My Youth Began With Him - Chapter 4321 - Man-eating Monster (1)

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Chapter 4321: Man-eating Monster (1)

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Su Yu’s expression turned stiff and then he sighed lightly. “Let’s not talk about her.”

A considerate girl, Han Yueyao didn’t pursue the topic, but she wanted to distract him from his frustration. So, she changed to another topic. “President Su, what do you think of Miss Nie?”

“Which Miss Nie?” Su Yu was slow to react.

“The great beauty Nie Lingxuan.”

“Oh, you mean her…” Su Yu sipped his alcohol.

“I think Great Beauty Nie is very nice. Among all the performers in Imperial Star, she has the best reputation and never bullies new performers; she respects her seniors and does nothing under the table; she has no scandals about contracts and never hyped herself. She won her fans with her acting skills… To be honest, I admire her as a big star. I envy her and would have no regrets if I could be like her one day.”

“Little Nie is indeed a good girl.”

Su Yu put a piece of cucumber into his mouth and enjoyed the fresh crispy scent of it.

Suddenly, his mood lightened.

“A nice girl” was Su Yu’s high praise to Nie Lingxuan.

Of course, Nie Lingxuan was not in the same league as the scheming bitches such as Jian Tong and Zhao Qingya.

“Many people said you two were together. Is it true?” Han Yueyao was in the gossip mode.

“Are you a performer or paparazzi? You’re so curious…” Su Yu was amused.

“I’m just curious. Come on and tell me. I bet on 500 yuan that you had an affair with her.”

“You’ll definitely lose your 500. There’s nothing between Little Nie and me.”

“Is that true?” Han Yueyao didn’t believe him.

“Lying to you gains me nothing.”

“Why not? Great Beauty Nie is beautiful and low-profiled. She’s such a nice girl. President Su, there’s no reason for you to not like her.”

Su Yu chuckled and said, “If Mian didn’t appear, I might have fallen in love with Little Nie. After all, she’s a good girl and great wife material. But fate intervened.”

Hearing the mention of Huo Mian, Han Yueyao’s had mixed feelings inside.

It seemed Su Yu could have loved Nie Lingxuan, but Huo Mian overshadowed all the other women.

Han Yueyao knew Su Yu might never accept her love since his love for Huo Mian would grow deeper each day…

“I see. Ha… Come on, let’s drink.”

With an awkward laugh, she raised her glass.

They drank and chatted over the simple dishes.

Meanwhile, Qin Chu took Huo Mian to a new house instead of South Hill Manor.

Huo Mian, or Leila, searched her memories but found Huo Mian had never been to this place before.

“Release me…”

She struggled out of their grip and dropped to the sofa.

Qin Chu walked in after them…

“Sir,” the two bodyguards greeted him respectfully.

“Leave us. I’ll talk to her.”

“Yes, sir.”

After they were gone, Qin Chu glanced at Huo Mian but didn’t speak.

“You took me back by force? Is this your way of comforting your wife? Hehe. Qin Chu, are you crazy?”

Huo Mian demanded in fury. They all said Qin Chu spoiled Huo Mian like a queen, and Leila had been green with jealousy. But from her personal experience, he was very good at domestic cold violence.

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