My Vampire System - Chapter 824 High Expectations

Chapter 824 High Expectations

Going through Kazz' teleporter didn't feel any different from those they had gone through before.

Still, it wasn't some school trip this time. They weren't going to an unknown planet to fight beasts, but instead they were going to a world most humans wouldn't even know existed.

As always, it only took a small moment for them to appear at their destination. When the whole group opened their eyes, they found themselves in a large empty room with four guards seemingly awaiting them.

"Wow, we're actually here! Only… is it just me or does this place look kind of plain?" Nate asked, looking around. He didn't realise it, but some of the guards grimaced at this comment.

"What, did you expect we would arrive directly in the throne room? We're in some sort of landing room, you idiot, of course it would look like every other room." Sam replied.

Those who had come here for the first time were busily looking around the place, looking for something different, something new… but there was nothing to indicate that they weren't on a human planet, as such they were a little disappointed.

Alex was the only one to notice something 'out of place' which was the outfit from those in front of them.

'That doesn't look to be made out of beast crystals. Does that mean they don't use beast weapons here? It makes me wonder why Quinn asked me to give every person a weapon made from my blood before coming here. It's meant to be effective against these guys, right? I just hope he's not expecting us to fight with those vampires at some point.'

"Those four guys are vampires, right? They look just like us." Dennis asked in a hushed tone.

"I would assume so." Linda answered. "Aren't you a vampire yourself? Why would you think they would look different from you?"

"Our group seems to be filled with the dimwitted and the ones that have only some brain power." Logan commented as he observed the situation, which silenced the others who had been talking as if they were actually on a field trip.

"I think my own intelligence speaks for itself, Linda has always been quick on the ball, and Sam is someone who I think can even outwit me. Paul is knowledgeable with his experience, Cia, too quiet for me to make an opinion. Wevil I have yet to make an observation about and then there's the rest."

It had been a while since Quinn had traveled with Logan and he had actually forgotten about his bad habit of speaking his mind not caring about whether his words were considered rude or polite.

"Hey, don't lump me in with these idiots! Do you know how much knowledge it takes to craft a weapon!?" Alex complained.

"Yes, your skills are excellent with the hammer, but can't a trained monkey do the same job?" Logan replied.

"That's it, return everything I made for you, you short twerp!"

The royal guards who had been watching the strange group argue over each other had never seen anything like this. One of them had already been sent out to report their arrival, but they were still waiting for the most important person to arrive.

"What about Quinn?" Sil asked. "I didn't hear you mention his name."

Hearing this, hurt Quinn a little, and he was starting to think if he was a little slow since he hadn't even realised Logan had omitted him.

"Of course. Why would Quinn need those things if he has us?" Logan questioned back.

The group stopped arguing with each other and all started to laugh collectively at Quinn, who now had dropped his head down and sunken his shoulders.

"Don't listen to them, Quinn." Fex encouraged him with a wink. "Just wait until they find out what a bigshot you're here as well as in the Human World."

While waiting in the room, Fex started to explain the basics to everyone. Just certain manners they should abide by and what they were and weren't allowed to do as well as what to look out for. Fex wanted to avoid disrespecting another family leader at all costs since it would cause a lot of trouble for Quinn.

Looking at Kazz, Quinn was wondering how much she knew. All the others had been gathered and Kazz was there, she would have picked up that each of them weren't human with her nose but the one he was worried about the most was Alex.

'Can she tell that he is a Blood fairy? I don't think that should be the case. Since my evolution my nose has gotten a lot better without me having to train. I can tell the difference between the subclasses and vampires, but I can't tell the difference between the smells of each subclass. It's a little different but if she's never seen a Blood fairy before, she might not even know what they smell like.' Quinn thought.

Respectively, Kazz was also having thoughts about Quinn.

'He looks a little older, did he learn how to control his blood properly and control the aging process? No, he feels a little different. I always thought he was strong for a Vampire noble, but he still doesn't feel like the leaders yet, he's not quite there . What changed while I was away, and how many people did he turn? Still, the biggest concern is whether he really taught them how to use the shadow ability...'

Finally, after waiting a while, Dwight the Royal knight entered the room.

"Remember, what I told you guys." Fex reminded them, as he bowed down, with the others quickly following suit, Only Quinn did not. As a family leader there was only one person he was meant to bow down to, and that was the King.

"I see a lot of new faces here." Dwight commented in a friendly manner. "And that includes yourself, you seem to have aged many years in such a short amount of time."

'Did he turn all of these? I hope he hasn't gone against any rules, but Kazz didn't report anything about the humans finding out. To be honest, it's probably better this way as the tenth family's strength needs to build up somehow. Just what happened to this kid to elicit such changes? I feel like I can't even call him a kid anymore, he has improved far too quickly. I've never imagined this would be the case. I didn't think about this before but maybe, there is a way I can use him. But will he be enough?' Dwight thought.

"I'm sorry we weren't able to find out too much about the agents and I hope the King is doing well.' Quinn said.

During Fex and Quinn's training sessions, Quinn had also been learning about the Vampire World bit by bit. He needed to make sure not to make any mistakes during this outing. As long as all of them behaved according, there was no reason for a fight to break out.

Mentioning the King, also seemed to spark something in Dwight, it was clear he cared greatly for that person.

"The ceremony will be in a week. There we will put the King to sleep. I know you don't understand the formality too much, but for now just know that you will be expected to bring your two knights with you and soon I will send someone to further instruct you about your responsibilities. The rest will learn what to do as time goes on I'm sure of it." Dwight explained.

"Quinn, I'm sure once you head back to your castle, what has happened will be quite a shock to you. I only know some of the details, so it would be best you hear and see everything with your own eyes."

"Allow me to apologise in advance, on behalf of the King and his guards. We should have done more to prevent that. Know that you have a good knight as your retinue. If all the others that follow you are even half as great as that man, then the tenth family will be a great force in the future."

"After you have settled in with the others, and found out about what has occured, please return to the King's castle and request to meet with me. I think it will be best if the two of us talked alone." Dwight said.

Hearing this, Kazz was quite shocked, Dwight was asking to meet with Quinn, a new leader. The underlying meaning of such a thing was just too great. It was clear it wasn't on the King's order. From what she had heard, he could barely move, and if he didn't go to sleep soon he might just pass before the eternal slumber.

As for Quinn, when he saw Dwight leave the room, he felt even more concerned for the others.

"Erin, Leo, just what happened to you guys while I was away? Please, be okay."


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