Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2134 Once More Seeing the Winged Devil Race

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Chapter 2134 Once More Seeing the Winged Devil Race

A roar rang out like crashing waves, resounding with such power it shook their very souls. This was definitely not the roar of an ordinary twelfth rank Magical Beast. Only a Magical Beast at the peak of the twelfth rank could do such a thing, an existence with power on par with a fourth step Netherpassage expert.

Long Chen had exchanged blows with the Mechanism Sect’s patriarch, and although the patriarch had been bedeviled at that time, Long Chen still remembered that pressure clearly.

Following the first roar, countless others rang out.

“What’s going on? Is a beast tide about to occur?” Yue Xiaoqian’s expression changed. If a beast tide occurred now, it would be trouble. The original devil race hadn’t made any preparations against it.

“It doesn’t sound like it, so let’s not randomly guess. Xiaoqian, send a message to the race leader to immediately retreat from this world. We have to go deeper and see what’s going on,” said Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian immediately activated one of the original devil race’s secret arts used for sending distress signals. Runes shot out of her, speeding away toward the entrance to this world. They would pass on the information they knew.

“Long Chen, this is too dangerous. We’re only three people,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

“Don’t worry, I have the azure dragon’s essence blood. If I activate the dragon might, these Magical Beasts will be suppressed. Plus, I have other trump cards. I’m confident in being able to protect us. Whatever is in the depths of this wilderness must know about our mining. We have to understand why it knows but still ignores us, the sooner the better.”

Since Long Chen was so confident, Yue Xiaoqian stopped trying to change his mind, and the three of them moved toward the sounds.

After just an incense stick’s worth of time, the ground began to incessantly shake. The roaring appeared once more, and rays of divine light exploded over the horizon.

“There’s a fight? Let’s speed up.” Flabbergasted, Long Chen shot forward. The three of them quickly reached a region where astral winds raged, lifting up waves of earth and sending boulders flying through the air.

The further they went, the greater the pressure grew. Yue Xiaoqian felt like there was a boulder pressing down on her, and like she would be torn apart.

Long Chen blocked the pressure with his own body, standing in front of Yue Xiaoqian to help alleviate some of it. Yue Xiaoqian’s physical body wasn’t her strong point, and to conceal their auras, they couldn’t circulate their spiritual yuan to protect themselves.

Long Chen and Wilde could ignore this pressure with just their physical bodies, and with Long Chen in front, Yue Xiaoqian managed to endure. They were now continuing forward blind, as thick dust whirled around them.

Bang! Long Chen smashed apart a boulder that had been hurtling toward them. He told Wilde to follow from behind because Wilde’s Spiritual Strength was weak, and he wouldn’t be able to sense some dangers in time. By this time, they had reached the edge of the battlefield, so luck wasn’t as necessary.


A powerful explosion sent a huge wave of earth collapsing over the three of them. Long Chen protected Yue Xiaoqian as they were devoured.

When the three of them climbed out of the earth, they saw a giant corpse lying on the ground in front of them. It was so huge that they couldn’t tell what it was while being so close. However, even a dead Magical Beast could emit a terrifying pressure.

The three of them climbed up its giant body. When they managed to see its head, Yue Xiaoqian gasped. “It’s an ancient species, the Blue Eye Golden Toad.”

This corpse that was bigger than a mountain was a toad. But it only had three legs, and its body was covered in golden scales. As for its head, it had been pierced by something. Half of its body was buried in the earth, and its stomach was pointed to the sky.

Hearing what it was, Long Chen jumped. He hastily ran over to the hole in its head and managed to luckily find a crystal core.

“The heavens have blessed me!”

Long Chen was incredibly excited by this find. It was also a treasure for refining pills.

“There are four blood runes on the crystal core, meaning this Blue Eye Golden Toad had reached the peak of the twelfth rank, comparable to a fourth step Netherpassage expert,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

She was shocked. A Magical Beast on the level of a fourth step Netherpassage expert had been slain? Just what kind of terrifying existence could do that?

Suddenly, another furious roar rang out, and qi waves crashed down on them like a tsunami. The corpse they were on was blown into the distance.

“Damn, just what level of battle is this?” Long Chen was stunned. The pressure coming from that fight shook his heart. “Xiaoqian, how about you go back first? I can go see what it is with Wilde.”

“No, I’ll come with you. I can sense a devilish air. We have to go together to see what it is,” said Yue Xiaoqian. Seeing that she was determined, Long Chen nodded. He put away the corpse of the Blue Eye Golden Frog and continued onward.


A giant elephant tusk slammed into the ground. It had been flying toward them, and if Long Chen hadn’t sensed it, it might have pierced the three of them.

“The Heavenly Qilin Barbarian Elephant’s tusk. It’s another peak twelfth rank Magical Beast!” Yue Xiaoqian recognized the origin of this tusk.

The tusk was as white as jade and still emitted a powerful pressure. Runes continued to swirl around it, telling them just how terrifying it was. But even something as terrifying as it had been crushed.

Long Chen grabbed the tusk and put it away, his heartbeat quickening. There was probably an immense battle going on, and the danger probably exceeded what he had expected.

The roars of Magical Beasts shook their ears. There was another sound mixed in with them, a sound that made it feel like needles were stabbing into their ears, causing their heads to hurt.

“This is the Winged Devil Ghost Cry! It’s a divine ability of the winged devil race!” Yue Xiaoqian’s expression suddenly changed.

“The winged devil race? The same as the corpses we found in the Jiuli secret realm?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes, the winged devil race is the oldest of the devil races and possesses the most varieties. There are many branches amongst the winged devil race, and the ones we saw in the Jiuli secret realm are of the weakest variety. They can’t compare to the current winged devils here,” whispered Yue Xiaoqian.

The three of them crawled on top of a stone mountain. The land here had been wrecked, leaving behind only some tougher minerals. All the dirt had been blasted away.

These stones were all extremely tough to be able to still be standing here. Long Chen, Yue Xiaoqian, and Wilde hid behind them as they stealthily stuck their heads out.

Seeing the sight before them, Long Chen couldn’t help gasping. Giant Magical Beasts were fighting on this battlefield, battling against countless monstrous humanoid figures with wings.

Those monstrous figures were three hundred meters tall, with pointed ears and teeth. Their hands and feet were sharp claws. They were members of the winged devil race.

Long Chen had seen other winged devils in Devil Spirit Mountain, but they were of a different breed. The ones he had seen then weren’t as large, and while in terms of shape the difference wasn’t too great, the auras they had possessed were completely different from these ones.

Looking into the distance, Long Chen saw a giant hole in the center of the battlefield. Countless winged devils were pouring out of that hole in an endless tide.

Suddenly, the sky dimmed. A giant figure flipped and then was torn in two in the sky, unleashing a rain of blood. Because it had been too fast, they couldn’t see what Magical Beast it was, but based on its aura, it had to be a peak twelfth rank Magical Beast.

Long Chen looked at the side of the Magical Beasts. He saw a Golden Horned Drake that seemed to be commanding the Magical Beasts. It was currently fighting a winged devil covered in blood runes.

That particular winged devil held a large trident. With each swing, heaven and earth were torn apart. The spatial laws of the world were destroyed in front of it.

“It’s the winged devil king race,” said Yue Xiaoqian, blanching.

The blood-colored winged devil blocked a claw from the Golden Horned Drake, and a ray of sword-light suddenly shot out of its forehead, piercing through the head of another Magical Beast.

Long Chen suddenly realized that the Blue Eyed Golden Toad had also been killed by this move. It was a one-shot killer, one that came without any warning.

The Golden Horned Drake roared. Opening its mouth, a wave of dragon breath roared out. Golden flames set the world on fire.

However, that blood-colored winged devil sneered. Spreading its wings, it formed a barrier that blocked the dragon breath.

“Why would the winged devil race attack this place?” asked Long Chen.

Yue Xiaoqian looked at the blood-colored winged devil gravely. “The winged devil is an ancient devil race. Traces of them are spread throughout all of history. Their various species inhabit the entire cosmos and are like cockroaches with a strong lifeforce. Wherever there is life, they will go there, breaking the barriers between worlds to undergo slaughters. The souls of the lifeforms they kill are absorbed to strengthen them, which is why slaughter is the only way for them to survive. Since they’re attacking this place, it probably means that this world’s dark era has come in advance.”

“This world also has a dark era?” asked Long Chen, startled. He had thought that it was just the Martial Heaven Continent.

“The dark era can spread throughout the entire cosmos. It’s just a matter of which world it strikes first. This world is also within the domain of the dark era,” answered Yue Xiaoqian.


The Golden Horned Drake and the blood-colored winged devil clashed once again. One of the drake’s claws was split open, and golden blood flowed out. It had been injured.

“I just noticed. That Golden Horned Drake’s Blood Qi seems to be lacking? What’s going on?” asked Long Chen curiously.

“She's pregnant and looks to be about to give birth,” said Yue Xiaoqian.

Suddenly, the Golden Horned Drake was blown back, crashing into a stone mountain. The mountain crumbled. A mass of blood flew out, and a small golden drake appeared in the sky.

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