My Vampire System - Chapter 937 - Returning memoires

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Chapter 937 - Returning memoires

It seemed like whatever Bryce had to do was finally complete, for he had sent a message to those in the tenth castle, to inform him of when Quinn was awake. He had been asleep for two days now, but his condition seemed fine and even Leo said there was nothing to worry about.

It was as if Quinn's body knew his duties for now were over and he could finally rest.

The message stated, after Quinn woke up, they would try to gather all of the leaders still left to inform everyone on the council of the decision to be made and agreed upon.

It was a good sign, unlike before where they were doing things and just treating Quinn as an add on; it now seemed he was more like a leader. One whose option they valued, or at least now they respected his strength, which was a big thing to vampires.

As for the one who came to deliver the message, it was none other than the first Vampire Knight Kazz. Before she left though, Silver had called out to her asking for the request she had made before.

For the past few days Silver had been staying at the tenth castle looking after her brother. After what had happened to him, she was a little afraid it might happen again. Lee, her father was happy for her to do this as well, and now Kazz had returned and Bryce was done with his tasks she could finally make her request again.

"Kazz, you said that Bryce would restore Fex memories the same way he restored yours, are you able to do it now? I'm afraid the longer Fex is without them, it might be harder to get them back, or the more he will feel lost. I'm sure you understand." Silver said.

"Sure." Kazz said, looking at Fex who was standing sheepishly beside her. Although Fex was getting used to everyone at the castle, he wasn't used to everyone knowing things about him that even he didn't know. "I have to warn you, you might not like the solution though but it's the only one."

"Anything to get my memories back, please." Fex said, giving a polite bow to her.

"Your little brother is a cute one, isn't he." She said walking over wanting to pinch his cheeks, but Kazz's hand was soon slapped away from Silver on instinct.

"I'm sorry." Silver replied as if she was shocked by her own actions. "It's just, after everything that happened."

Holding her hand, Kazz walked out of the room, and it was up to them if they wanted to follow her and the two of them did so quickly.

When leaving the castle, the inner area was quite busy, it looked like the humans that had been turned were busy organising something, but they had no clue what. Even Silver didn't know as she had been too busy doting and looking after her brother.

When they had finally reached the north gate of the castle walls they could see thousands of vampires outside trying to get in.

"What is going on?' Silver said.

"I guess you haven't left the castle?" Kazz stated. "Everyone is waiting to see the person who saved them from the attack. They know that the second family was behind things by now. Or at least their leader was. Anyway the important thing is they want to see Quinn, or even join the tenth family."

"Isn't that a good thing?" Fex said from what he understood. "I mean I think, there aren't a lot of vampires in the tenth family, so it's good that now all of these people want to join."

"Brother, I think that is a mistake. These people only want to join now, which means that they only care about themselves. Only after seeing how strong the new tenth leader is and his defences do they want to join. Do you think they would be willing to risk their lives for their leader, no they just want to save themselves." Silver explained.

At the moment, the eighth family and second family were being treated quite poorly by the other families due to what happened, while the tenth were now a family not to be messed around with. They were hoping by transferring over it could solve some of their problems.

Following Kazz, eventually Silver realised where they were. Standing outside the castle gate were Royal Guards stationed all over. They looked like they belonged at the King's castle, but this wasn't the King's castle they were at. They were at the second family castle.

The guards were stationed there, just in case any of the other family members wanted to get some personal revenge. After all, the other families had lost a lot due to Cindy. With her locked up, they could only focus their hatred and anger towards the family.

The other reason the guards were there was to not allow those from the second family to escape either. An investigation was still ongoing to which vampires exactly knew what Cindy was doing. After all, Silver had spotted a few of the girls from the inner castle taking the men to the unknown place.

"What are we doing here?" Why would you bring us to such a place?" Silver asked.

"Mine and Fex's memories weren't taken away using an influence skill but it was due to the second family's ability. So to get them back, we need to use that ability as well." Kazz replied.

There were quite a few vampires in the second family that had learned their ability. However, to get rid of an ability that a leader had placed, one would need to be even stronger or at least of equal powers to Cindy.

When Silver saw her use her powers that day fighting Quinn and the other leaders. Everyone saw that Cindy had been hiding the extent of her reversing powers. There were others who even thought maybe there was something she could do to help the past King.

Entering the castle, and walking up to the throne room, she quickly found out who was sitting in the current second leader's throne. As soon as she laid eyes on him, Silver bowed down, and so did the other two.

"Please you can stand, my family has already caused so much pain for the vampire settlement. Right now I don't feel like I am deserving of your respect." The man spoke, but he wasn't any ordinary man, and he certainly didn't look like it either.

The man was dressed in an all white robe, which stood out for a vampire since they often wore black. On his right shoulder he had an ancient armour piece that was silver in design with a gold trim going along the edges, and finally he had his long black hair tied up, but allowed two long bangs to go down the front.

When looking at her with his soft smile, Silver couldn't believe that Cindy and this man were related. For he was the Original vampire of the second family, Tempus Cha.

"Um sir," Fex said standing up. "I think someone from this family removed my memories and I was wondering if you could bring them back."

Silver, and Kazz couldn't believe how casually Fex was talking to the man just now, but of course Fex had no clue who he was.

The man looked at Fex for a few seconds who was rubbing the back of his head.

"Haha, of course, of course. It was my ability in the first place, so I should be able to remove it just like I did with Kazz."

"Remove it, so I'll still remember everything that happened right, I won't forget everything?" Fex asked, clenching his fist. He didn't want to forget what happened. He wanted to remember all the people from the tenth family including what his sister had done to help him.

"Of course." Tempus said, signaling for him to come over with one finger.

When Fex reached Tempus, he placed his hand on top of his head, and it only took a few seconds and the whole skill was cancelled allowing him to remember everything again. Immediately, Fex's eyes went wide, before immediately bowing down to the ground.

"I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot for my words before. Please, please forgive me!" Fex said.

In the background Fex continued to beg, while Silver had her own thoughts watching everything play out. If Tempus was here standing now, it meant that the one who had awakened him was Bryce.

"Does Bryce plan to return him back to his tomb?" Silver asked Kazz who was still by her side.

"Originally, yes.' Kazz replied. "But it seems like Tempus doesn't wish to return to his tomb, instead he wants to build up the second family's name so they are trustworthy again before he leaves."

Silver didn't know why, she should be happy that the Original vampires were waking up and choosing to stay on their world during her time. However, she had a bad feeling about it all. Maybe it was because of her experience with Remus, but she just felt like the generations of vampires were too far apart, and their views were sure to clash.

With that said and done, there was only one thing that they needed to wait for, and Quinn had finally woken up from his long awaited rest.


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