My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily - Chapter 565 - Unparalleled

Chapter 565: Unparalleled

Once she was done with the registration, the male senior said, “The girls in our dorm are staying in Building 3. I’ll take you there.”

Gu Mang looked up and responded with a “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” A grin appeared on the senior’s baby face. “Come, let’s go.”

The two of them then left the tent. When the senior asked about her luggage, Gu Mang pointed in her fiancé’s direction and they headed over.

Meanwhile, at the medical school’s reception area, one of the female seniors picked up the registration book to check the new students’ names. When she got to the latest registered name, the name ‘Gu Mang’ seemed to magnify in her eyes. She nudged the person standing next to her, then pointed a trembling finger at Gu Mang.

“What’s wrong?” The other person looked at her quizzically.

“It’s her!” said the female senior.

The former asked in confusion, “Who?”

“Gu Mang!” She slapped the registration book and showed it to her. “Gu Mang, the top scholar with full marks!”

The other female senior fell into a daze upon seeing the powerful yet overbearing name of a big boss. For one reason or another, the first thing that came to mind was how cool the handwriting was. And when she finally snapped back to reality, she blinked her eyes in amazement. “Holy moly!”

Did the freshman who was trending on our university’s forum two months ago just walk past us? She walked past us just like that?!

She immediately fished out her phone, took a picture of Gu Mang, and sent it to the medical school’s group chat. [The big boss is here!]

[What big boss?]

[Gu Mang!]

[Front profile, please! I heard that her looks are top-notch, even in showbiz. Show us her front profile!]

[She’s wearing a mask, so you won’t get to see her face even if I take a front shot.]

[Where is she now? Quick! Get moving, everyone!]

[Shao Jin just took her to the dorm.]

[Damn! He sure acts fast!]

“My name is Shao Jin and I’m the Vice President of our school’s Student Union.” Shao Jin smiled at the quiet Gu Mang. “Can I add you on WeChat? You can come look for me if anything crops up. What’s your name, by the way?”

“Gu Mang.” She then showed him her QR code which he scanned.

When adding her name into his contacts, he found the name ‘Gu Mang’ somewhat familiar. His gaze lowered as he thought about where he had seen the name before. It took him a moment or two to finally recall it. His eyes widened in shock.

Isn’t that the name of the top scholar who blew up our university’s forum?

Looking stunned, he turned around stiffly to look at the girl next to him. “Are you the one who scored full marks on the national joint exams?”

She glanced at him and politely replied, “Yes.”

The senior never expected himself to be so lucky to be the first person to add Gu Mang as a friend on WeChat.

She just arrived at school, so I should be the first one, right?

Gu Mang was assigned to Room 409, which was a bright and clean four-bed dorm in Building 3. The students’ names were labeled on the sides of their respective loft beds, and below each bed was a desk and a chair. Her bed was near the balcony and the window.

Two students had already arrived, evidenced by the things placed on their beds and tables but they seemed to be out at the moment. After examining their surroundings, Lu Chengzhou proceeded to help her unpack her luggage.

Her phone rang right at that moment. She pulled out her phone, looked at the caller ID, then answered the call and heard Meng Jinyang asking, “Gu Mang, which dorm have you been assigned to?”

Putting the phone between her shoulder and ear, she continued unpacking her stuff and placed a few foreign language medical books on the bookshelf. “Building 3, Room 409.”

Her friend cheerfully replied, “I’m in Building 4, so we’re right next to each other. Yaozhi is in Building 7, which is a little far from us.”

Even if they were staying in the same building, it would be hard for them to run into each other at university if they did not specifically arrange to meet.

“Ah, I see,” responded Gu Mang before asking, “Have you unpacked your luggage?”

The two besties had not met each other much after their exams ended, although Jiang Shenyuan had kept her updated on Meng Jinyang’s life. It seemed that the latter’s family had approached her several times, but the lawyer managed to handle it on his own.

“Not yet. Brother Jiang and I have only just arrived,” answered her friend.

“Oh. I’ll see you in a bit, then.”

Gu Mang and Lu Chengzhou did not stay long in the dorm. They unpacked the luggage rather quickly, then left to go look for Meng Jinyang and Jiang Shenyuan in the next building.

Standing at the curb of the road in a careless and languid posture, she rested an arm on her fiancé’s shoulder while playing a mobile game. Students were constantly walking past them, and the majority of them were wearing the school’s volunteer cap, which clearly indicated they were not freshmen. Their gazes would stray toward her as they whispered among themselves.

When Lu Chengzhou noticed this, he cocked an eyebrow and said softly to her, “Fancy getting recognized while wearing a mask?”

She shot him an indolent glance, then swept a gaze at the volunteers. She stared in that direction for a couple of seconds before looking down impassively to continue playing her game. “I’m just here to attend school,” she blandly answered.

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