My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 638 - Invited Together, but Sister Mang Chose A Second Major

Chapter 638: Invited Together, but Sister Mang Chose A Second Major

The biggest World Restaurant in the entire capital was just opposite of Capital University.

The eight-story building was built in the ancient palace-style. The big, thick, red-brown pillars in front of the door made the whole building look firm and steady. It looked really overpowering.

As soon as the four of them entered, a waitress greeted them.

Gu Mang took out a golden card from her pocket and held it between her beautiful fingers. “Linglong Pavilion.”

The waitress saw the card and her eyes flashed with shock. Her attitude became even more respectful than before. “Miss, this way please.”

Lu Chengzhou knew that Gu Mang liked to dine at World Restaurant and so he gave her the card before summer vacation. She also had a platinum membership card at Honey Mill.

Lu Chengzhou had bought both World Restaurant and Honey Mill. Gu Mang raised her exquisite brows slightly.


Principal Ren knew that Gu Mang and Lu Chengzhou had an unusual relationship, so he was not surprised by the scene.

Yang Tianming and Shao Jin were a little bit slow and they had the impression that they were brought out by the big boss to expand their horizons.

When they arrived at Linglong Pavilion, the waitress opened the door politely and invited the four of them in.

Gu Mang went in last. After entering, she let the three of them sit ahead of her. Then, she motioned for the waitress to pass the ordering tablet to Principal Ren.

“Sir, take a look and see what Professor Yang and you would like to have.” Gu Mang put her baseball cap in her hand.

The waitress poured tea for the four of them and stood aside to wait for further orders.

Principal Ren and Yang Tianming accepted the tablet graciously. They ordered some dishes, then passed the tablet to Gu Mang and Zhao Jin, and asked them what they liked to eat.

After they had finished placing their orders, the waitress submitted them to the kitchen and retreated.

Principal Ren placed both arms on the table and looked at Gu Mang. “The classes in Year 1 are mainly at a foundational level. Attending class might be a waste of time for you. Professor Yang and I think that you can just return for examinations and advance straight into the Medical Association Research Institute.”

Yang Tianming added, “There are many difficult and complicated diseases at the research institute. Every week, you can choose a hospital to perform an operation at. This will help you gain experience.”

When Zhao Jin heard that, he was shocked again. He had been the top student at the medical school for the past three years and it had taken him thousands of hours of study and practice to be allowed to enter the medical association during his undergraduate years.

He was probably the youngest junior in the medical association.

He never thought that someone could be so skilled as to enter the medical association and gain acceptance to Capital University at the same time. On top of that, both Principal Ren and Professor Yang had invited her personally!

What kind of monster received such treatment?!

The most important asset a medical student could have was experience. Each and every operation and case were very valuable tools for learning. Real world experience could not be replaced with theoretical knowledge.

In the past, Yu Zhongjing would organize patient files before passing them to Gu Mang. Gu Mang would only show up after the preparations were done. Now, things were way more convenient with the help of the medical association.

Gu Mang tapped her teacup casually with her fingers. “Sure, but I might not have much time to go to the research institute. I intend to take a second specialization in medical informatics as I want to work on applying artificial intelligence in traditional chinese medicine.”

“AI in traditional medicine?” Principal Ren was taken aback.

The subject had actually been set up by the medical school before, but because the medical students were not very familiar with complicated computer knowledge, the research couldn’t go on and the laboratory was closed.

There were many professors at the medical school studying a variety of topics. Having at least one or two studying artificial intelligence was seen as good enough. However, with the rapid development and widespread application of computers, medical artificial intelligence was quickly becoming a hot topic.

Yang Tianming said, “The Medical Informatics specialization has very high entry requirements. It requires not only medical expertise, but also programming, statistics, analysis and, calculation skills. Gu Mang, I advise you to choose computer science as your major while you are still an undergraduate. You can choose any specialty after a few years.”

Only the top geniuses were accepted into that specialization path. Any reputable research institute would kill to accept them into their ranks. Even the medical association would open up a ‘special green channel’ for such geniuses.

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