Naked Sword Art - Chapter 241 - A Body Cultivator's Height (18+)

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Early in the morning, Xiao Hei woke up with her head resting on Xiao Fang's chest. When she finally lifted her head, she wiped the drool off her lips then blinked a few times sleepily as she looked down at Xiao Fang.

"Huh? When did Fang get in my room?"

She looked around then realized that she wasn't in her room, so she thought she might've sleepwalked here. However, that didn't explain how she got into a room she didn't have access to, so she assumed Xiao Fang must've brought her in to keep him company.

She curiously lifted the blanket then saw his perfectly erect Naked Sword. She licked her lips as if she was looking at her morning meal, then started to crawl in. She didn't want to disturb his sleep, so she tried to do it carefully.

Once she was in position, she finally wrapped her small hands around the base of his dick, then began to lick his tip like a warm popsicle. A few licks later, she slowly slid it into her mouth then down her throat.

'Daddy's dirty dick tastes bitter,' she thought with a lewd expression on her face.

Whenever Xiao Fang was awake, there would always be a passive amount of Dual Cultivation Qi coating his dick, which gave it a pleasant taste and made the overall experience better. However, Xiao Hei preferred it the way it was now. She loved sucking his dick when it was making her gag and tasted bitter.

'Daddy's thing is so big and hard. It's twitching so much.'

She twisted her head and thrusted as she slurped. She had never done it before, but seeing the way his dick was reacting to it she assumed it was feeling even better.

Feeling his dick twitch more and more, she knew what was coming. She finally moved her hands from the base of his cock, then deep throated him all the way. Eventually, she was stuffing her face between his groins, and she gagged every other second. Finally, something was coming out. In the next moment, she swallowed as each load of cum shot out.

At the same time, her tiny pussy leaked, making a bit of a mess on his body.

Once he was done cumming, she continued thrusting, because 3 loads of cum wasn't enough to satisfy her hunger.

Suddenly, Xiao Fang woke up in a bit of a panic, he could feel himself cumming inside of someone, but he didn't immediately know who. It felt way too good to be either Jiang Mei or Su Yun, so he eventually assumed it was Xiao Hei.

When he lifted the blanket, he saw Xiao Hei's tiny pussy, her cute little buttcheeks, and her pretty little feet as her head was bobbing up and down.

'It's only Xiao Hei,' he thought as he rested his head back down on his pillow.

Xiao Fang was now fully awake and well rested, but he didn't get up from his bed. His dick was feeling too good in her throat it was almost paralyzing. Xiao Hei had gotten so good at this Xiao Fang was once again surprised by her methods.

What Xiao Fang didn't know was that Xiao Hei wasn't even trying to make him cum, she was merely playing with her food.

Xiao Fang slid his finger in her tiny wet pussy, then thrusted making her pretty little feet curl. After a few minutes, Xiao Fang reached down and rested his hand on her head, indicating to her that he was ready to cum. Xiao Hei dug her face into his groin like before, then waited for him to cum as she fondled his balls.

'Hah~ this feels too good,' he thought as he closed his eyes tightly. The only other person that could make him feel this good with her mouth was his dick-devouring cougar of a grandmother, Wu Yue. However, Xiao Hei still had a long way to go before she could be as good as her.

Even though Xiao Hei's lips, tongue, and throat were all coated in Dual Cultivation Qi, Xiao Fang still felt like he could hold out for a bit longer. He thought this would be a good time to test his endurance.

Seeing that he was reluctant to cum, Xiao Hei continued bobbing her head, but this time, she was going in for the kill.

At the same time, Xiao Fang started thrusting his finger in her tiny pussy and bum.

{"Ahhaa~ Daddy, that tickles~"}

Her mouth salivated even more when she felt his thick manly fingers thrusting deep inside of her. Eventually, Xiao Fang's balls were smothered in Xiao Hei's warm slimy saliva.

{"I'm going to cum Daddy~ ahhhh~~~"}

Her legs stretched, her pussy tightened, then pretty white porcelain feet pushed his chin up.

Annoyed by her legs, he started to lick and suck on her feet, tickling her even more.


Although it tickled her, she liked the feeling so she made him keep licking her there.

{"Daddy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, ahhha~"}

In the next moment he could feel his finger thrusting against the river as her asshole gripped his other finger.

Xiao Hei's body became tight, stiff, and mute, then her pussy began to pour. She was climaxing.

Xiao Fang took his fingers out then placed both hands on her head. In the next moment, he was thrusting into her throat as if it were a pussy.

'Her climax is making her throat feel so tight.'

Her eyes were nearly rolled back and she stuck out her tongue, but feeling him thrusting brutally into her throat and licking her feet was making her climax get prolonged for much longer than either of them thought possible.

Xiao Fang was thrusting her face down faster and faster till he felt like he couldn't hold it in.


He pushed her head down then thrusted his dick all the way in before cumming in her throat uncontrollably. It was too sudden he couldn't even convert it into Yang Qi in time, so Xiao Hei was swallowing his pure jizz.

Her climax was starting to end, so she finally pulled her head back, but only enough to start caressing his mushroom with her soft lips. He could then feel her cute little tongue licking the tip of his dick as her small hands stroked his long slimy shaft.

She eventually raised her head up then smiled at him.

"How was I? Didn't I get better?" She asked.

"Mn, you're getting better every day, but didn't I tell you not to call me Daddy?"

"Hmph, you said not to call you that in public. Besides, you still call me 'Xiao Hei' even though I changed my name to Fei Lin," she said before turning her head defiantly.

Xiao Fang patted her head, "I call you 'Xiao Hei' as a nickname. It's not uncommon for people who are close to you to give you nicknames," Xiao Fang tried to explain.

"Then my nickname for you is Daddy," Xiao Hei smiled.

Realizing that she used his logic against him, Xiao Fang finally gave up.

"Alright, let's head out."




Once they took a bath and got dressed, they finally headed out.

Xiao Hei sat on Xiao Fang's shoulders, happily riding him as they were heading out. Xiao Hei argued that it wasn't fair that he rode on top of her in her feline form, so she wanted a turn riding him.

"I'm so tall now~ yahoo~" she said with excitement.

Her head was over 2 meters from the ground, so she felt like she was taller than everyone. There used to be a time when she was much taller than this, but that was with her old master, who was much more powerful than Xiao Fang. Some day when Xiao Fang gets stronger, she will be able to look down on everyone just like she did back then.


Xiao Fang, 19 years old, is 187cm tall. That's 7 centimeters taller than he was just a year ago. Although he was taller than most of the guys in the country, he was only considered average compared to the guys in the Divine Sword sect. 

Men typically stopped growing when they were 18 years old, cultivators on the other hand, would keep growing till they were 21. However, it would depend entirely on how high they could increase their body cultivation realm in that time. 

9th stage, Body Foundation = +1cm

1st - 9th stage, Body Refinement = +2cm

1st - 9th stage, Body Core = +3cm

1st - 9th stage, Profound Body = +4cm

Unlike Xiao Fang, his father and grandfather were already tall at the age of 18. So when they turned 21 they became significantly taller than the average Divine Swordsmen.

Currently, they were both around 195 centimeters tall.

Although Xiao Fang's father and grandfather were both taller than him at his age, Xiao Fang's cultivation was increasing at a much faster rate. He grew 7 centimeters in one year because he's already at the 1st stage of the Profound Body realm. Once he reaches the 9th stage, he'd likely be another 3 centimeters taller.


Once he opened the door, Xiao Fang was about to start running, but stopped when he found Yan Mei waiting for him outside.

"You're finally out. I was beginning to think that you left without me," Yan Mei said.

"Yan Mei..." Xiao Fang said when she suddenly hugged his arm.

Since she lost her virginity to him last night, he could understand why she was feeling so sentimental. However, if they didn't start running soon then they were going to be late for class.

Xiao Fang sent Xiao Hei a brief spirit transmission, making her jump off his shoulders. He then got down on one knee and said,

"Yan Mei, climb on."

Yan Mei was a bit confused, but still did as he said.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, comfortably hugging him from behind. He could feel her breasts pressing against his back, and her legs felt nice and smooth.

"Hold on tight," he said as she stood back up.

She again didn't understand why, but she still obediently did as he said. She closed her eyes, tucked her head in, and tightly hugged the man that took her precious virginity with a comfortable smile on her face.

Xiao Fang and Xiao Hei both nodded at each other, then took off.

Since absorbing the blue beast core he got from the 9th tiered abnormal beast, both Xiao Fang and Xiao Hei were now as fast as any Divine Realm cultivator without using their Heavenly realm movement technique.

A few seconds later when Yan Mei finally looked back up, she realized that they were already standing outside of the Class gates.

"But... weren't we just..."


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