My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 717 - Big Brother Chi Yang Thinks With His Body

Chapter 717: Big Brother Chi Yang Thinks With His Body

“You’re not a village girl from some farming district. You are a well-trained killer! You must have other motives for getting close to Captain Chi! Perhaps you’re the mole in the military base!”

After Ling Pinyuan finished speaking, the officers on the third floor went into an uproar.

No one was a fool. If what Ling Pinyuan said was true and Zhong Nuannuan came back from the farming district, then there was indeed something wrong with her identity.

At that moment, everyone looked at Zhong Nuannuan differently.

If Zhong Nuannuan was really a gentle and demure girl, then she was indeed the type that 99% of the officers present liked.

However, if she was an enemy lurking in the military base…

As soldiers, no matter how attractive Zhong Nuannuan was, she was their enemy.

Meanwhile, the person who was the most—the very utmost—surprised was Zhong Kuijun.

Both times, Nuannuan subdued Ling Pinyuan with a single move. Zhong Kuijun believed that even he would be defeated by her acute moves.

Where did Nuannuan, a girl who came back from the farming district, pick up such impressive martial arts?

Moreover, he had always thought that Nuannuan carried herself well and maintain a very good image of herself, much better than Qianqian who would only act like the spoilt daughter from a rich family. How could a child from a farming district develop such sophistication in the way she carried herself?

At that moment, Zhong Kuijun realized that he did not understand his daughter at all…

“Zhong Nuannuan, why aren’t you saying anything? Please tell me, where did you learn your moves from?”

Chi Yang stood up and was about to speak when Zhong Nuannuan held his hand.

When the small pair of hands held him, the frost in his eyes melted.

“Big Brother Chi Yang, allow me!”

However, Chi Yang blocked Zhong Nuannuan’s path and refused to budge.

At moments like this, should it not be him, the man, to step up?

“Big Brother Chi Yang, I must let her know that if she goes against me, she’ll never have the chance to win.”

Chi Yang, “…”

He looked at Nuannuan with a conflicted expression.

His wife always acted cute when things were not tense, but she was so domineering at critical moments. Was this a good thing?

Other people’s wives were usually like tigresses at home, fierce to their husbands, and when they suffered outside, it was always their husbands who stood up for them.

Yet, why did it feel like his family kept going against the norm here?

“Big Brother Chi Yang…”

Seeing that persisting did not work, Nuannuan immediately softened her tone. She looked at Chi Yang with an adorable look.

Chi Yang felt his heart tremble comfortably at her voice.

All his perseverance was shattered by this stickily sweet voice calling him ‘Big Brother Chi Yang’.

Before his brain could process it, his body had already made way for Nuannuan involuntarily.

It was only when Nuannuan walked past him that he realized…

He actually released his wife to deal with the wolves!

Zhong Nuannuan slowly walked to Ling Pinyuan’s side. At this moment, she no longer needed to hide her aura and let her qi field explode in the whole area.

She had a noble aura that came closely packed with sharpness. As Zhong Nuannuan walked closer, Ling Pinyuan felt like every step she took was akin to stepping on Ling Pinyuan’s heart, suffocating her.

The officers below were also impressed by Zhong Nuannuan’s aura.

This was the aura of a superior—superb and domineering.

Even though it was just a casual walk, the atmosphere on the third floor started to tense as she moved closer.

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