My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 567 - Pissed Off Sister Mang at The Entrance of Capital University

Chapter 567: Pissed Off Sister Mang at The Entrance of Capital University

Meng Jinyang knew that if she went to Capital University, she might be recognized by the students. But she did not think that it would be so soon.

She looked down and clenched her fist to stop herself from feeling so nervous. She said softly, “It’s fine.”

The girl in the ponytail looked at Meng Jinyang and smiled innocently. “As long as you don’t mind it. From now on, we are going to be coursemates at the law school. I won’t judge you because of that matter.”

Meng Jinyang’s eyelashes trembled violently. Jiang Shenyuan and Yu Mufeng looked at the girl who was speaking and they frowned. Lu Chengzhou did not look at anyone. His eyes were on Gu Mang’s face.

Gu Mang bit her lip and her mind felt tense. Her eyes were hidden in shadow but they were cold and intimidating.

The girl in the ponytail continued warmly, “I am Sang Xue. My dorm is right next to yours. If you need any help, just let me know. I heard that you have gone through quite a number of surgeries…”


A half-filled mineral water bottle was smashed into Sang Xue’s face.

She shrieked and almost cried from the pain. She glared at Gu Mang with her eyes red and she growled angrily, “Are you crazy?!”

Yu Mufeng did not see Gu Mang take the bottle of water from his hand. Sang Xue’s scream made the passersby look over.

Gu Mang pulled down her mask and revealed her cold face. There was a strong sense of rebelliousness in her expression. That one look alone was enough to run chills down others’ spine.

Everyone looked at Gu Mang’s eye-catching face. At the moment, they were all stunned.

Gu Mang…

Meng Jinyang tugged at Gu Mang’s sleeve anxiously. “I’m fine, don’t fight.”

Gu Mang ignored her and smirked slowly. She removed her mask slowly with her slender, pale fingers and her tone was soft and slow. “Who are you trying to play?”

When Sang Xue heard this, she paused. The arrogant vibe that she gave off was no longer as domineering as before.

She frowned and yelled, “What nonsense are you talking about!”

Gu Mang stuck both of her hands into her pockets and stepped forward calmly.

The group of girls watched her deep, dark eyes and retreated subconsciously. They sensed that they were in trouble and they forced themselves to stand still.

Gu Mang tilted her head a little and she was still smiling. Her eyes curled up and she looked ruthless. “Try saying one more sentence.”

In an instant, a cold aura surrounded all the girls. They felt their hearts suspended in their throats. The police station took Meng Jinyang and Gu Mang’s case very seriously. So did the Law Faculty.

The last few batches of law students had never heard of the case because the news was censored. Now, almost no students at the Capital University School of Law were unaware of this case because the case could be considered one of the most interesting of all time.

Jiang Xingyi, the father of Professor Jiang, also got a position that no one in the law industry could overtake because of the case. Senior Jiang’s familiarity with criminal law at the trial was something they could only look up to. It was everyone’s ultimate goal.

The girls knew the case very well. As for Gu Mang’s name, they had heard it before.

She was very good at fighting. They looked at Gu Mang in shock and panic.

Jiang Shenyuan was also afraid of Gu Mang’s fierceness. He stared at Sang Xue, who was covering her face. His eyes were firm and his voice was cold. “Sang Xue, I don’t think I have to teach you what is meant to be said and what isn’t.”

Sang Xue answered indignantly. “I was just caring for my friend. Even if I said anything wrong, we had already apologized just now.”

Yu Mufeng scoffed. “Caring for your friend? Sang Xue, I think you can quit law school and transfer to the theater program. It suits you well.”

“Y-You!” Sang Xue glared at Yu Mufeng with an embarrassed look and answered stubbornly, “I was indeed caring for my friend, stop maligning me!”

“Cousin, what’s the matter?” A boy’s voice was suddenly heard.

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