My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4322 - Man-eating Monster (2)

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Chapter 4322: Man-eating Monster (2)

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“What do you think? Do you like it here?” Qin Chu glanced around as if he was asking her if she liked the house.

“Here? What’s this place? I’ve never been here before…” Huo Mian said.

“Yeah. I just purchased it for you…”

“For me?” Huo Mian looked confused.

“Yeah. It’s a gift to you. I believe… you’ll like it.”

Huo Mian looked around and found the designs and decorations were depressing with dark colors of black and brown.

The house was big, but it gave the creepy feeling as if it was haunted or someone had been murdered in here.

“Hon, why did you give me a house? Are you feeling guilty for what you did to me?”

Huo Mian put on a smile and stood up…

“Because I don’t want you to be angry with me and run around willfully. You’re not feeling well lately, so I think you’d better stay here and focus on your recovery.”

“What do you mean?”

Hearing the hidden meaning in his words, Huo Mian’s expression changed instantly.

“I’m doing it for your good. I hope you’ll stay here to recover from your illness…”

Then he picked up her bag and took out her ID, passports, and cellphone.

Then he tossed the bag back on the sofa…

“Qin Chu, are you imprisoning me in the house?” Huo Mian finally understood Qin Chu’s purpose.

“You can say so.”

Qin Chu smiled faintly and turned to go.

Huo Mian clenched her fists and ran up.

She was about to grab Qin Chu’s collar when bodyguards appeared suddenly and stopped her.

“Madam, you’d better stay here quietly and obey the master.”

“Qin Chu, you can’t do it… you can’t do this to me.”

“I should have done this to you long ago.” Qin Chu looked back at her without expression.

“I want to see my mom. Can you drive me to Sky Blessing Court?”

“I don’t think Mom would like to see you.”

Tossing the words over his shoulder, he left, closing the door behind him with a bam.

The lights dimmed. She looked around and almost fell apart.

There were almost 100 cameras in the room; some were obvious, and some were hidden.

Qin Chu imprisoned her in the house and was even monitoring her closely.

Did it mean that the man discovered her secret?

Impossible… she didn’t leave any traces behind to rouse his suspicion.

Qin Chu imprisoned Huo Mian, or Leila, in a house in the remote suburbs guarded by four foreign bodyguards.

He did this not to get rid of her or interrogate her to get the whereabouts of Huo Mian.

He just wanted to see how great the woman’s abilities were.

Then he could make plans accordingly.

Imprisoned in the house, Leila looked frightened and frantic, but in fact, it was nothing to her.

She just didn’t want to unleash her superhuman power in front of Qin Chu.

Meanwhile on the other side of the earth.

After failing to get Red Demon from the professor, Lin Ya imprisoned him in a white room and didn’t talk to him.

Lu Yan was injected with an unknown drug. She fell into deep unconsciousness and was sent back to the crystal coffin.

Huo Mian was still sober…

In the magnificent palace.


“What is it?” Lin Ya’s expression was dark since she’d been recalling the conversation she had with the professor.

“Our remote machine detected that Miss Leila has a small problem in China,” Messiah said.

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