My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4488 - Escape From The Incubus (8)

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After hearing An's words, Lu Yan thought about it seriously.

Then, she held the chopsticks in her mouth and looked up at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle, thinking seriously for a while.

Then, she said in an extremely serious tone, "To be honest, I wanted to live my life as the woman in a Boss' heart… but I didn't expect to live as a big boss in all the women's hearts."

An: "Pfft… Hahahaha."

Usually, when Lu Yan wasn't in the mood to kill, she was always in a funny state.

An suddenly remembered that Lu Yan had come to C City for a walk.

Then, she followed him everywhere and caused a lot of trouble.

Lu Yan had taken care of many gangsters.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that it was suitable for her to use such a funny internet description to describe herself.

"What are you laughing at? I'm serious…" Lu Yan looked at An.

"You're right, there's nothing wrong with that… But don't you think that the woman in a Boss' heart is just like a clingy puppet… Wouldn't being a big boss in all the women's hearts allow you to be the ultimate winner?" An began to suck up to her.

"What's the use of being a winner? Even when you're being chased by people, you're just pissing your pants… It's useless. On the surface, you'll never be truly glorious… But in reality, if you're like my sister, living a normal life, working in the hospital, treating patients, these are truly valuable people. Whereas I'm just a killing machine." After speaking, Lu Yan smiled casually.

"I'm sorry, Goddess, I hurt you…" An blamed himself.

"Don't say these useless things to be… I've been as big-hearted as a pumpkin all these years, I don't care what you say… I'm just being sentimental… Don't overthink it."

"Yeah, eat while it's hot. There's still more if it's not enough."

An felt like being able to sit across from Lu Yan and watch his goddess eat, could really be described with five words - 'A feast for the eyes'.

If Goddess Lu Yan lived here all the time, how much…

Of course, he could only think about this himself.

He thought that since Lu Yan had just woken up, she would still stay for the night and rest.

Unexpectedly, in the evening.

Qiao Fei arrived in a black Maybach S680 with only two subordinates. He was much more low-key than before.

Although Qiao Fei hadn't returned to the family and hadn't officially taken over the family head position, over the years, he had nurtured many factions and trusted aides in the family.

He was still in a navy blue Russian military uniform. The front two rows of buttons were all made of platinum and looked extremely luxurious.

His silver hair was always so striking in the dark.

Su Yu didn't receive any notice when Qiao Fei arrived.

Lu Yan didn't seem to know either.

So when she saw Qiao Fei standing in the living room, Lu Yan froze.

She was wearing a white nightdress and holding a cup with cartoon characters printed on it.

She was about to go to the water dispenser to get some water…

However, before she reached the water dispenser, she saw Qiao Fei standing at the door.

At that moment, their eyes met…

There seemed to be a thousand things to say…

Lu Yan was about to speak when Qiao Fei strode over.

He hugged Lu Yan tightly.

"Yan… It's so nice to see you again."

Qiao Fei's personality was similar to Qin Chu's; he didn't like to express himself.

He wasn't good at sweet-talking, but he could prove it with actions.

So, it was obvious that he had been holding it in for a long time. God knew how long he had been looking for Lu Yan. He had almost searched the entire Earth.

"How did you know I was here?" Lu Yan reached out and hugged Qiao Fei's waist in a slightly coquettish manner.

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