My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4563 - Su Yu’s Additional Story (13)

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Chapter 4563: Su Yu’s Additional Story (13)

“Stop looking for me, boy… you won’t find me.”

“Why not?”

Master Wu didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at the amulet around Su Yu’s neck and the red string around his wrist.

“Good job. Remember to always bring these two things with you…”

With that, Master Wu’s figure started to fade…

“Master, I still have many questions…”

Su Yu was extremely anxious, but Master Wu’s figure was gradually fading away.

At the last moment, he heard Master Wu say two words—Parallel Universe.

“Master… Master, don’t go…!”

Su Yu woke up amidst his screams…

“Boss, did you have a nightmare?”

An hurriedly poured him a glass of warm water.

Su Yu looked up at the ceiling. It was still South Side Hospital’s ward.

It seemed like it was just a dream.

He gasped and gulped down the warm water.

“An, where’s my phone?”

“Madam said that you haven’t been resting much lately, so you cannot play with your phone.”

“Cut the crap and hand it over.”

An didn’t dare to say anything. He took out Su Yu’s phone from his pocket and carefully handed it over.

Su Yu turned on his phone with one hand and opened Baidu.

After hesitating for a moment, he typed out two words—Parallel Universe.

Then, all the information was displayed…

A multiverse is theoretically a combination of an infinite or limited set of possible universes. The search engine displayed everything, including all space, time, matter, energy, and the physical constants that describe the physical laws.

When Su Yu was still in school, he wasn’t very good at science. He even blew up a light bulb during physics class.

Therefore, to him, what he found was like a duck listening to thunder. He couldn’t understand it at all.

Then, Su Yu looked down. There was a simplified explanation of the principles of the parallel universe.

He would probably never understand quantum or molecules in his life.

But there was one sentence that he understood.

It said that there were scholars who used this analogy when describing parallel universes. They might be in the same space system, but the time system was different. It was like two trains traveling on the same railway. The other was that the time system was the same, but the space system was different. It was like a car traveling on two floors of the overpass.

Upon seeing this, Su Yu somewhat understood…

But he was still confused.

He continued to read, only to see that it was written again—

When two parallel universes meet, some people will suddenly appear, whereas some people will be gone forever and some will find true love. The parallel universe is a crack in space. It is a scary period because there is no future… No one can predict the future.

Upon seeing this, Su Yu was once again confused…

He put the phone down and closed his eyes, his mind racing.

Why did his master tell him about the parallel universe in his dreams?

Could it be that he did not transmigrate?

Or perhaps, he had transmigrated to a parallel universe?

There was no Qin Chu here…

Su Yu’s heart was beating faster and faster…

He was not a genius, and there were many things that he could not understand.

Just then, Huo Mian came in to change his last bottle of medicine.

He opened his eyes and looked at Huo Mian for a while before saying, “Huo Mian, I have an academic question for you. I heard that you used to be a top student.”

Huo Mian’s hand paused for a second.

Then, she glanced at Su Yu. “You know quite a lot.”

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