My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4487 - Escape From The Incubus (7)

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"Cough cough…"

An's straightforwardness about Han Yueyao liking Su Yu made Su Yu feel a little awkward, even in the dream.

"So, boss, what are your plans when you get back?"

An didn't know that Su Yu couldn't go back, so he was still thinking about his future.

"I don't have any plans," Su Yu replied half-heartedly.

"Boss, you can't do this. You're already in your thirties… How can you not get married and have kids? You're letting Grandpa Su and the others down…"

"Master An, your noodles are almost cooked."

An was interrupted by Su Yu's reminder.

He quickly continued to prepare the nutritious vegetable noodles for his goddess.

Then, An walked out with the freshly cooked noodles.

Su Yu knew that An liked Lu Yan and knew that it was impossible for anything to happen between them.

However, since An was willing, it meant that he enjoyed every minute he spent with Lu Yan.

How could Su Yu, the boss, not give his blessings?

Therefore, Su Yu took the opportunity to go upstairs and left the dining hall on the first floor to An and Lu Yan.

Perhaps it was because Lu Yan had just woken up, her face was a little pale.

However, it still couldn't conceal her stunning beauty.

She was wearing a nightgown that Su Yu had found at home. Of course, he knew they were in the dream.

As long as you want something here and think of it, it will appear.

Therefore, when Zeng Rou lived here for a short period of time, he thought that she had left some clothes for Lu Yan.

"Goddess Lu Yan, it's time to eat."

"You can just call me Lu Yan. I'm not a goddess, more like a murderer." Lu Yan smiled.

Every time An saw Lu Yan smile, he felt sweet inside.

He then placed a large bowl of noodles on the table.

He also prepared two plates of pickled vegetables. It was a perfect match.

"Did you cook this?" Lu Yan looked at the noodles in surprise.

Although it was hot soup noodles, it looked delicious.

"I only added some vegetables and fried an egg on it… but this is in a dream. My boss said that no matter how delicious the food is, you won't be able to taste anything… So, you'll have to suffer for now."

"Don't listen to Su Yu's nonsense. He can't taste because his taste buds are problematic, everything I eat tastes good."

Then, Lu Yan lowered her head and started eating her noodles.

She looked extremely valiant and did not look like she was holding anything.

She would never act like an influencer as she was afraid that others would think that she did not look good from any angle.

Lu Yan was a woman, but she had lived like a man all these years.

This was what An admired the most about Lu Yan.

"Goddess Yan, you've always been my number one idol…"

"Ha, so who's your number two idol?" Lu Yan asked as she ate.

"Of course it's my boss… Oh right, there's also President Qin and Huo Mian, the three of them are ranked second in my heart."

"What do you admire about them?" Lu Yan's questions were always sharp.

"For my boss, I've been with him for many years. I know all the good things about him, and I agree with his morals… President Qin and President Huo are too smart and have a high IQ. They're quick to react to things and are way ahead of us… Ha, you guys are like gods, not people like me who can only chase after."

"Don't think so badly of yourself. In this world, there will never be two identical leaves, so no matter what you do, you will always be the one and only you," Lu Yan's words were always sweet and sincere, making An extremely pumped up.

"Goddess Lu Yan, are you satisfied with your current lifestyle? Do you feel proud that you're the top goddess in the mercenary world?" An took the chance to interview his Goddess.

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