ravaged by the two of them crazily, reappeared in front of them unscathed!

“This is impossible!”

Meng Chao was dumbfounded.

He and Lu Siya had just been talking business for a long time, but the result was that there was no harm.

It was very awkward.

Gritting her teeth, Lu Siya summoned another rock snake and stabbed it at the Tree of Wisdom’s root.

The sharp rock stalagmite had clearly pierced a transparent hole in the Tree of Wisdom.

However, the moment the stalagmite was pulled out, sticky gum flowed out of the Tree of Wisdom’s inside and filled the hole seamlessly.

Meng Chao also chopped off the smiling goddess of Pestilence’s head again.

But it was originally made of vines, moss, lichens, and a carpet of fungi.

With the squirming of the fungi and moss, it quickly grew a new head, the head of Jin Qianxi.

Branches, vines, tree warts, tree trunks… they were all the same.

It seemed to have the ability of infinite division, infinite proliferation, and infinite regeneration. No matter how hard the two of them hacked, stabbed, and bombarded, the spirit energy that was so violent that it could blow up a skyscraper was brutally bombarded. Even the Tree of Wisdom could recover at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“How can this be?”

Meng Chao and Lu Siya looked at each other and saw that the exploration team was engaged in a bitter battle. The defensive line was about to collapse, and there were more and more undead creatures. The two of them were almost in despair.

However, what appeared in Meng Chao’s heart at the same time as despair was an increasingly strange feeling.

He had a feeling that something was wrong.

He seemed to have overlooked something.

He had overlooked something… that had been right in front of him from the very beginning. It was so obvious that he had not noticed it at all.


Therefore, when Lu Siya gritted her teeth again and was about to burn her life and blast out all her spirit energy, Meng Chao reached out like lightning and pressed down on her shoulder.

His expression had returned to the calmness he had when he was unraveling the Vortex plot during the Lair battle.

“Don’t waste your energy. We are still in the illusion.”

Meng Chao stared at the goddess of pestilence and said slowly, one word at a time.

“What?” Lu Siya was stunned.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Meng Chao explained calmly, “Even if the Tree of Wisdom is the monster mastermind, it has to follow scientific principles and natural laws. As long as it is a carbon-based creature, there is a limit to its cell proliferation and self-repair ability!

“With our current state and combat ability, we are, to put it modestly, the best special-level experts among the younger generation in Dragon City. If we join hands and unleash our ultimate skills without any scruples, even if the opponent is a Deity Realm expert or an Apocalyptic Beast, it will be impossible for them to be unharmed. They will at least leave a few drops of blood on their nose and some hair on their legs to give us some face, won’t they?

“If this guy is ridiculously strong and has such a loyal army of undead creatures lurking by our side, waiting for its orders at any time, why would it bother to play the ‘paradise’ game?

“It will beat us half-dead and leave our souls. After that, whether it implants a zombie virus into our bodies or a mental virus into our brains, it will have the final say, won’t it?

“The only reason to stop it is that it can’t do it. This is still an illusion. We are just scaring ourselves!”

“That’s right. This is a double illusion!”

Lu Siya was also a smart woman. She was immediately enlightened by Meng Chao’s reminder.

“I understand why the last illusion in the paradise was so colorful and so many things that did not follow common sense. It was not that it could not make the illusion vivid, but that it deliberately exposed its flaws so that we would find out the falsehood of the illusion!”

“Exactly!” Lu Siya said quickly. “For the creator of the illusions, the most important thing is how to make the people it wants to deceive step into the illusions unwittingly and blur the distinction between reality and illusions.

“If a person is in a sunny city and suddenly comes to a stormy island, no matter how vivid the island is and how well the Lightning and the rain work, he will not be fooled.

“By the same logic, we were exploring around the crater when we suddenly encountered an abnormal beast tide and an explosion. Then, we fell into the abyss and appeared on the fluffy and soft bed of Peach Blossom Town in a weird way. Even if we did not react at that time, it would not make sense for us to think calmly afterward.

“The members of the exploration team are all as determined as iron. The nonsense of ‘drifting down the Peach Blossom Creek’ won’t fool anyone.

“In a large-scale mass illusion, as long as one person wakes up, it may trigger an unpredictable chain reaction. For the creator of the illusion, things are not going well.

“The Tree of Wisdom understands that it can not perfectly explain the appearance of hundreds of members of the exploration team in Peach Blossom Town at the same time. We will be suspicious sooner or later.

“Therefore, it simply created a double illusion, the first of which was designed to be seen through by US.

“When we thought that we had shattered its illusion and returned to the real world, the real illusion had just begun.”

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