My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 566 - Asking for Trouble

Chapter 566: Asking for Trouble

Gu Mang had just ended a round in the game when the lawyer brought her friend out of the dorm building. Meng Jinyang quickened her pace when she spotted her. “Gu Mang.”

With a raised eyebrow, Gu Mang removed her arm from her fiancé’s shoulder and slung it over Meng Jinyang’s instead, much to his displeasure.

The two men did a simple greeting, then followed the girls. Jiang Shenyuan shot Lu Chengzhou a meaningful smirk. “Chief Instructor?”

The young master cooly slipped his hands into his pockets and gave a lazy retort. “Jealous much?”

His lips formed a small smile as he gazed at Meng Jinyang’s figure from behind. “She’s my student.” There’s no need for me to be jealous.

Lu Chengzhou’s jaws moved slightly at that. Consumed in his own thoughts, he did not make any replies.

It had been a while since the two girls last met, so Meng Jinyang had a lot to say to Gu Mang, who patiently listened to her and replied from time to time.

Jiang Shenyuan, being the law school’s Assistant Dean, was familiar with the campus ground, so he brought the girls to settle their admission procedures and collect their student IDs before showing them around the university. He seemed to be rather popular there. Many students greeted him, saying “Professor Jiang” when they saw him. Their gazes, however, would quickly turn to Gu Mang.

The four of them had no intention of remaining on campus once they had settled the admission paperwork. They were just about to exit the school gates when Gu Mang’s phone suddenly rang. She slowed down to fish out her phone from her pocket and answered the call after looking at the caller ID.

Mu Yufeng’s voice rang out from the other end. “Hey, boss. I’m done with my work. Where are you?”

Being the Student Union’s President, he was swamped with work because of the start of the new semester. That morning alone he had attended two meetings and he only had the time to call her just now.

Walking to a shady spot, Gu Mang stood lazily with one leg in front of the other, her eyelids hooded. “North gate.”

“Noted. I’ll be right there. Let’s have a meal together,” he replied.

She hummed an acknowledgment, ended the call, then looked up to inform the rest. “Yu Mufeng is coming.”

The other three just silently stood there and waited with her. About three minutes later, Yu Mufeng came running toward them. He was not surprised to find Lu Chengzhou and Jiang Shenyuan there with the girls. He greeted them.

“Hey, boss. Have you bought your daily necessities?” He looked at Gu Mang, then turned his gaze to Meng Jinyang.

“We’ll get them after eating,” she told him.

“Sure. Same old place, then.” He took off his cap and used it to fan himself. “Let’s go. It’s sweltering here.”

A few girls who were walking in their direction politely greeted Jiang Shenyuan when they spotted him in their midst. “Professor Jiang.”

Gu Mang and the rest of the gang halted. Just then, a girl with a ponytail widened her eyes at the sight of Meng Jinyang. Her gaze lingered on Meng Jinyang for several seconds before she turned toward Jiang Shenyuan to ask, “Professor Shenyuan, is she Meng Jinyang, the girl whom you helped with her lawsuit?”

“Meng Jinyang?” repeated a short-haired girl in shock. “That five-year-old girl… who was ra…” Her voice faltered at the last word.

Gu Mang instantly lifted her eyes and shot a murderous gaze at the group of girls, who instantly realized their faux pas. The way they looked at Meng Jinyang, however, had changed.

Despite the scorching midday sun, Meng Jinyang suddenly felt cold and stiff. The color on her face had all but drained away.

Upon realizing that she had misspoken, the short-haired girl’s eyes flickered as she uttered a soft apology.

An awkward silence hung in the air for several moments before the girl with the ponytail laughed it off. “Sorry about that, Jinyang. We didn’t mean to bring up the matter on purpose. We’re law students, so we know that it’s that scumbag’s fault. It was just a slip of the tongue. I’m really sorry.”

Her other friends hurriedly offered their apologies as well.

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