Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 1515 - The Era Has Changed  

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Chapter 1515: The Era Has Changed

Gu Dongcheng’s bold words raised thunderous applause, shaking the glass of the seemingly towering and indestructible skyscraper in front of him. It was as if the steel and concrete were trembling.

“I support Councilman Gu!”

“I support the National Practice Act!”

“Dragon City belongs to all of its inhabitants. We can’t just rely on superhumans to protect it, let alone Deity Realm warriors. We should rely on all the people of Dragon City to protect it together!”

People shouted in unison.

Even Meng Chao felt the power contained in the sound waves that could change, destroy, and revolutionize everything.

“So, Gu Dongcheng has become a councilman of the Survival Committee?”

When the Survival Committee had just been established, its so-called “members” did not have substantive power. Peerless experts and their clansmen, children, and gang members would often take them on.

If there was a major matter, three or five peerless experts would discuss it and cut the Gordian knot.

However, as Dragon City gradually got rid of the chaos, disorder, and brutality of the early stage of the transmigration, the legal spirit, moral bottom line, and procedures of the Earth era shone with a new light.

The Survival Committee gradually became stronger.

The mid-level and low-level superhumans who came from humble families, the representatives from the Red Dragon Army, and more and more ordinary citizens also joined hands and supported each other as they walked into the solemn meeting and became the members who could decide, at least, the members who would influence the direction of Dragon City’s advancement.

When Meng Chao was still in Dragon City.

There was an organization called “Blue homeland”. In the name of “Restoring the culture, Morality, law and order of the Earth’s era,”they competed with the members of the Survival Committee, who had backgrounds in the nine super enterprises.

Even Meng Chao himself, after helping blue homeland resolve a series of crises, was invited to become a core member of blue homeland.

However, blue homeland was still very weak at that time.

On many issues, they were unable to stop the decisions of the nine super corporations.

And today, after reaching a strategic cooperation agreement with the Remnant Star Association, the War God’s temple, and other organizations, the new force that had been upgraded to the Azure Alliance had now gained the ability to openly challenge the nine super corporations, they had the strength to challenge the nine super corporations!

“It sounds like the Azure Alliance’s proposal is very popular!”

With Meng Chao’s sharp eyes, he could obviously see that many of the people in the crowd were die-hard supporters of the Azure Alliance.

No matter what Gu Dongcheng said, they were all red-faced, shouting at the top of their lungs, and waving their flags.

However, Meng Chao could also see that many of the mid-and low-level extraordinaires who had nothing to do with Gu Dongcheng, and even the ordinary citizens who were watching from the side, had all thought carefully and agreed with Gu Dongcheng’s point of view. Only then did they raise their arms, they were shouting along with tens of thousands of people.

In the end, no one was a fool.

No one wished to live in a world where very few people could fly, split mountains, split rocks, manipulate flames and lightning as they pleased, and accumulate huge amounts of wealth as a result. However, they and their descendants would always be ordinary, a world that could only be protected by the former.

No matter how strong a godly state expert was, he was still a godly state expert.

No matter how weak I was, I was still my own.

Why couldn’t my child have the same cultivation resources as a godly state expert’s child, stand on the same track, and start from the same starting line?

At the same time, Meng Chao also noticed one thing.

Whether it was a low-level or middle-level extraordinary person or an ordinary citizen, their physical fitness and mental appearance were much stronger than the dragon city that he had personally experienced in the nightmare of Doomsday.

Even if they were dressed plainly, covered in scars, and even had limbs that were incomplete.

The overwhelming majority of the people of Dragon City still brimmed with the pride of a victor.

That’s right, in the past 30 years, they were the final winners of that incomparably fierce battle for survival.

The experience of defeating the monster civilization with a crushing force made the people of Dragon City firmly believe in their own strength. They firmly believed that no matter how great the difficulties and challenges they encountered, they would be able to overcome the brambles, obtain victory, and create what they wanted.., a better tomorrow.

“Dragon City has really changed!”

Meng Chao mumbled to himself.

He remembered that in the nightmare of Doomsday, because of the prolonged monster war, the People’s livelihood was ruined, and their businesses were not thriving. The lives and safety of ordinary people were not guaranteed. They could only rely on the peerless experts and Super Enterprises, only then could they barely survive.

On the northern battlefield, because the crimson jade lode at the bottom of the raging waves mountain had gone out of control, the spiritual energy tide had wiped out the Red Dragon Army’s most capable main forces. From then on, the Red Dragon Army could not recover, from a real army with quick reaction, long-range projection, and independent combat ability, it transformed into a public security army, a garrison army, and a servant Army of the peerless experts.

From then on, no one could limit the expansion of the peerless experts and Super Enterprises.

The fate of Dragon City was completely in the hands of the peerless experts.

Ordinary people neither had the strength nor the courage to shout, “Dragon City is the Dragon City of all the people of Dragon City, and we must rely on everyone to protect it.”.

They could not even imagine what the Dragon City civilization would become without the protection of the peerless experts and the support of the Super Enterprises.

However, Meng Chao’s rebirth, or rather, his ability to foresee the future and absorb power from the future, set off a butterfly effect.

On the northern battlefield, he had greatly reduced the extent to which the Honghui jade vein had gone out of control.

The spiritual energy tide, which was supposed to destroy the life magnetic field of countless extraordinaires, had instead played the role of nourishing the spiritual vein, stimulating the cells, and strengthening the soul.

As a result, he had helped the Red Dragon Army train a large number of experts, allowing the red dragon army to have greater combat strength and independence.

He had also assisted his mentor to bring forward the publication of the ‘Limit Stream’by several years. Moreover, it had just been born, so it was a relatively mature version of the later generations.

This matter had not only brought earth-shaking changes to dragon city’s concept of spiritual martial arts cultivation, but also stimulated more warriors to explore the deeper, more agile, and more changeable martial arts.

More importantly, the ‘Limit Stream’, which had just been born and was quite perfect, brought hope to countless remnant star transcendents to continue their cultivation and grow stronger.

In the game between the humble class and the wealthy class, most remnant star transcendents naturally stood on the humble class’s side.

The reason was very simple.

The descendants of the wealthy class who had the guidance of an expert and sufficient cultivation resources rarely went crazy when they awakened their extraordinary powers and burned their own spiritual veins.

Only ordinary people, in order to protect their loved ones at a critical moment of life and death, under the stimulation of fear and anger, would burst out a hundred times their strength. Only then would they burst out of their cells and burn their spiritual veins. Almost at the same time as they awakened.., lock their own limits.

“Limit stream”helped the remnant star transcendents to shatter the barriers in their bodies.

The Remnant Star Association once again united hundreds of thousands of remnant star transcendents.

Naturally, it greatly improved the ability of the humble class to compete with the wealthy class.

There was another crucial change that Meng Chao had not expected.

That was the improvement he had made to the three basic force-exerting techniques.

Reckless Bull Force, dragon-snake force, and ripple force.

These were all beginner exercises that every person in Dragon City had practiced since they were young. They were so basic that they could not be any more basic.

Of course, the peerless experts and the descendants of the rich and powerful families were qualified to look down on the three basic force-exerting techniques.

The descendants of the rich and powerful families who had received guidance from famous teachers since they were young could easily learn dozens of more scientific and powerful beginner exercises than the three basic force-exerting techniques.

However, for the vast majority of ordinary people who did not have the resources and channels.

The three basic force-exerting techniques, as well as the derived hundred-battle saber technique, thunder cross sword, and other entry-level combat techniques.

Were their greatest reliance to survive in this cruel world by fighting bloody battles with monsters to the end.

Meng Chao brought the three basic force-exerting techniques with enhanced power and even the gold ultimate version.

They could at least help a vegetable saleswoman increase her combat power by 10% .

Of course, a vegetable saleswoman’s combat power increase of 10% was nothing.

But what if all the vegetable saleswomen in the city could increase their combat power by 10% ?

What if not only the vegetable saleswomen, but also the company staff, restaurant chefs, sanitation workers, and bus drivers, all of their combat power increased by 10% ?

Quantitative change led to qualitative change.

In today’s Dragon City, ordinary people and low-level extraordinaires finally had enough power to have a voice in such a question to create the future.

For Meng Chao, this was a change that was more worth celebrating than simply winning the Monster War.

The only thing that worried him was that this voice came too suddenly and fiercely.

No matter what, Dragon City must be united.

Between the strong and the weak, it should be a game and not a struggle.

If both of them became extreme, impulsive, extreme, and refused to accept communication and compromise.

Dragon City would still be unable to escape the Apocalypse and destruction.

Thinking of this, Meng Chao could not help but reflect on his own approach. Was it too reckless.

Was there a more ingenious way to solve the problem of the shortage of cultivation resources and the flooding of the underground black market without harming the harmony.

And then, to solve the series of problems that the growing number of peerless experts and Super Enterprises had brought to Dragon City’s civilization.

The answer was no.

Should he go straight to the heads of the nine great cultivation families and tell them, “Seniors, the times have changed. You are all old. If you continue to hold the power, you will only bring Dragon City into the abyss of destruction.

“Therefore, while you are still heroes and can still enjoy the flowers, Cheers, and glory, you should obediently abdicate and let the citizens and the new generation of godly state experts like me decide the direction of Dragon City!”

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