Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2135 Joining Hands to Kill

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Chapter 2135 Joining Hands to Kill

“It’s been born!”

Seeing that little drake flying out, Yue Xiaoqian let out a startled cry. The birth of this drake represented the death of its mother.

Magical Beasts needed to have the ability to survive bad conditions. For Magical Beasts, being pregnant was one of their most dangerous moments.

If other Magical Beasts were to set their sights on them during that time, they might be easily killed. That was why higher tier Magical Beasts had a divine ability to have the fetus die within them if they were in crisis. As long as the fetus had not been born, it could be reabsorbed for a burst of power. But this Golden Horned Drake refused to do so even in the face of such a terrifying enemy. It had given birth, causing its power to sharply drop.

The blood-colored winged devil’s eyes brightened upon seeing the little drake, and blue saliva actually dripped out of its mouth. It charged directly toward it.

The adult Golden Horned Drake immediately blocked its path, but in its weakened state, it was instantly blown away.

Just as the winged devil was about to reach the little drake, a giant claw came crashing down from the sky at it.


The winged devil was sent flying. Another giant Golden Horned Drake had appeared.

That Golden Horned Drake had just forced back the winged devil when blood splashed from its back. A trident was stabbing into its back, tearing through its scales.

Two other tridents appeared at the same time, but before they could attack, the Golden Horned Drake roared. Its scales lit up, and its tail whipped through the air, shattering the void.

Three figures appeared within that shattered space, and Long Chen and Yue Xiaoqian couldn’t help but gasp. Those three were also experts of the winged devil king race. This Golden Horned Drake had been fighting the three of them, and seeing his mate and child in danger, it had come to assist. The price for that was taking a trident in its back.

The void rumbled. More Golden Horned drakes appeared, but at the same time, more winged devils appeared.

Only now did Long Chen notice that there was another entrance far in the distance. Another army of winged devils was pouring out of there.

Those winged devils weren’t part of the winged devil king race, but their auras were definitely above average. Furthermore, their numbers were appalling.

As for the Golden Horned Drake that had come to save its mate and child, it was clearly the king of the Magical Beasts here. On its own, it managed to hold back four of the winged devil king race’s experts. However, it was clearly at an immense disadvantage against the four of them. It was injured time and time again.

The surrounding Magical Beasts slaughtered the winged devils charging out of the openings, but there was an endless tide of them.

Curiously, there were only twelfth rank Magical Beasts present. After pondering it for a moment, Long Chen concluded that in this battle, only other twelfth rank Magical Beasts could ignore the pressure of high ranking Magical Beasts.

Magical Beasts at the eleventh rank and below wouldn’t be able to help due to the pressure of their own comrades.

Moreover, there had to be over ten thousand twelfth rank Magical Beasts here. They were like bashing mountains, but for every winged devil they killed, another appeared. On the other hand, if they showed any weakness, the winged devils would immediately pounce on them.

Even these powerful twelfth rank Magical Beasts were dying one by one. Countless winged devils flocked toward the mother drake and the child drake, looking hungry. The mother was quickly covered in wounds, while the king of the drakes was held back by those four blood-colored winged devils. One of the winged devils managed to stab its claw and rip off a chunk of its flesh. That was no light wound.

“Long Chen, what do we do?” Yue Xiaoqian bit her lip, feeling moved by the mother protecting its child.

“Although these Magical Beasts aren’t our friends, they aren’t necessarily our enemies. But the winged devils are definitely our enemies. We have to take action. Once the mother dies, the king drake will go crazy and also won’t be able to last much longer. The rest will collapse not long after. Xiaoqian, tell your mother to send reinforcement immediately. Wilde, follow my directions. The winged devil king race is too powerful. We’ll need to work together to handle them.” Long Chen rushed off the mountain, going straight toward the battlefield.

Yue Xiaoqian immediately activated her secret art again, sending runes flying back toward the Skyscraping World.

“Sister Xiaoqian, what do I do?” asked Wilde, lost.

“Don’t rush. Long Chen will tell you in a bit,” said Yue Xiaoqian with a smile. Without instructions, Wilde felt uneasy, afraid he might do something to bring trouble.

The battle was growing bloodier. More Magical Beasts were dying, even as they brought down more winged devils. Corpses piled up and rivers of blood flowed.

The mother drake was surrounded by countless winged devils. It was covered in wounds to protect its child. But with hundreds of winged devils attacking, it was finally knocked away.

Like wolves, those winged devils pounced on the child drake. Both the mother and father roared, but they were unable to stop it.

“Star Fall!”

A giant flame sphere exploded amongst the winged evils, blasting them to bits. Long Chen appeared beside the child drake, and with a wave of his hand, he sent it floating toward its mother.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

With him at the center, Long Chen unleashed a wave of fire, enveloping all the surrounding winged devils. The stronger ones were able to suppress the flames, but the weaker ones were unable to resist the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame and were incinerated.

The entire battlefield was thrown into chaos by Long Chen’s arrival. The mother drake stared at Long Chen, stunned, not knowing what to do.

“Damnable human race, die!”

One of the four blood-colored winged devils attacking the drake king turned to Long Chen. It actually spoke the same language.

“The little winged devil race also dares to say big words in front of me? I’ll kill you with a single slash of my blade.” Long Chen raised Evilmoon. He took eight steps in the air, and with each step, his aura grew. “Split the Heavens 8!”

The winged devil snorted and Devil Qi surged out of its trident. It seemed to be using some technique.

“Devil Suppressing Seal!”

Suddenly, a ray of divine light shot out of the sky and struck that winged devil. It let out a cry, and its whole body began to emit smoke as if it was burning.

Just at that moment, Long Chen’s attack crashed down. Clenching its teeth, the winged devil raised its trident.


The trident was sent flying, and one of its arms shattered. Long Chen’s saber had slashed onto its head.

However, its head was surprisingly tough, and Long Chen’s attack only left a dent on it. Its head was actually just as tough as a divine item.

The winged devil tried to retreat, but the light shining out of the mark on Yue Xiaoqian’s forehead followed it, and it was like sunlight shining onto a snowman. The wings on its back began to show signs of melting.

The winged devil flew away from Long Chen, but it didn’t notice that in the direction it was flying was a large stone mountain, and on it was a large figure. Wilde smashed his club at the back of the winged devil’s head.


In other regards, Wilde might be lacking, but this one attack of his was perfect. Since he didn’t release any aura, no one could sense his existence, making it a solid strike.

The winged devil’s head split open but didn’t explode. When Wilde pulled back his club, the winged devil’s head collapsed. A crystal appeared where its forehead was.

A runic sword struck that crystal. Blood splashed as it was sent flying out of the winged devil’s body.

The winged devil’s body shuddered, and all its lifeforce vanished. As for that crystal, it fell into Yue Xiaoqian’s hand.

“Haha, nice work.” Long Chen rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. With the three of them working together, they had managed to eliminate one of those blood-colored winged devils. That sense of accomplishment was exhilarating.

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